While most heritage hotels in Alwar district are born with the beauty and treasures of history, not one offers such a spacious dream site where you can have a peaceful weekend getaway from Delhi. Seven terraced gardens command a magnificent view above the tall ramparts that have now been lovingly completed and restored. The gardens have been compared to the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia one of the Seven wonders of the ancient world – and the ruins (now restored) to Machu Picchu! And this is what makes The Tijara Fort Palace a unique and one of the best locations for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

Tijara Fort Palace is an exclusive weekend getaway from Delhi. There are 63 suites and rooms named after India’s leading painters and artists. One stay at this 19th-century Fort-Palace will get you started on the discovery of the most unique heritage hotels in Alwar – and of the heritage experience of Neemrana Fort Palace & The Hill Fort-Kesroli, also in the list of renowned hotels in Alwar.
Tijara Fort Palace is a great weekend getaway as it offers the unique opportunity to awaken in a once unfinished and abandoned palace that has now been lovingly restored and made into a dream! Guests can also laze around by the swimming pool, and it is a fantastic venue for photography and history enthusiasts !

It is the most beautiful entry point to Rajasthan or a stopover for someone visiting.

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Positive Points:


The palace is situated in Tijara, which is easily accessible by road from New Delhi. The road journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. The nearest airport is 92 kilometres away.


The place gives a historical vibe with the architecture and décor.


The palace has 7 terraced gardens. These gardens’ beauty is unmatchable and awe inspiring and make the best backdrops for a photoshoot.


The views from the gardens and the palace is unexplainable. The beauty of Rajasthan can be captured easily in this palace. the Aravali Ranges can be seen from this palace. the lake in Jaipur is also visible.

5. Rustic

The palace is a perfect concoction of modern and ancient. The walls are built in such a way that the first word that comes to your mind after seeing them is ‘Rustic’. The beauty lies in the old and rustic walls and architecture of the palace.


Like all forts in Rajasthan, the architecture of this palace is eye-widening. With the huge arches, open windows, elaborate lobbies and corridors, huge pillars, romantic turrets, decorative rooms and wide terraces this place is nothing less than dreamy.

7. Great Staff

The staff of the palace is very friendly and respectful. They treat you like Rajasthani celebrities with the best actions to show “Padhaaro Mahaare Desh!”


They give you a complimentary room for changing and makeup. These rooms are beautiful enough to become a backdrop on their own.

9.Rich Indian Culture

You can see the best of Indian Culture and Heritage here. What better than an Indian Fort to see that?

10.Traditional Costume

For anyone who loves traditional costume, this is the best location to wear a traditional costume and have a photoshoot at.

11.Nearby Attractions

The nearby locations are charming on their own. You can have a very nice shoot at these locations also.


The fine dining restaurant is suitable for a shoot themed dinner date. This place is ready for every kind of function that you wish to host here.


Including the couple, the palace allows a team of 10 for the shoot for the best experience and shoot.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:


The palace is quite expensive. They charge a lot of money for the shoot location for a day. For a nightstay and other necessities like food, you will have to pay more.


The palace does not allow drone photography and videography. This will not allow you to have the best 360 degree shots that most of you love.


The palace does not provide you with props and expect you to bring props with you.


The place can be very chaotic if you don’t go there pre-planned because of the other guests in the palace.

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Pricing and the Essentials-

The palace is very expensive. They charge you Rs. 50,000 plus charges for a day’s shoot. If you want to stay the night, you will have to pay more.

They provide you with a room for changing and makeup but you will have to pay for your meals.
For booking and more details, you can contact their executive, Ms. Sangeeta on 011466661666.

The location of the palace, according to Google, is  Google Maps Location
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pre wedding shoot in una


Overall Review by Video Tailor-

The Tijara Fort Palace is a great location for a pre- wedding shoot. It is beautiful and can have really beautiful shots if the time is right. With a nice photographer and team, you can have your dream photoshoot at this dreamy palace.

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

We suggest you to get differently angled photos clicked on the terrace of the palace with the sky as the backdrop. Don’t forget the hills and the other palaces!
You can even come for a three-day shoot in which you can shoot in the Tijara Fort Palace, one for the nearby attractions and one for a tour of this beautiful place.
We rate this palace a 4.5 out of 5.0.