About the Video

1. Your video will be completed in 6-7 days.
2. You will get 10 rounds of changes for free, after that each round will cost Rupees 500.
3. In the video, till the pen comes out, it will be 3D after that the video will be in 2D.
Rs 4,500 for 3D
Rs 500 for voice over
Rs 13,500 for the remaining 2D video

2D Animated Video (For Housie Game)

2D Animation Services are provided by the best video production company in Delhi. Animations are a nice way of advertising your product, and people prefer 2D animation more as it is comparatively cheaper than 3D Animation. With the help of 2D Animated Video you can easily explain your product by using animations, as it is interactive. Video Tailor provides the other services apart from just 2D Animated Video like 3D Animation, 2D flash animation services, explainer videos and many more.

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