The name exonerates how the place will make your future journey full of memorable and everlasting experiences. Studio Future Forward is located 18, valley View Greens Gawal Pahadi, Gurugram Faridabad Highway, 122001. The place is spread in an area of 2.5-3 acres. It has over 30 pre-designed locations. It has been newly launched and is doing quite well as compared to its competitors.

The major attraction of this place is that it has the most attractive graffiti walls. Wavy black and white stripes, basic contrasting yellow and blue wall, red and white walls are the ones where the couple can scrutinize various poses. From teasing each other to imitating a fight these walls can get the most nutty shoots.

The salient number of back grounds is enough to make you go crazy to get your photo shoot in maximum number of locations. This location will make your dreams reach the apex. Nothing can beat the fact that with so many beautiful backdrops you are going to be confused which to choose and which to leave. So here we have shortlisted some of the best ones for you.



Get ready for your dinner date in your flawless red dress and your man dressed up in his black tux. Dance on ‘Perfect, by Ed-sheeren’ and get the most beautiful takes for your video and some very romantic dance poses. The set is A-OK and you will get the date vibes literally


So this wall is full of bulbs and you have choices in the color combination. Here in this area you can change a lot of outfits. Contrast your outfits with each other and with the theme to get the some faultless shots.


Wear your dresses and shirt pants for a lunch date at this café. The café is full of vibrant colors and the open sky adds to the whole set up.


Here is the most ideal location to experiment with your Indian outfits. The couple can wear the traditional outfits for some old time like pictures. With a hukkah and open farms there can be some really exciting poses for the couple.


Get this picture on your invitation card. The backdrop has a blackboard with save the date title and couples can get their names on it for some very beautiful invitation shots. Save the date of your big day for your entire life.


Always wanted to go out for camping with your favorite person? Here is this little camp made, for the couple to get some shots from a memorable night. The camp is made beautifully with bulbs and some very antique show pieces which can act well as props.


The finest place for some very out of the box pictures. You can pose with the car, inside the car or even on the car here. There is a huge tree and a little tree house in the whole setting

pre-wedding shoot in una

Positive Points:


The place is quite reasonable and economical for couples who are not willing to spend much on. They provide a variety of things to the customer. This makes it worth the price totally.

2.Backdrop options

There is a vast variety of backgrounds. You cannot just choose from them since they are way too unique. You would want to get your shoot done in most of the locations. The options available are quite different as compared to other locations. From a bedroom setting, Telephone booth, village scene, airport to a picnic scene, you name it and they have it.

3. Availability of changing rooms

Changing rooms are available. So there is no problem in changing as many outfits as you want. The rooms are air conditioned which are going to save you from messing up your makeup. Their washrooms and changing rooms are well maintained which will ensure no discrepancy during the time of changing outfits.

4. Different lightings available.

They have different lightings available for different shoot set ups. For night shoots or for morning shoots they have it all for you. They will make sure that only the perfect kind of lighting set up is there for your backdrop

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Location

Finding the place can be a problem if it is your first time in that area. It will take you a while to figure out the exact location because of its presence in a remote area. Moreover travelling can be a bit time consuming.


According to various sources we have understood that their team is not much cooperative. Their staff does not provide the things needed to the clients on time. Communication gap within their team take leads to confusion during the shoots.

pre weding shoot in una

Pricing and the Essentials-


Shoot time 8:00 am- 2:00 pm will cost you INR 10,000+ GST

Shoot time 2:00 pm- 8:00 pm will cost you INR 10,000+ GST


Shoot time 8:00 am- 8:00 pm will cost you INR 15,000+ GST

video camera


pre wedding shoot in una


Overall Review by Video Tailor-

On a whole the place is quite plausible. It will not leave you dissatisfied when you will have more than 30 backdrops to choose from. It can only make your memories last forever. Your admirable relationship can become more lifelike with all the places to shoot in where you have ever been with your partner. From a brunch to a romantic camping get away, you can get clicked in all of the locations. .

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

We would recommend all of the lovely people about to start a new life together to get a clear picture of the locations in which they want the shoot to be done. Be it an 8 hour shoot or a 12 hour shoot, decide in advance what you want in order to avoid any last minute confusion. Get the location cleared out to reach the venue on time.

pre wedding shoot in una