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Video Tailor Recommended Solution for Service Based Companies

Quick Marketing Video Featuring Yourself or Your Team  or Company is used to show “Behind The Scenes” In your Office? Or want to promote yourself or your service, then having it shot in your premises is a good start. This can be done quickly, as no chroma shoot set up is required. If you are ready with what you or your team has to say, then this is a video that reflects the true colour of the company or the service that is being talked about.

Generally, a video with multiple people in it takes more time to shoot, while a video with one or two people featuring in it, does not take that much amount of time.

Why To Make A Marketing Video With Yourself or Your Team?

  • Easier and more believable for the viewer
  • Presence of yourself or your team makes it More Real and hence easier to connect.
  • Visually more appealing than a voice over and edit based video.

What is the Process of Making This Kind Of Video?

  1. Script: First, a script is locked to lock the content of the video. Generally a marketing video is around 2-3 minutes depending upon the requirement of the client.
  2. Storyboard: In storyboard step, a powerpoint presentation is made on the basis of the script, to understand what all content will be there in the voice over and what all content will come visually over the screen.
  3. Shoot: In this step, of course we do a shoot. This shoot is done in front of chroma screen. Chroma screen is a green screen, in whose front the shoot is carried out. It generally takes 3-5 hours to shoot a 2-3 minutes of the video. We also provide a Teleprompter. Teleprompter is an equipment that is synchronised with your phone screen. The content of your screen will appear on the camera for the anchor to read. This way, anchor will not have to learn the script and can do the recording flawlessly. We are one of the very few companies which have a teleprompter for DSLRs as well.
  4. Post Production: This is the final step of Video Production. This is the point where the real video is being produced. The way the video is edited plays a great role in how the video will look at the end. In this step, we do 2D Text graphics on the screen, and images as well (if needed). This does not include a logo animation style and 3D graphics.

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