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"Video Tailor Recommended Solution for Marketing Videos where the Company Or Person is Not Willing to go for a Shoot"

Are you looking for a video which is made out of pictures but still does not look basic? Well, this is the right place for you then. These are the kind of videos that are tailored with pictures, text, animation and voice over. There is no shoot involved. Only the right script, great edit and great voice over.

This kind of video is recommended if you are looking for small offer based marketing videos, or to describe the journey of the company and lot more. For this video, first we need to fix the script, then the storyboard (in which we define what all kind of visuals will be developed), followed by voice over recording and then finally the editing.

When to Opt For This Kind Of Marketing Video?

  • Easier to Make, as no shoot is required, but as the content needs to be developed, it takes more time and more efforts.
  • Recommended for silent videos, when they are to be played in seminars as there is no one talking in the video.

What is the Process of Making This Kind Of Video?

  1. Script: First, a script is locked to lock the content of the video. Generally a marketing video is around 2-3 minutes depending upon the requirement of the client.
  2. Storyboard: In storyboard step, a powerpoint presentation is made on the basis of the script, to understand what all content will be there in the voice over and what all content will come visually over the screen.
  3. Voice over: In this step, different voice over selections will be shared with you. You would be required to shortlist 3 voice over artists. On the basis of availability of the voice over artist, any one of them will be finalized for final voice over. It takes around 1-3 working days to get the voice over done.
  4. Post Production: This is the final step of Video Production. This is the point where the real video is being produced. The way the video is edited plays a great role in how the video will look at the end. In this step, we do 2D Text graphics on the screen, and images as well (if needed).

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