About the Video

About This 50th Wedding Anniversary Invite Video

A wedding anniversary gift video is the perfect present for your loved ones. You can make them cherish the memories by gifting them this 50th Wedding Anniversary Invite Video to make the the golden jubilee celebration even more glittery. The Wedding Anniversary Invite Video can be the perfect video gift for your parents. This gift can make their anniversary even more special.

Video Tailor provides you with video solutions for any and every occasion. Be it the first birthday of your little one or the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents.


process of getting a video

How much customization is possible: 

  • We can change the music in the video, for that in the instructions file, you have to give the youtube link of the music you want us to use.
  • We don’t make changes in the design background colour or theme. If you really want it, get in touch with our team. (It is usually chargeable).
  • Once the instructions file is submitted and your video is delivered by our team. And later on, you want to make changes in details that you have sent, it is going to be chargeable extra to make the video again. (Nominal charge)
  • We have changed our rules. Instead of “Crafted by Video Tailor” that used to appear at the end of the videos, now in the last 5 seconds of the video, our name and logo will appear. Apart from this, if you want we would add couples initials/logo on the video to give it a more enamored look. Check out the video below to understand how this would actually look.


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