Shoot Guidelines

Wedding Shoot Guidelines and FAQ's: Wedding/Pre wedding and other shoot Events

1.All the requirements by you should be finalized in the booking email, and any verbal commitment by the Team should also be added in the booking email definitely.

2. If you are paying a token amount, at the time of booking, then the balance amount of 50% needs to be paid before the shoot but not later than 1 month of the token amount received. This advance is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other enquiries and lose potential business.

3.With the receipt of token amount, we hold the shooting dates for the client but the booking is confirmed once we receive 50% of complete project booking amount.

4.Discount coupons for freebies will be provided after receipt of 50% amount (not token amount).

5.The prices shared are per function wise. Shooting two functions on the same day will cost separately.

6.For wedding booking, for bride side it starts from the makeup and for groom side it will start from sehrabandi (not before 3 pm for night weddings). For any other function before that, a separate booking needs to be made.

7.For wedding shoot, the services are till the Vidaayi from the venue itself (in a stretch), and not from the third location like home. Separate charges will be there to shoot the function after vidaayi.

8.Timings for all the events need to be confirmed to us atleast 10 days prior as our schedule is prepared many days before the shoot. Last minute time changes might not be accomodated.

9.Travelling and food for outside delhi shoots will be borne by the client. And for within Delhi NCR shoots, food needs to be provided by the client, preferably in the guest areas itself and not separately.

Points to note before Pre Wedding Booking:

1. Travelling and food for within Delhi for pre weddings has to be paid by the client separately (Rs 3000).
2. Duration of the shoot is of 8 hours (at a stretch). Travel time before & after the shoot is not included in this, but in between travel/food time is included. If at any event, our team does not reach at the given time by you, proportional amount will be refunded from your booking amount.

After the shoot:

Photo Delivery: 

  • For your ease, all the photos will be delivered through our online portal (laptop/ipad/phone friendly). Our team will select some images for editing and will also deliver the same with the complete raw data through the same link. You can also select images (around 100 per function) for editing through the portal for further editing.
  • For Images editing, we do color correction, face enhancement, lens flare and few add ons. But changing the complete back location of where the image has been taken , is not feasible. Its doable in editing, but it can be done for very few images, not for the whole set of images.
  • Images will be delivered with a watermark. Once the payment for images (30%) will be cleared, a pin number will be provided using which images can be downloaded without watermark.

Video Delivery:

  • Teaser video will be delivered through online via a download link.
  • We will share the songs recommended by us for your video. If you want us to edit on the songs different from what is recommended, you would be requested to convey us the same, via the form that will be provided to you before the editing. We do maximum two round of changes. You are requested to submit your changes properly in each round. Change of hair colour, background, clothes etc is not possible in video. Though are still possible to some extent in photos.
  • The video timelines are tentative and not strict. If your album selections, and song selections were on time, your video editing will be given preference. But in delay in the steps before, will also delay the video edits.
  • We will make corrections in the videos, within one month of the delivery of videos. We will keep the copy of raw data for a month after the video deliveries. You are requested to take the raw data within this period from us, if you wish to get the albums made in future.
  • Longer videos are not delivered online. They are delivered in a pen drive.

Album Delivery:

  • Once the raw data of photos and videos is delivered to you, you are requested to give us the selection of images for album through the raw data provided by you.
  • We take around 25 days to deliver the album once the design is approved.
  • Payment of albums need be made at the time of delivery of albums.

We have the right to publish and communicate the Deliverables in our portfolio and marketing materials promotional and demonstrative purposes. “Written and Produced by Video Tailor ”, together with a copy of our current logo. You agree that you will not attribute any third party as author of the Final Deliverables.

Publishing images on wedmegood or video on youtube:

We receive a lot of request to publish client’s images on wedmegood or on our NDTV’s band baaja platform or video on youtube, but which video we choose to share on our online marketing platforms remain the sole decision of our backend marketing team. We share new and selected concepts on our channel and we push the reach with paid marketing, though we do respect and would love to share each client’s work, so mostly around Feb and March, we launch one consolidated video of the few shortlisted clients . For eg:

Q: Do you do live streaming?

Please let us know if you are planning for live video streaming during your functions. We do not do shooting coverage on live types of cameras, so please inform us before just in case you need one. We can provide you one for that purpose only, at an extra cost, depending on the availability.

Q : Do we provide props on Cocktail or other functions?

We provide props only on pre weddings, and not on other functions. If you require some customized props or standee, you are also required to inform us 10 days prior. Designing and printing charges will levy.

Q: Can you play the video of previous function in next?

If you want to play any video of previous function on your another function (like sagan video on wedding), you are required to inform and take approval of the same while booking. Also, urgent changes with a timeline of less than 2 days, are not assured by our team. Minimum 3 days should be provided for any changes in the video and 7 days to make any slideshow or video.

Q: What time your team will eat at the function?

Team will eat as per their suitable time. Generally, our team eats in a divided time, where in if one photographer is eating then other will be assuredly shooting. Also, there are times when the team has to shoot for more than 8 – 12 hours, so on humanely grounds, our team can have snacks/soft beverages during the shoot as well (without hampering the required shoot).

Q How much time do you take to edit the videos?

Creative Editing of videos may take 30 working days depending on our workload. We will also deliver complete raw photos and videos with the edited photos & videos.

Q Do we take some specific sequence of shots?

We take shots as per the dynamics of the location. Not every wedding or event is same. There are different dynamics. Our team will put their best effort to take what is possible. But there is not guarantee to take any specific shot of our portfolio as the location, person, props, lot of factors make an image.

Q: Can you refund the advance taken if the event is cancelled?

This advance is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other enquiries and lose potential business.