About the Video

About This 25th Anniversary Best Video Gift

Show love to your parents by gifting them a video that makes them relive their young days. You can put their pictures from their old days, and make them feel happy and loved.  You can do all this through this 25th Anniversary Best Video Gift.

The Process of Getting a Video

process of getting a video

25th Anniversary Video Gift

On the occasion of 25th anniversary of your parents give them a 25th anniversary video gift full of sweet memories.

Best silver wedding anniversary gifts by kids and family members on 25th anniversary of their parents. This video can be gifted as well as played in full HD on the big screens of your celebration day.



Cost:Rs 4000 + Taxes
Length:3 Min 54 sec
Delivery Time Frame:1-2 Working days
Delivery Time Frame for
Customized Video:
Pre-Decided Timeline
Frame Rate:24 fps
Occasion : 25th Anniversary Best Video Gift Invitation 
Number of Images : 10 Images
Music customisation :Yes (Subject to Copyright)
Resolution :1920 x 1080
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