Music Choices for Wedding Invitations with Pictures of Bride and Groom

May 5, 2022

Wedding Invite Videos are the new way of inviting your guests to witness one of the best days of your life and turn your happiness into a celebration. This article deals with the different music choices for wedding invitations. The great part of these wedding invite videos is that they come in different styles and designs, in fact you can customise your own love story into these wedding invites and make it unique. Some of the many designs and styles are mentioned here, so that it will clear your understanding and give you an idea about the same.



These type of videos are basically to show the time, place and other details about the marriage functions in a stylish way that will not only attract your guests but also help them remember in a successful manner and more the guests more the blessings and love that will be showered on the couple.


These Wedding Invitation Videos have music of your choice and also showcase the bride and groom photographs in a beautiful way.The best part of these wedding invitation videos is that they are affordable as well. They are also low cost video invites and made can be customised according to the needs of the couple.


These Ceremonial Videos are Music Friendly as well. Most probably almost all kinds of musics can be selected for these invites, they just need to be romantic and soothing to ears. You can play english as well as hindi songs in background. This actually relieves the couple from worrying a lot about the most difficult question in their invite videos.



This theme video is best suited if you are having a beach side located Destination wedding or if you had a pre wedding shoot near or around the sea. As the  theme of sea looks serene and soothing to not only the eyes but the mind as well. The blue and white coloured elements give the video invites a classy and gentle look.


The By the Beach Theme videos also provides the couple a chance of adding some of their pictures in the video so that it will become unique and their only. These videos are even more affordable and gives a classy look to your wedding invites, the kind of invites your guests will remember for years.


The best type of Music that can be added in the background needs to be soothing and adds on to the serenity level of the sea because the music should be melodious while your guests go through the invites. You can choose romantic music; both english and hindi songs will work.



If you have become the King and the Queen in your pre wedding shoot or even if you did not but you want the royal feel in your wedding invitation video then this is the right choice for you. There are many designs and styles in the Royal style of the wedding videos and accordingly the number of options for you to choose from.


The Grandeur should always be carried through your lives and on a special occasion like marriage one should not give up on it. Unlike the Royal and Grand feel of this invite the cost for these videos is comparatively less and pocket friendly. We value the importance of the wedding invites and that’s why we try to offer our clients the best.


The Music for these Royal style wedding invitations should be royal as well. There should be a feel like Royalty. You can choose from some rajasthani music to be added in the backgrounds or can choose from various bollywood movies that showcases the Kings and the Queens.



The elegant and minimalist kind of video are the videos for those who believe in simplicity and soberness are the best way to convey the stunning and classy things. These wedding invitations do not focus on the many numbers of words but they focus on short and simple description of the events.


The best advantage of this style of wedding invitations is that they are less confusing and the information regarding the marriage functions and ceremonies are clearly mentioned in a straightforward way. That is why these wedding invitation videos give a great impression on your guests.


The Choice of Music is easy, any music related to love or marriage suits this video well. You do not have to spend most of your times in thinking and selecting the music for the background. The only thing you should think about is what pictures you want to put in your simple and yet elegant wedding invite.



Yes, you read it right. Sikh Wedding Invitation Video is the video based on the religious elements. Video Tailor offers other religion based wedding invitation videos as well. These kind of videos are specially made for those who are still deep rooted in their family culture and want their wedding invitations to be the same.


The best part of these videos is that it directly portrays your connection with your family and culture and though how modern and technical you get with the advancement, you will always stay in touch with your cultural roots.


You can add your folk songs sung on the marriage ceremonies because the make the best Music Choice for these kind of wedding invitation videos. You can add your pictures as well and make these invitations worth their cost.


Video Tailor offers you the best it can and the above mentioned videos are just few of the many. We also offer invitation videos for other events, like the engagement invitation videos.

Text for Wedding Invitation in Hindi Format

Wedding Invitation Wording इस तरह होनी चाहिया जो आपको और आपके जीवनसाथी को खुश कर दे | Invitation Wording ऐसे होनी चाहिए जिसके ज़रिए आप सामने को वाले को बताए की आप कब और क्या कर रहे है? हमारी ये wordings आपके अपनो को आपकी शादी की सारी जानकारी दे | हमारा जो Wedding Card Text वो आपके शादी के निमंत्रण कों Design करना बहुत आसान बना देता है |यह वर्डिंग देख कर आपको ये idea मिल जाता है की आप की Wedding Card आप किस तरह का हो सकता है? या आप को किस तरह की Wording चाहिए आपको | हम आपके लिए 3 तरह के फॉर्मॅट चाहिए जिन्हे आप देख सकते है |

ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः

मंगलमय भगवान ख़ाटुशयाम की असीम कृपा से

चि. मनीष सु. क. पूनम
(सुपोत्र स्व. श्री अशोक बंसल एव श्रीमती मीना) (सुपोत्रि स्व. श्री नवीन एव श्रीमती रंजना देवी)
(सुपुत्र श्री बालवीर एव कमला देवी) (सुपुत्र श्री हार्दिक चौहान एव कीर्ति चौहान)

का शुभ विवाह वैशाख शुक्ल,नवमी,23 जनवरी,2017 की मधुर बेला पर निश्चित हुआ है

इस मधुर बेला पर अपने
स्नेहित आशीर्वाद की मुर्दूल ज्योत्सना से नाव दंपति के भावी जीवन को
ज्योतिमय करे |

ननिहाल पक्ष स्वागतटूर उत्तरकांशी विनीत
प्रशांत तोमर वरुण तोमर मोहित कुमार केशव राणा

From traditional, beautiful 3D designs to modern, dynamic and fresh video invites, we have created the most artistic versions for our clients. We understand the various cultures, keeping in mind the traditions and the theme of the wedding we design the video invites. Wide range of options from low cost invites to premium deigns we have it all covered for you!

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