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School Marketing Videos:

Video Marketing within the educator sector is rapidly expanding and producing a school promotional video is a highly effective way for schools, colleges and universities to drive admissions and promote them. These videos allow institutions to communicate with parents and prospective students in a clear and effective method delivered in an engaging way.

Video is here, and it is here to stay unlike other promotional stints which may die after some sort of time period. Overall, such videos can be used to teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your school.

There were days when pamphlets and advertisements were the only resource for school marketing and promotions. School marketing videos are the latest and trending thing in the context. A video can provide an emotionally compelling overview of your school that will help you draw the prospective parents to your campus. School marketing videos help to tell the story of your school in a way that can’t be shown in pictures or written in words. There are many school videos already out there on which you can have a look at.

The technology behind the production of today’s professional school video has developed just as quickly as the rest of the internet; broadcast quality pictures, sound, graphics and special effects are the norm while new production techniques like low level aerial shots captured by remote – controlled drone offer a bird’s eye view of the school campus. The common thread is that each video tells the story of the school through the perspective of students sharing why they love their school. The approach for each video is very creative which captures the attention of the viewer. It is very well said that ‘brand needs a video marketing strategy’ and that’s implicit now!

Video stands out and reach to more people on social media and gets more attention than a text-based email, making it a more effective way to get your information out. But if you have never used video to promote your school before, we have got a few ideas to get you started.

Seeking Admissions:

If you are a school manager and it’s the time you need to drive admissions, you can easily promote your admission process and materials on social media like Facebook and Instagram by uploading marketing videos promoting application deadlines. If you are not a social media geek, you can use emails and YouTube as a platform to follow-up and promote.

Fundraiser Videos :

If you desire to raise money for your school or some charity done by the medium of your school, try creating a video that you can share. Then post it on your school website, through emails and on social media to make sure that you are reaching everyone in school community.

Promoting Events & Collaborations:

Each and every school organizes plays, drama, concerts, sports competitions, science exhibitions. They all deserve some sort of attention. So, to get the support of friends and families, you can make 30 second short clips describing the school community to know what is happening and when.

Encouraging Community Engagement:

Keeping students and parents engaged is important in student’s success, and video is an excellent way to help families connect when they are not in the classroom. Teacher can capture the in-class moments to share, and administrator can give parents a broad window into school activities they might not see otherwise.

Involvement of Alumni :

You can plan to host events or print publications designed to reach out to alumni and build a connection, you should also have videos that might help show what former students are up to and notify alums when reunion are on the horizon. School memories encourage alumni to stay engaged even after graduation.

Ways to make the School Marketing Videos Better and Attractive:

School marketing video has a unique ability to make an impact and capture the emotion of a scene, conveying how people think and feel about their situation. It is truly said that if a picture paints a thousand words, then imagine how many pictures can be made from 25 frames per second. The only thing one should keep in mind to make an impact video is that the content should be of top class. If you are thinking to replicate the material that already exists in your pamphlets and prospectus, drop the idea. Think creatively and make a different approach while creating your idea.

Some tips to make the video shine are-

Student as the speaker- While making a video, you can add short clips of students describing why they love their school and what makes it so special. Student is the face of an institute so this will directly create an impact on the viewers. You can also add voice over if you are not willing to show any face during the video.

Make it short- Try to make the video for about 4 to 5 minutes maximum. Lengthy videos are sticky and gain less attention. Don’t put extra information which is not important.

Drone and panoramic shots- Consider adding some drone shots of school in the video. Wide angle shots are also welcomed. This will help the viewers to analyze and visualize the full view of the school in one go.

Less edited and unpolished videos- These kind of videos allow viewers to see ‘behind the scenes’ and add an air of authenticity to your message. This is a new thought but you can opt out and stick to the basic video format if you want.

Consider adding some alumni and their achievements- A school’s reputation and achievements can be justified of how an alumnus has worked or done in future. You can add the achievements of you’re passed out students or even you can ask them to give short clips elaborating about the school. This can work and is very attractive way to gain the attention of viewers.