PIXOCITY is a modern pre-wedding shoot location located on the Hazira Highway, Surat. It is a highly demanded place by couples who want to shoot in peace. The place gives you a lot of time to shoot and makes sure that each and every requirement is fulfilled.

PIX’O’CITY is not only famous for its pre-wedding shoots but it also undertakes textile fashion shoots and commercial products and services shoot. They believe in providing maximum satisfaction to their clients.

The best part of shooting here is that you don’t just have to shoot with imitated backdrops because they will take you to a beach where you can shoot. The team arranges many props and backgrounds at the beach itself.

Sweet Petals Wall

This wall is very subtle. The wall is pretty and couples can pose a lot over here. The not so bright blue wall has many bunches of flowers hanging around. The entire look of the wall is all your shoot needs

Royal Red

Grab your favorite ensemble and the very manly tux for shooting in front of this wall. The pure red wall has such a vibe that you are going to fall in love with. With wine glasses in hand stand in a romantic pose and capture the beautiful moment. The wall is artistic and has a very cool vintage frame hanging along with a old table to compliment the whole look.

College Life

Do you miss your college life and all the funky outfits you wore at that time? PIX’O’CITY has the most beautiful graffiti wall reminding your very own college days. The colorful walls look just perfect and give you a chance to be as crazy as possible. This is the best setup for candid photos. One of the ideas to shoot here is to have paints in your hand and go mad with the paints on each other. Bring back your childhood days and cherish them on the day of your pre-wedding shoot.

Chess Setup

This one the most unique one we found here. A huge chess board is there for couples to shoot here. Lie down on the board, smile! And capture the moment. Coordinate your outfits and you could also wear blacks and white t-shirts for this. There are too many ways to get pictures here in this very cute setup.

Dinner Scene

We have seen a lot of dinner scene setups in different pre-wedding locations, but this one just took our heart. This set up is just so serene and adorable that we suggest you get some picture clicked here definitely. The entry of the backdrop is literally the best part.
Also the entry part can be used in the daytime. Girls can wear their white gown and guys can wear their black tux and pose like a Christian wedding couple.

European Street

You don’t need to go on the streets to get some pictures because the European backdrop is the best. It has very charming streets where couples can pose.

Vintage Set

Why always choose the clean and tidy backdrops full of colors when you have a great option of shooting in a very old, unkempt house. Be different and let your shoot shine little more with this very amazing backdrop. It is a vintage setup that you are really going to love to shoot in.



1. Beach Setup

Beaches are adorable and all of us want to get some poses there isn’t it?
The best thing of this place is that it not only has backdrops but it has a proper beach where couples can shoot. They have a lot of setups that they place on the beach for the couple to pose.

2. Unlimited Backdrops

There are more than 30 backdrops. They do not impose any restriction on the number of backdrops to be chosen. Ranging from a wedding scene to a college day everything is there under one roof. This huge place is known for its unique backdrops soe choose as many as you can.

3. Economical

The place is not much expensive. It is quite feasible for a pre-wedding shoot.

4. Changing Rooms

They provide two separate air conditioned changing rooms. One of the rooms is for the bride and the groom and the other one is for the team of photographers, videographers and the makeup artists. This is the best thing that the bride and groom can get ready in peace without any interruptions or disturbance.

5. Perfect Time Limit

There is nothing like a 4 hour or a 6 hour shoot. They give a full day to capture the most fantastic moments of your life. So take your time, relax and shoot.

6. Props

They have a wide variety of props which are totally free and can be used by the couple. They have all kinds of props from wine glasses to a bicycle or a jeep. Name it and they have it.

7. No Disturbance

PIX’O’CITY takes good care of your privacy and makes sure that there is no disruption while you shoot. They allow only three couples to shoot on a single day so there will be no one to disturb your shoot. Also there won’t be any waiting time.

8. Drone Allowed

Drone is allowed at Pixocity.

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1. Added Expense

You know you are choosing a destination away from Delhi which means travel and lodging expenses are going to be there. Though the place has fairly economical charges but you will have to bear the charges of travelling and staying of the team also.



The place is quite fantastic. It has whole new range of backdrops which are unique and can make lead to an exclusive shoot. They do not have a beach backdrop but they have a real beach for the shoot. The hospitality and management PIX’O’CITY is commendable. They have their standard maintained and deliver the best of their services.


PIX’O’CITY is spread in an area of around 4 acres. The place provides 3 hours in the beginning for shooting on the beach, so utilize it well. It is advisable to decide in advance what kind of photo shoot you want on the beach. This will save a lot time and this way you could enjoy your shoot rather than worrying about the timing. Do not overdo the props. Though they are complimentary but make sure that you balance the number of props with the backdrops. Stay natural and bring out your crazy side!!
Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
Our team excels in both candid and natural and conceptual pre weddings. We have re created Bollywood songs and the various themes for our clients! Providing all the help required to make your pre wedding shoot memorable.