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Video tailor is starting a campaign for photographers/ videographers/event management companies and wedding card makers.

We know that every photographer/videographer has a client base and different client have different requirements like wedding invitation video, birthday invitation video etc. We know that it’s a time consuming process and requires graphic editing. Most of  you won’t be having this facility.

We will help you in  gratifying your customers. Our new campaign will help you overcome all the challenges.

We have a variety of invitation video samples (starting from RS:1500).

So, How Does it Work?

There are three options:

1. You want to get the video made from us, and then charge any X amount from the client. So, for that you can place the order for any video from our website and get it made from us. Please see there is no discount on first order. From your second order onwards, we will give you a discount of 20%.

2. Second option is, that you want your client to directly choose from our website, but you want a percentage cut in that. So, either you can share the discount coupon to the client, and your client can place the order using the discount coupon. Or You can inform us that the order placed to us is of your client, and we will give you 20% cut.

Also, the best part is, that the 20% discount coupon that we will provide you, will be of your company name. So, you can proudly share that too, to your clients.

3.Last option is that you want to show all our videos to your client, but does not want to tell that its Video Tailor’s video. For that we have a separate youtube channel for you (, which does not have our brand name. You can share that to your client, and can take client’s selection for that. For the same video you can place the order with you using the discount coupon of 20%.


A satisfied client is the best strategy any business can have. Hence we are looking forward to work with you and provide our finest services.

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