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Product Marketing Videos & Promotion Video

Are you looking for product marketing videos for theatres/youtube? What kind of marketing video is this?

  • 30 seconds product marketing video (suitable when you are paying per second – eg. in theatres, tv)
  • Can be extended to 1 minute or above, if the purpose is to place the video on youtube, whatsapp or other social media platforms.
  • Voice over will be customized as per your requirement and input


  • Rs 5000 (if the exact similar video needs to be created for your product, and music is provided by you).
  • Rs 7000 (for new design concept, change in color scheme)
  • Rs 10,000 (Video with music/song)

Why our prices are lower than the marketing prices?

  • We are presenting a design already built with us. So, we would be re working on your video on the same lines. It makes it easier for the maker as well as the client, as we both will have a perspective on the style of video before it is being made.

Want to get a completely new video design made?

  • Sure, would love to do that. Get in touch with our support team anytime and we will help you with that. Price for the new video will depend on the video duration, style of animation, requirement of voice over and few other factors.

Do we make videos for service industry?

  • We make videos for everything and anything!
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