The Picture Town


Who doesn’t want to get the perfect pictures before their big day?

A pre-wedding shoot must be as perfect as a snowflake. The difficulties that come along the journey of finding a picture-perfect location for a photoshoot might spoil the chance of a flawless wedding album. Don’t stress! Picture Town is your knight in the shining armor. They offer you a variety of backdrops to choose from, both indoor and outdoor. Whether it is the romantic Eiffel Tower, a serene Treehouse, or a relaxing swimming pool – their offerings ensure they bring out the best out of you and your loved one! The Picture Town is located on Alipur-Narela road, Kurenai Village, Holambi Khurd, New Delhi. The location is on a 5-acre land.

It is a suitable all-purpose hassle-free location eliminating the stress of traveling to different places for different themes, in turn saving time and money.

As we have done many shoots there we would like to share out some top picked backdrops according to our experience. Inclusive of 25 backdrops, it provides an all-round foreign experience. But, based on our couples’ inclination, the best-reviewed backdrops are as follows-

1. Marry Me
One knee on the ground with a rose in his hand, the marry me backdrop, brings out the initial proposal state excitement in your pictures. Best to create a story theme for your photoshoot.

2. Small Swing
The small swing helps you bring out the Bollywood flavour. It will bring the real chemistry and fun in your photos.

3. Tepee Picnic
Tepee setup with pillows and props such as radio box, flowers, baskets, etc., delivers you the needful romantic vibe. It also promotes intimacy and gives an appeal to the pictures.

4. Eiffel Tower
The famous tower situated in the city of love, what’s more romantic than that? The pictures get the right mix of cute and beautiful. It is eligible for all the couples looking out for the most romantic photoshoot of their lives.

5. Scottish house
Scotland is considered as the most romantic place on Earth because of it’s wild landscapes, the romance of the tartan, and the heather and hills. Having your photos taken in front of a Scottish house with your western outfits riding a bicycle, adds just the right amount of steam in your photos.

6. Machaan
Are you more of a desi couple? If yes, nothing will fit your photoshoot better than the machaan backdrop. Lying on the dry grass with your other half under the sun, gives the perfect village vibe to your photos.

7. Railway Station
If you are a DDLJ fan, this backdrop got you all covered. Recreate the perfect Raj-Simran scene on this backdrop with your loved one. A fascinating variety of photographs can be captured here.



1. Variety of backdrops

You have the option to shoot in 20+ beautiful sets which include a tree house, a colosseum, gazebo, machaan, swings, a jeep, and many other indoor sets.

2. ‌An urban and rural mixture of backdrops

You can find a machaan as well as a mini Eiffel tower in The Picture Town, suiting to all type of ideas you have in your mind.

3. Couple friendly location

The location is very secluded and promotes intimacy. It promises a hassle free, no disturbance policy for a couple friendly shoot.

4. ‌Makeup room and changing room

You will be provided a fully air conditioned changing and makeup room. The team is also available for your assistance all the time.

5. Availibility of food

You will also have access to a small canteen that serves tea, coffee, bottled water, Maggi, and pasta at nominal prices. If you’re a foodie, you can also order food from Bittoo Tikki Walla and satisfy your taste buds!

6. Location

The location is very suitable for the people who want to shoot only in Delhi.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Lack of creativity in backdrops

Though their variety in the backdrops is commendable but they are less creative as compared to other pre wedding shoot locations.

2. Disturbance while shooting

Due to excessive bookings at the same time there is quite a hustle during shoots. Providing same backdrops to multiple couples leads to a lot of disturbance and disruption while shooting.

3. Connectivity with the location team

Getting in touch with the team is quite a problem. They only accept registration via call or on the spot. They are less active on email which we find to be a bit problematic.



The necessary facilities and location is quite good and well maintained. As it a little off side from the city it is difficult to reach there if you don’t know the directions. Also the location is budget friendly with decent maintenance as compared to its competitors.


Although there is no limit to choose the backdrops we suggest that you must select 4-5 backdrops in your mind and convey that to your photography team also. Because this issue might occur that in order to cover all the backdrops you are unable to cover one backdrop properly.
So make your choices prior and wisely!
Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
Our team excels in both candid and natural and conceptual pre weddings. We have re created Bollywood songs and the various themes for our clients! Providing all the help required to make your pre wedding shoot memorable.