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Noble 2D Animation

2D animation (Noble 2D Animation) is also known as traditional or cell animation. It is the process of creating motion in a two dimensional space. It layers the elements like backgrounds, multiple characters and other components to create the illusion of depth. Two Dimensional Animation can be hand drawn or created digitally with the help of different illustrative programs. Animations are a nice way of advertising the products, and 2D animation is comparatively cheaper than 3D Animation.

Features Of Noble 2D Animation :

  • Noble 2D Animation videos are the videos without any character or character from pre defined templates with our team.
  • Scenes will be from our pre built scenes, and we will share a story board (not in detail) with you and once its approved we will start with the animation.
  • No customized background design/Fixed background
  • New scenes are not built
  • Good for explainatory videos with a product explaination.

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