Our wedding invitation videos cost from Rs 1,500 to Rs 8,000

Best Wedding Invitation Videos by Video Tailor

Price of each video depends on the time it took to initially build the design of the video, its age, demand, complexity as well as the time it takes to create and render the video.

"No Extra Charges For"

No Extra Charges for Music Changes

Change in Music

Changes in music can be done without any additional cost. After placing the order, we provide you a form to fill, which has the option to put the link of the song/youtube video, whose music you would like to add in the video.

No Extra Charges for Text Changes

Change in Text

You can customize the texts of our template videos according to your own choice. As mentioned, a form will be provided to you after payment, to submit your details. In the same form, you can mention all your text that needs to be changed. Check this sample form for this video.


No Extra Charges for Slide Deletion

Deletion of Any Slide

Removal of slides from the invite video is free of cost. If there are multiple events listed in the sample video, and the number of events that you have is less, we can simply remove that slide. Also, we can remove the picture slides too from the video if you don’t want the pictures in the video.

"Extra Charges For"

Extra Charges for Adding a Slide

1. Rs 1000 per slide

If you want add extra slides in the video, then it will cost you Rs 1000 per slide. For eg. you have selected a video which include only two events (Engagement and Wedding) and you want to add more events in it like (haldi ceremony, cocktail) you can ask our team to add two more slides for the haldi and cocktail and they will add the slide accordingly. If there are more than two slides, you can speak to support team for discounts.

Extra Charges for Additional Version

2. 50% of the price for getting the video made for opposite side (bride/groom)

If you book your wedding with us then you will get a complimentary invite video. If you want one for the opposite side (bride/groom) then you have to pay 50 % of the total amount.

Newly Designed Videos

3. Rs 6000 onwards for a Newly Designed video:

If you want something and it is not there on our website then you can go ahead and share your idea with team and get it customized. The newly customized video starts from 6000 onwards.
(the price of the video totally depends upon the customizations requested)


If you want to get discounts then you have to give us a review on google & facebook(current discount provided to customers RS: 250). Avail discount coupon through this link.


We also provide a 15% discount to photographers & Event management companies. They can avail this offer by their second order onwards.