With the big day coming closer and closer couples want to cherish each and every moment. Pre wedding shoot is the most common thread that runs in the wedding season. This is the time people want to enjoy for their entire life.  Picture Destination as the name suggests is your destination for a perfect pre-wedding shoot. It gives immense kind of backdrops, which makes it dream destination for a couple. Picture Destination is located in Kundli area (NCR) on NH1 about 30 kms distance from central Delhi, on the G.T Karnal Road. The location is on a 2 acre land with grand sets, more than 25 backdrops with some crazy props.

This quirky venue offers both indoor and outdoor shooting facilities. Being a bit off side from the city, it is quiet much away from the daily hustle-bustle of life, promising a hassle free shoot.

Apart from this they also provide facilities like make-up room/dressing rooms and customization options for you.

As we have done many pre wedding photo and video shoots there, we would like to share out some top picked backdrops according to our experience.

pre wedding shoot in una


As we have done many shoots there we would like to share out some top picked backdrops according to our experience.

1. Romeo Juliet Theme

This backdrop is actually a theme based one as it has the balcony concept same as it was in the era of Romeo Juliet. Their love and existence is all portrayed in this lovely backdrop. It is totally eligible for the couples who are planning for a very romantic shoot as this backdrop says it all on its own.

2. London Street

Here is to the modern kind of romance. Enjoy your moments captured on the London Street. With a telephone booth adding more to the scene you can pull off some hot steamy shots in that. We would suggest that go for western outfits as Indian dresses will not go on this backdrop.

3. English Vintage Dressing Room

This one can be used specially for the video shots as a date scene can be created on this set or a funny shot like teasing each other. Great for creating a vintage vibe in the pictures and video.

4. Wooden Bulb Wall

This backdrop is our personal favorite as the output comes really amazing. It has a subtle background which is perfect for some romantic shots. Do check the pictures below you will get an idea.

5. Bonfire

As per the name you can get the idea of backdrop. Some nice shots sitting against the bonfire and cuddling with each other can be taken. Get perfectly immersed in the scene.

6. Yellow Wall

A beautiful sunny yellow color wall which will work best with contrasting colors of your attire. Perfect for pictures also it is a backdrop where you can experiment more with you attire.

7. Library

For couples who are confused about the theme of their pre wedding this backdrop can be a savior as this has a real library setup. This can surely make a perfect story which your pictures can portray.

7. Mini Eiffel Tower

Always dreamt of getting the perfect captivating shot in front of the most romantic Eiffel Tower then here is to this stunning backdrop. This mini Eiffel tower is all you want for the best shot of your pre wedding shoot.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Positive Points:

1. More and More Backdrops

The more and more number of backgrounds is an advantage for couples to get the most out of their shoot. A fascinating variety of photographs can be clicked with more than 25 backdrops.

2. ‌Variety in Backdrops

From London street to a Romeo and Juliet setting one can find immense variations in its backdrops. Zorzis Cafe, Jali, Born Fire, Library, Rajasthani, English Vintage Dressing Room kitchen setup, vintage car setup and the list goes on.

3. Choose as many backdrops you want!

For all those who want to get pictures in different setups here is the best part of this location. There is no restriction in choosing backdrops. You can choose as many backdrops as you want.

4. ‌Location

This place is suitable for couples who wants to shoot in North Delhi or near Delhi.

5. Commercial Factor

This place is more economical as compared to its tough competitor – Perfect Location (Faridabad).

6. Easy availability of the team

There executives are available on call. You can easily call them and ask them about your queries, as well as can book your shoot.

6. Make-up room with attached dressing rooms

They also provide props and make-up room to the couple. There are air conditioned makeup and dressing rooms.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Lack of creativity in backdrops

Though their variety in the backdrops is commendable but they are less creative as compared to other pre wedding shoot locations.

2. Disturbance while shooting

Due to excessive bookings at the same time there is quite a hustle during shoots. Providing same backdrops to multiple couples leads to a lot of disturbance and disruption while shooting.

3. Connectivity with the location team

Getting in touch with the team is quite a problem. They only accept registration via call or on the spot. They are less active on email which we find to be a bit problematic.


pre weding shoot in una

Pricing and the Essentials-

The pricing for this location is fairly economical. As on 28th June, 2019 i.e.
They charge Rs 10,000 + GST for 4 hours of photoshoot and,
Rs 15,000 + GST for 8 hours photo and video shoot.

They have introduced two new backdrops, named Romeo Juliet and Vintage Car Workshop. Prices for these are included in the package too.

For more information related to backdrops and other queries you can visit their website: Picture Destination

Most of the facilities are made well available to the clients. The location is well maintained. A little off from the city gives an environment suitable for an attractive Photo shoot. Quite under budget it is a decent place as compared to competitors.

video camera


Overall Review by Video Tailor

The necessary facilities and location is quite good and well maintained. As it a little off side from the city it is difficult to reach there if you don’t know the directions. Also the location is budget friendly with decent maintenance as compared to its competitors.


Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

Although there is no limit to choose the backdrops we suggest that you must select 4-5 backdrops in your mind and convey that to your photography team also. Because this issue might occur that in order to cover all the backdrops you are unable to cover one backdrop properly.
So make your choices prior and wisely!

pre wedding shoot in una