Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace


One of the last luxurious palace of India, TAJ UMAID BHAWAN PALACE, Jodhpur is a palace part hotel with the royalty still living in the premises. Maharaja Gaj Singh, the successor of Maharaja Umaid Singh still lives here. It is one of the biggest Private Residence in the world. A part of the palace has been taken up by the Taj Hotels and is maintained as a hotel.

The area was suffering from a severe famine and drought in the 1920’s and the local population begged the king to bail them out, so the then Maharaja commissioned the magnificent palace to be built and create job opportunities for the people. Maharaj Umaid Singh tried to create the most lavish palace possible and employed British architects to design it. Overall the Palace is a mixture of both foreign design and Indian decorative styles. Pre Wedding Photoshoot or not the Palace is a must visit for all Indians.

Maharaja Umaid Singh had decided to create the largest private residence in the world and Umaid Bhawan Palace is his legacy. The Chittar Sandstone has been used for the outer structure of the palace. The inner architecture is a mixture of Indo-Saracenic, Western Art Deco styles andClassical Revival designed in Burmese teak wood and Makrana marble. The exotic frescoes of the palace are painted by Polish artist, J.S. Norblin.

Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace boasts of over 26 acres of lush grounds including 15 acres of well-kept lush beautiful green gardens. The Taj Hotel Group owns and maintains the other wing of the palace. They have under their hood, 64 total accommodations that include 25 rooms and 39 deluxe suites. The rooms/ suites are named as Maharani Suite, Maharaja Suite, Royal Suite, Regal Suite and Deluxe Rooms. The flamboyant rooms have retained the royal charm. Many family portraits, heirlooms, leopard skins and stuffed animal heads are seen decorating the walls.

It is the last Royal palace to be built in India Pre-Independence.



1. Become a Maharaja and Maharani

When you plan a predestination wedding photo-shoot at Taj Umaid Bhawan palace you get to witness the grandeur of royalty combined with all modern amenities. The large royal rooms and authentic palace locations will give you the real royal feel.

2. Grand location

Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace is a grand location that provides you with many different backdrops.

3. Full support of the hotel staff.

The hotel staff is very supportive and helpful and assists you with everything.

4. Backdrops

Photo-shoot include the outdoor façade of the palace and rear façade of the palace.

5. Explore Jodhpur

You can explore Jodhpur and even get a part of shoot done around the Palace.

6. Drone photography is allowed

This allows you to have different angled and a 360-degree photoshoot and enhance your photoshoot.

7. Indoor public areas

If you would like to cover will be on prior intimation and their operation team will be in touch with for timings.

8. Changing rooms and outfits

If you book a room in the hotel you can change and redo makeup as many times as per the requirement. It’ll also be convenient for you and the team accompanying you.

9. Hospitality

You can always expect a royal treatment in the Palace. From your welcome to your entire day stay you will be treated as nothing less than a king or a queen.

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1. Expensive

The palace charges a lot for pre-wedding shots. It is worth to spend a huge amount for couples looking for a royal kind of shoot. The package doesn’t include any other services offered by the hotel.

2. Permission

You need to sort every kind of permission before hand and they might not allow everything as it is also the current residence of the Maharaja Gaj Singh. Drone Photography also needs prior permission.

3. Pricing

The royal palace charges INR 11Lakhs+ tax for a 6 hrs. shoot.

4. Strict Protocol

The hotel being a 5-star hotel and the current residence of A maharaja follows strict policy regarding security protocols and are a little stringent with permissions.



The Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace is an outstanding royal fort that will give exquisite photos for your pre-wedding photo-shoot. Although the price is very steep the location and the view makes it worth it. If you want your wedding to be royal there is nothing better than clicking photos in a palace with royalty around. Romanticizing foreign locations when you have such gems in India itself. Even if Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace is not your pick for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you should not dismiss the location as a romantic spot that can be included in your wedding. Maybe you could honeymoon in this magnificent place.


We advise you not to dismiss the location based on the price. This is something that makes it exclusive and will make you stand out of league when it comes it exquisite pre wedding photos.
Discuss the options thoroughly and decide and a location. If living like Royalty is something that excites
you then don’t let go of this opportunity.
We give this location a 3.0 out of 5.0.
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