Wedding Starter Package

Package Upto Rs 1.5 Lakh


Team Size Services Price
Pre wedding photography & Videography With in City 1 Photographer and 1 Videographer Services upto 8 hours Rs 40,000
Wedding Photography & Videography
(Recommended for Single Side)
2 Photographers & 1 Videographer
and two light boys
Services from make up/sehrabandi
to vidaayi
(Around 12 hours or more)
Rs 75,000
Engagement 1 Photographer & 1 Videographer
and two light boys
Services Upto 8 hours Rs 40,000
Total Rs 1,55,000

What is not included in this package: Morning function on the wedding day and Album. 


Inclusive Free Services:

Images Free Two Save The Date Images worth Rs 3000 (Rs 1,500 each),Three Countdown Images Worth Rs 4,500 (Rs 1,500 each)
Invitation Video One Wedding Invitation Video of maximum value Rs 8,000 from the website templates,Save The Date Video from Pre wedding Video: Rs 5,000
Mobile App Wedding Invitation Mobile App to invite friends with pre wedding images and option of RSVP by guests. : Rs 0
Total Freebies 20500


  • All photos on an online password protected url (mobile/tablet/PC friendly) with the feature to shortlist images for editing and album
  • One Teaser video of around 5-6 minutes with the online review link to provide feedback to the editor in case of further editing requirements
  • Longer videos of each function in which a video team is booked with the complete raw data
  • Edited images of each function booked with the complete raw photos as well (Events in which photographer is booked).
  • We also send a shoot manger on weddings to manage the event and to create a smooth flow of co ordination between the client and the shooting team.

Pre wedding Deliverables:

  • 50 Edited Images and complete images shot on online url with the option to select images to get further editing done
  • Pre Wedding Video
  • Save the date video from Pre wedding video


  • Two Save The Date Images
  • Three Countdown Images
  • Mobile app for invitation
  • One wedding invitation video

Frequently Asked Questions About This Package(FAQ’s)

One photographer will click more than 750 photos. In terms of number of photos, yes it is sufficient. But if there would be two events occurring at the location for eg: at the time of bride entry, if you need the photographer to cover stage area, it is not possible. The focus of the photographer would be at the sequence of the event. He will cover the venue decoration at the beginning, followed by groom entry, followed by bride entry and so on.

Here are the examples of the work we have previously done for our couples with one photographer.

Our videographer will do non stop recording of the dances. He may pause in between if his memory card gets full or if he needs to change the battery. Otherwise our team is strictly instructed to cover the complete dance performances. Yes, it’s advisable to keep two videographers, if the focus of the event is on dance performances as well.

On the day of wedding, in the initial 2-3 hours, three events occur simultaneously. One is at the groom side (his sehrabandi followed by baarat), second is bride getting ready and the third is at the venue where the bride parents are waiting for the baarat. If you are booking Video Tailor to cover the weddings from both sides, then minimum 2 photographers and 2 videographers are required. As 1 photographer and 1 videographer will cover the groom sehrabandi and baarat followed till the venue and so on. While the second team will cover the venue, and bride shots at the venue followed by the complete wedding.