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  • Complete coverage of event
  • Coverage of speeches given by speakers
  • Voice recording should be decent and flawless.
  • Video recording should be continuous (without breaks in speeches covered)
  • Video quality can be as per the budget (dependent on the type and number of cameras used).




Multi camera is recommended when a proper coverage of seminar is needed. Multi camera will facilitate the option of recording the speaker, audience and other attendees parallel. Number of cameras required can be calculated as per the scale of the event. Having three cameras for shoot is a basic number for Seminar Multicamera shoot.  


         Total Tentative cost of a General:

         2 Camera Seminar Shoot:

         2 Camera persons + Main Video + Teaser/Highlight Video

         (Rs 7000×2) + (Rs 3,500×2) + Rs 8,000 = Rs 29,000

         3 Camera Seminar shoot :

         3 Camera persons + Main Video + Teaser/Highlight Video:

         (Rs 7000×3) + (Rs 3,500×3) + Rs 10,000 = Rs 41,500  

Samples of video of Multi camera shoot:


Video with 2 cameras:

Video with 3 Cameras: (DSLR Video Quality)

Video with more than 5 cameras:
(Editing cost Rs 3,500 per camera used)


Editing is complex for Multi camera video shoot, as timings and shots of multiple camera recording needs to be matched. 


Complete Main Video: Rs 3,500 per camera person used.

Teaser Video: Ranging from Rs 5000 till Rs 15,000 (depending on the effects needed)

Sample of Highlight Video:

Tentative Highlight Editing Cost : Rs 8,500

Tentative Premium Highlight Editing Cost : Rs 15,000


For budget constraint conference/seminars shoot, even single camera shoot will work, but camera can either take the speaker or the audience at one time. Keeping one camera is only recommended when the purpose is to keep a recording of the speech delivered.


         Tentative Cost of a Single Camera Video shoot: 

         1 Camera Person + Editing cost of single camera : Rs 7,000 + Rs 3,500 = Rs 10,500

Samples of video of single camera shoot:

Low quality single camera shoot:

  • Single Camera shoot with Sony Z-5 (4:3 Ratio video format Camera)
  • Sound recorded is descent
  • Video Quality is very low in comparison to today’s video standards.

Technical Details:

Camera: Sony Z-5 & Z-7
Hdv format (Low Resolution)
Fixed lens, low resolution
Can be used for conference and lecture series, outdoor shoots, lecture series, conference.
Records on mini DV and card also at one time.
Not rich in colours in comparison to DSLR.

Medium quality single camera shoot:

  • Single camera shoot, hence camera zooms in and out as speaker changes
  • Sound recorded is clear as the hall is compact and closed, so no use of external mike
  • Video quality is descent.

Technical Details:

Camera: Sony EX3, PMW
Full Hd and High Resolution
Good for Handheld shoot
Recommended for:  Documentary, Events, Interview based videos,short films, lecture series and conferences.
Sharp Focus, can create depth of field and shallow depth of field.

High quality single camera shoot:

  • Single Camera DSLR Shoot, hence camera zooms in and out as speaker moves
  • Sound is clear as it is under enclosed space.
  • Video Quality is sharp and crisp.

Technical Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 6D, 7D
Wonderful Full HD DSLR Camera for all types of Video shoot
Gives Cinematic look by changing lens
Gives Sharp image and natural color.
Mostly used camera by industry and widely available in market.
Recommended for: Youtube Videos, Marketing Videos, Mid level corporate video, Wedding videos. (Great Value for Money).

Points to notice from these videos:

  1. Different camera cut angles are use as per the requirement.
  2. Recording surround sound and one mike of speaker is attached to the camera to record his proper audio.
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