About the Video

In this Jewellery Advertisement video design, video shots will remain the same, while the places where jewellery pictures are coming, it will be replaced with the pictures of the jewellery sent by jewellery designers. Getting made a video quality like this would not cost no where less than 1,00,000 Rs. But this jewellery video template is for Rs 5,000 only.

Why would a video like this would have costed more than Rs 1,00,000?

  • Model Expenses
  • Location Expenses
  • Visual Effects Expenses
  • Professional Lighting Expenses
  • Cinematographer Expenses
  • Director Expenses
  • Scripting Expenses
  • Voice over Expenses
  • And many more hidden Expenses!! Try it for yourself!

Why are we selling this Jewellery Advertisement video for such a less price?

  • Our company is into making of low cost video products for direct end consumers. We believe in the concept of bringing fresh new video design every 6 months. And we sell that design to multiple vendors to save on the costing.

Will your competitor have the same video?

  • We are selling one video for not more than 12 times. So, only 30  jewellers across the world will have this video. There are around 2.5 million jewellers in India. Imagine the probability of coincidence of same video design with your competitor! It is 0.00001 %

What you need to do to get this video?

  • You need to place the order on our website. If you have any doubt about the process or any doubt about any thing, you can get in touch with us at support@videotailor.com or call/whatsapp us on +91.9999180725 or skype us at video.tailor
  • Once you place the order, you will receive an instruction word file on your email id. You need to fill in your company details (that you want us to place on the video). And attach images to email and send it across on support@videotailor.com. We deliver the video in 1-2 working days. You can write to admin@videotailor.com for faster delivery.


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