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Champagne is the perfect tonic to spice up the romantic moment you want in your pre-wedding shoot. Dinner scenes with champagne and elegant champagne glasses out in the night are the ideal combination of romantic yet elegance at the same time. So, adding this to your pre-wedding shoot to mark the biggest celebration of your life will be the perfect kick start for your pre-wedding photographs. We, Video Tailor, always try to stay up-to-date with the trends. We provide our clients a set of elegant champagne glasses to get those beautiful and sophisticated dinner photographs at just a minimal cost.


Roses are always taken as a symbol of love, giving the perfect dreamy sequence in your pre-wedding photographs and videos. If you do not want to involve a roses bouquet, it will be a fantastic idea to use the petals instead. There is nothing more romantic than the petals of roses falling from above on our beautiful couple. Petals of roses are an excellent prop for you to pose with your better half. But if you don’t want to waste the petals or like the real ones, then we have got you covered. We at Video Tailor provide you with 300pcs of Plastic Rose Petals at a minimal cost to get the effect of rose petals in your photographs with a tinge of class and assist you in every possible way to get your dreamy pre-wedding shoot.


A tiara is a beautiful prop to enhance the bride’s dresses and give an elegant look. It also makes the bride, as well as pre-wedding photos, look extravagant. Nowadays, queens wear materialistic tiaras and like to wear floral tiaras that serve no less than a beauty queen. Moreover, tiaras give a sophisticated look and go with natural essence giving an ethereal glow to your pre-wedding photographs. At Video Tailor, we provide you with a beautiful Tiara to go with your face and get that extra natural glow.


Want to have some fun and pretty photographs in your pre-wedding shoot? Then why not use our “bride-to-be sash” and more to create a fun aura in your pre-wedding pictures. Be the center of attraction and steal the spotlight in it, and why shouldn’t you? After all, you’re Bride-to-be and deserve all the attention.



Balloons are always the cutest portable prop to bring for a pre-wedding photoshoot. They come in so many shapes, and sizes and every balloon looks cute and gives a lively vibe in your pre-wedding shoot. They bring out the childlike emotions and ass to the beauty in the pictures with their fun element and quirkiness. As balloons symbolize happiness, it will be a perfect prop in your pre-wedding shoot. You can customize according to your needs and choices. Like write Mr. And Mrs. In two balloons or fill them with confetti to make it an on-trend look. We, Video Tailor, provide you with a set of 13 balloons so that you don’t have to go look for it as we provide our clients with the best of the best services and keep them on-trend.


Romantic Roses are the epitome of love. They are available in different colors, yet red roses are still considered as the perfect flowers to convey the three magical words- I love you to the love of your life. They are still the symbol of love which you cannot just pick while walking down a street. The significant value of red roses should consider giving red roses instead of giving other types of flowers. Do you know how many red roses will be enough for you to use to get that perfect proposal shot? A dozen of red roses bouquets. We provide you with a dozen of red rose bouquets that are artificial but can work wonders the same as real flowers, and with them, you can have the perfect dreamy proposal for your pre-wedding shoot.


Proposals are always so cute and look picture-perfect, but what makes them perfect is the genuine feeling behind the image. The look on the couple’s face is the ideal moment to capture with their fingers entwined with the ring on it. But do you know what is better than just a ring? A ring in the box of rose shape. There is no doubt that a rose is the symbol of love, and ring in the box, looking like a rose just makes the proposal more romantic, and the moment is too beautiful not to capture in the lens. We provide you a ring pop with a rose-looking box for just a small amount.


Smoke bombs are getting so much hype in pre-wedding shoots for all the good reasons. They add a unique flair to your fun and add a dramatic touch to your pictures. Smoke bombs are a recent and most innovative trend in pre-wedding shoots used by many photographers to get a thoughtful touch in your memoirs. The glittery clouds vibe putting on display is just sublime and makes your photographs stand out. Smoke bombs not only add a breathtaking background to your pre-wedding shoot but also makes the wedding photos stand out in a very unconventional way. We get why all this hype, and we are guilty of getting obsessed with it too. Moreover, you don’t have to buy it, and we are providing you the same, keeping our clients always on the trend.


Celebrations call for bubbles and something sparkly, and your pre-wedding shoot is just the perfect occasion for you to pop open that bottle and get it captured in your pre-wedding photographs. But bubbles don’t always necessarily have to mean alcohol or booze. The crisps, light whites, and bold deep red wine taste just like other glasses of wine but only except that they don’t contain alcohol. Some wines are fruit-based carbonated drinks. Some wines have gone through the “alcoholization process,” which gets rid of alcohol from the wines, but the tastes remain intact. Video Tailor provides you with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine to get the same wine look without the booze in it.


Last but not least, something which has come to love in all these years is paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are very much believed that they bring happiness to your life. They are a symbol of hope, faith, love, laughter, and all the good things you want your marriage life to be. Hence, proving the fact that lighting a lantern will bring ecstasy to your happy married life. So, why not use this as a pre-wedding prop in your pre-wedding shoot? The paper lanterns are an exciting prop in pre-wedding shoots, adding light and laughter to your beautiful pictures. When you and your better half-light the lantern, at that point, the photographers click your photographer, showcasing the love and togetherness between you both. If you have a starry night photoshoot, lighting these paper lanterns will be a perfect way to end your night and your pre-wedding shoot. Light them up and let them fly free in the sky, and at this point, get your awesome filmy yet romantic pictures clicked.

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