The Roseate


Hearing the name word all one can think about is rose. How delicate and beautiful is a rose and how eye-catching the color is. And that is what this 5- star resort wants to portray.
The Roseate is a rose colored hotel located in Delhi-NCR. It is an award-winning architectural building that has been inspired by the 5 elements of Hindu Philosophy- air, water, fire, sky, and earth.

With eight acres of verdant green and unperturbed water bodies which fuse seamlessly, it is one of the best locations for a photoshoot. It is the epitome of luxury and hospitality that offers an indefectible escape from tedious city life. As a peerless 5-star hotel in Delhi Aerocity, The Roseate is only a few minutes’ drive from the international airport, shopping malls, embassies and offices of Delhi and Gurgaon. The Roseate resort conserves its eternal tranquil environment for its guests.

3 acres of water bodies are not the only reason for it to be considered an architectural beauty. The resort possesses intricate bronze meshwork in the guest areas, over 20 ft doors, high dome ceilings and Isfahan pillars fused with a five-century-old Moghul architecture personifying the monumental ambience which illustrates aristocracy.

The water element within this luxury accommodation in New Delhi is symbolized with a 102 mt long waterway which journeys along the length of the resort stimulating a therapeutic detox to the industrious city life. To perpetuate this feeling of tranquillity, 650,000 leaves of the ficus have taken up the wall not only as a design element but to act as insulators to the city sound.



1. Location

The resort is located in Delhi-NCR far enough to be tranquil but close enough the Airport to be easily traveled to.

2. View

The view from the hotel of the gardens and the water bodies can take someone’s breath away. The 3 acres of water bodies are just too mesmerising for anyone. The elaborate gardens are just cherry on the cake.

3. Water Bodies

There are many water bodies in the location. The numerous water bodies make for a very beautiful backdrop for the shoot. These can also work as a relaxing element after a long day of shoot.

4. Architecture

The architecture of the hotel is simply awe-inspiring and makes a wonderful backdrop from the high balconies to the long corridors. The architecture is Royal looking from the period of the Moghuls. The long doors just add to the beauty of the shoot. The differently themed ballrooms will make one of the best backdrops.

5. Near By Attractions

The hotel is located in the Delhi-NCR region with a lot of nearby attractions around it. One should have a photoshoot at these attractions too. The attractions are eye-widening and can leave a great mark in people’s heart.

6. Rooms

The rooms in the hotel are breathtaking by themselves and can make a backdrop for the photoshoot.

7. Crew Members

The hotel allows a lot of crew members with the couple that will help in enhancing the photoshoot.

8. Complimentary Food

The hotel provides a room with complimentary food thrice a day to the couple in the restaurant of the hotel. For all the foodies out there, the food in this restaurant is very mouthwatering.

9. Props

The hotel allows props for the photoshoot which the couple has to take with them.

10. Extra People

Alongside the couple another person (not the crew) can go for the photoshoot. The person will also get all the advantages that the couple would get.

11. Staff

The hotel staff is very friendly and respectful. They make sure that you are comfortable and try to satiate all your needs.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Drones are not allowed

The hotel does not allow drone photography and videography at the hotel.

2. Prohibited

Some areas of the hotel are prohibited from shooting and can’t be captured.

3. Expensive

The hotel is quite expensive for a day shoot.

4. Color Bombs

Although props are allowed in the hotel, color bombs or in fact any other types of bombs are restricted.



The Roseate is the perfect venue for a pre-wedding shoot location if you want to include all the five elements of the Hindu Philosophy. It is a quiet and peaceful place that a couple can use as a gateway after the shoot. No one call fall short of the charm that the place has and the architecture of the place will be inscribed in your mind for a long time.


Even though drones are not allowed, wide shot photos with the water bodies in the background can be very charismatic. We suggest a day of photoshoot at the hotel and a day at the other beautiful places around the hotel.Video Tailor rates the location a 4.5 out of 5.0.
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