The thread of pre-wedding shoots has become the most common among people getting married. All they want is to spend some quality time with their partners and capture each and every moment to treasure it for a lifetime.

This trend has bought up some really huge places within Delhi NCR to keep people from travelling long distances out of the city to some lush green hills and deserts. One of the locations “THE SHOOTING VILLAGE” has the most to give out to their clients.

It is the colossal setup spread in an area of more than 3 acres with over 30 backdrops to pose in. Nothing is better than a place that has everything under one roof

From photography to videography everything can be covered in a couple of hours in the location. The man-made backdrops are going to make your photos even more realistic. The need of travelling from one place to another is useless when you can have everything here at The Shooting Village.

Here we have shortlisted some very cool backdrops for your very memorable shoot.

Beach Please

You don’t have to spend a lot on going to Goa for a pre-wedding shoot on the most beautiful beach instead you have a full package over here. The place has a huge beach backdrop to give you the Goa vibes and a very romantic photo shoot. Be prepared with the most breath taking poses for this Go Goa Gone backdrop.

Aquaphile Delight

Aren’t swimming pools the best places to get some very cool shots. Splash water on each other, dive in the pool and have a lot fun playing with each other. The Shooting Village has the biggest swimming pool as compared to its other competitors which makes it an interesting place.

Color Splash Yellow

Yellow is such a vibrant and eye catching color that it can bring a new life to your pre-wedding album. All those cheesy moments can be captured in front of this Yellow Wall. From teasing each other to hugging all these cute moments are perfectly captured in this backdrop.

Flower Power

Walk down in your most beautiful gown on the staircase full of flowers. Flowers are the most powerful when it comes to enhancing the quality of your pre-wedding photo shoot. This backdrop has a huge staircase with flowers all over.

Horse Ranch

Did you always imagine your prince charming coming over on a horse to get you? Here, your wish has been fulfilled with a very peculiar backdrop. It is like a dream come true for all the girls to get a photo shoot with their prince charming coming to propose them on a horse

Save The Date

Couples want their Save The Date pictures to be the most romantic and could portray their relationship through it. So The Shooting Village has a very interesting Save The Date backdrop. It is one of the best we have seen till date.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Positive Points:

1. Customized Affair

This place can make your pre-wedding shoot very special. Their team understands that every couple has different needs for their shoot. They believe in customizing your experience. They make sure each and every thing happens according to your own will. Every moment spent shooting over there can be cherished forever.

2. Privacy

A lot of couple feels insecure while shooting romantic poses. The Shooting Village makes sure that you are given full privacy while so that the outcome is natural and not forceful. The best part is that there are no onlookers, so couples can easily capture their best moments together.

3. Wide Range Of Backdrops

The place has a tremendous variety of backdrops. You can get a very cool variety in your photos. The backdrops are pretty amazing and the different themes can make up a great video of your shoot. There is no limitation on the number of backdrops chosen.

4. Props

They have a pretty wide variety of props available. Play around with these for an incredible photo shoot. From horses to jeeps they have everything to fulfill your dreams of a perfect pre-wedding shoot.

5. Makeup And Dressing Room

Not just the huge backdrops are a plus point but they provide an air conditioned make-up and dressing room for couples to get in their stunning outfits. Don’t worry your make up will not be mess up due to heat and your outfit will stay in place till the end of the shoot.

6. Convinient

The place is in Delhi so it cuts off your travelling time. There are times when couples get really tired till the time shoot starts because of long traveling hours. The enthusiasm to shoot will stay intact.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Add on charges

There are extra charges levied on props, so choose wisely. It will add to your pre-wedding expense only. They have extra charges for lunch and evening tea too.

2. Stringent Timing Policy

Don’t spend extra time than the pre-decided time because they are going to charge more for every extra hour you spend.

pre weding shoot in una

Pricing and the Essentials-

The Shooting Village charges INR 10,000+ GST for 4 hours, INR 15,000 for 8 hours, INR 20,000 for 12 hours.

For each extra hour they charge Rs 2000 each.

They have levied extra charges for some of the props.

Rs 2000 for a Horse

Rs 2000 for a Jeep

Rs 100 each for color bombs

Rs 100 each for snow spray

They also charge Rs 300 per person for food which includes lunch and evening tea.

video camera


pre wedding shoot in una


Overall Review by Video Tailor-

The place is on a whole a complete package. You are going to get everything under one roof, so there is no need to run from one place to another for getting different backdrops. The hospitality is commendable and the staff is very cooperative. They believe in providing you a memorable pre-wedding shoot just like you want it and everything can be tailored according to your needs.

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

The charming backdrops are the best part of the place so we advise you to choose the backdrops you want to get your shoot done in beforehand. This will keep you away from paying extra charges for your shoot. Also ensure that you know the prices of the special props before you decide to use them. Choose any of their packages and you will get a complimentary changing room, all props and all backdrops for your shoot.