Shillong is a hill station and the capital of the state of Meghalaya in the North Eastern Indian. Meghalaya means the abode of the clouds and hence justifying the highest peak in Shillong that is 1,966 m above the sea level.

The hills and their beauty provide a beautiful location for the pre wedding shoot in Shillong. The manicured gardens of the Lady Hydari Park and the Ward’s Lake are the tourist attractions in Shillong. The Elephant Waterfalls offers serene and yet sharp background for the pre wedding photographs and videos.

The Britishers used to refer Shillong “Scotland of the East” because of the rolling hills. To add on into the natural charms of the city, there are Brahmaputra and Surma Valleys around Shillongs and because of them the weather remains much cooler than any other tropical location in India.



1.Beautiful Surroundings

One of the most important feature of Shillong is the beauty it acquires. The hills covered with greenery are just soothing to the soul. It is one of the best places in the North East India for the pre wedding shoot because of the scenic pleasures it provides. The waterfalls and the high peaks effects the photo and video shoot in a positive manner.

2. Privacy provided

Shillong is a large area though it is one of the smallest towns in India. Its beauty lies in every corner of the hill station which means the shoot can be done in any location which is loved by the couple. It provided them privacy and privacy leads to their comfort. They can easily complete their pre wedding shoot successfully without the fear of getting watched.

3. Backgrounds

The natural beauty is enough for bringing the variety and stunning elements in the backgrounds of the pre wedding videos and photographs. The wide spread green valleys give a great texture in the shots and give a refreshing look in the photographs. The greenery in background makes the pictures attractive and are pleasing to the eyes.

4. Any Style in Dresses

It is one of the perks of shooting at Shillong that any style of Dress looks absolutely amazing. The ethnic and the western, both the styles and the outfits just beautifies the shots more and more. It does not limit the options and simplifies the choice for the couple. They do not have to think a lot about what will suit the best for the shoot in Shillong, they can go with any attire and look amazing.

5. Romantic location

The beautiful green valleys with the amazing water bodies together make Shillong a really romantic location just like the places shown in the bollywood songs. It fulfills the desires of the couples and their rare side comes out in open. They no longer needs to fake their love or the feelings attached to it because then it comes naturally and can be seen in the photographs easily.

6. No cost

Shillong is a free of cost shooting location and hence the couple does not require to book or pay for  the location. It is a huge relief as the money can be used on more important ceremonies or events of the marriage. The little savings can also be proved as a great help in these special occasions. That is also one of the reasons for Shillong being chosen as one of the preferable and great location for pre weddings.



1. Location

Shillong is situated far away in the north east. Although Shillong has a good network of the roadways, it lacks the facility of railways and the airways. The nearest airport is 30 kms away from the city and that too offers limited number of flights. This means long and tiring travelling hours. A tired couple needs rest before the shoot and hence it needs a proper planned schedule so to avoid these trivial issues as they can be proved spoilers later on.

2. No Restaurants Nearby

The areas with a scenic beauty are natural and situated away from the approach of the humans which means the restaurants and all the other facilities are not around for the couples once they are getting their pre wedding shoot done. Hunger is to be silenced so that it will not hinder the shoot and wastes the time of the couple as well as the photographer because hunger means going back far away from the shooting location.

3. No Changing Room

Shillong is a hill station and an open area for the pre wedding shoot that means there is no allotment of a changing room. Generally, beautiful locations are situated in wild and a bit far away from the hotels or restaurants and it causes the unavailability of the changing room. No changing room means no place to go and get your outfit changed. It leaves you with one single outfit for your entire shoot and does not let a change to come in your look.



The amazing things about this town location makes it one of the desired places in the North Eastern parts of India. It makes Shillong one of the most popular location where you can have a wonderful pre wedding shoot done.


Carrying a pair of shoes with you for the hilly area is suggested by us. It will help you to walk comfortably on the peaks and the slippery areas and you can wear the heels later at the time of getting clicked.

Taking all the things in mind and all the pros and the cons, we would like to give Shillong a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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