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Wedding invitation is one of the important aspects of a Hindu wedding. We spend lot of time on the selection and distribution of the wedding invitation card. All these tasks can get simpler when instead of a wedding invitation card, we have with us a hindu wedding invitation video and that too with the touch of our culture.

Our team has mixed and matched various patterns, sequences and inspiration to create a complete new suite of Hindu Wedding Invites that are simply stunning. Our Hindu Wedding Invitation Video display several new styles and forms and we integrate background music of your choice.

Video Tailor Videos


Wedding Invitations for Whatsapp in 3D Ganesha VTSD037 : Rs 7500
This invite is beyond! Something that has never been created. It took us 2 months to design this one! First we designed the concept for the looks of Ganesha, then how the Ganesha in 3D followed by the look and feel of this video. We hope that you would love and enjoy this video!
Ethnic Hindu Wedding Invitation VTSD034 : Rs 5000
This is a traditional invite to a wedding. The video describes a scenario of inviting people traditionally over whatsapp or some other messengers. These type of videos are easily shareable & available at affordable cost. So, don’t look any further if you are looking forward to a traditional wedding video invite.
Royal Wedding Invitation Video VTSD019 : Rs 4000
Beautiful royal save the date wedding Invitation Video. This one is the very royal whatsapp invite video which is available at best price. Different Versions are also available.
Premium Soulful Wedding Invitation Video VTSD001.1 : Rs 4000
Hindu Wedding Invitations are now not just limited to the traditions of sending Invitation cards and gifts. It has much more to it now. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to express how love-heartedly you would like your family and friends to be an important part of the happiest day of your life. Capture all the amazed expression from your loved ones by inviting them through this Soulful Wedding Invitation Video!
Wedding Invitation Video Colorful VTSD001B : Rs 3000
The most precious gift we can give to anyone is a gift of a “smile”. Let’s keep smiling and make our loved ones smile because that makes us most happy. The brighter the smile the happier we get. And when the occasion is a wedding it is supposed to be more full of life therefore full of smile. That is exactly what Video Tailor does brings to life the simple wedding invitation. Just like this Wedding Invitation Video Colorful every wedding can bring smiles through it’s invitation.
Wedding Invitation Video (without pictures) : Rs 2500 : VTSD008
Traditional style is traditional for a reason—it is simply beautiful. Today’s #FridayFeature is no exception. Our aptly named ‘Wedding Invitation Video without Pictures‘ invitation suite is pure classic wedding invitation design. An elegant typeface mix leads the way with plenty of blank space to show off. Looking elegant in magenta, it gives all the feels of a traditional Indian Wedding.Get this classic Wedding Invitation Video without Pictures and stun your guests.
Wedding invitation video forms an important accessory that reflect well about the rich and vibrant Hindu culture. Our Hindu Wedding Invitation Video has vibrant colors and animated Ganesha which gives these Hindu Wedding Invites an upbeat and modern look.

Our Hindu wedding invites contain all the content and videos related to Hindu culture. We can even add your content and your choice of things in the video.

Video Tailor Information

Wedding Invites

  • With concept behind the line itself ‘Save the Date’ templates and videos are in great demand in today’s era. Due to the evolution in modern technology, animation videos are in call as they add humor as well as substance along with it’s quality of retaining the simplicity factor.Animated videos have come into fashion due to it’s character of being cheap and less time-consuming.
  • Video Wedding Invitations Trend:- You only get married once, which makes every task even more important and creates a necessity for everything to not be just perfect, but to be unique so that it leaves a bright impression of everyone.
  • Best Wedding Video Invitation Maker : A wedding is a serious business, and not to mention a once in a lifetime event, which is why it is extremely important that everything related to it be perfect. The first impression that is created of a wedding that is yet to be is its Wedding Invitation.