Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa


 Goa is not just a place for the bachelors and the bachelorettes, it is a place for all the carefree people and the ones who adore the beauty of beaches and the seas.If you are looking for the beach side location for your perfect pre wedding shoot, then Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is the right place for you.

It is less than 3 km away from the Arossim Beach and takes less than 10 minutes to reach there. It is also not so far from the Goa International Airport which makes it easier to travel if you are not from Goa.

The Resort provides elegant rooms with many modern technologies and also it has 5 restaurants in the 45 acres of the beautiful resort area. It has a pool also and gardens for leisurely walks and amazing pre wedding shoot.



1. Surroundings

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa has maintained a natural beauty in it's premises and not just that it gives you leisurely trolls inside and outside of the resort. The hotel is located nearby the Arossim beach which also conveniently offers the couple to explore the area and get an amazing time to spend in Goa. The surroundings provide you good space to be used as your pre wedding location.

2. Changing Room

The first most important thing for the pre wedding shoot is to get a room at the Resort which can also be used as the dressing room for the couple. This facilitates them in managing times and also makes it easy for the couple if they want a change in their outfits, so that a better output of the Pre wedding photographs can be brought out. It offers the couple a chance to bring in variety in the matter of their attire.

3. Styles in Dresses

Being a beach side location and the nature inspired resort, Park Hyatt allows you to try any style of dresses in your pre wedding shoot which is easily possible because of the convenient approach to the changing room. You can even bring in more than one style in your pre wedding photoshoot; you can be the beach couple in the shorts and shirts and also can be the classy Gown and Suit wearing couple. The choice is upto you.

4. Indoor Restaurants

As the shoot sometimes becomes tiring with all the hard work for getting a good and attractive pre wedding photographs or video, the Resort facilitates you with their restaurants. You can turn to them without wasting much time and without giving a large rest to your photoshoot. The long shoots often go dull by the end mostly because of the hunger struck stomachs, here you won't face the same problem.

5. Near the Beach

Goa has a great deal of beaches, you can spend days exploring the right beach for you and your partner. But the Resort provides you one more facility and that is of a nearby beach. You don't have to travel far and do not even require to waste much time in the travelling as the beach is within the radius of 3km from the hotel providing you an easy reach.

6. Backgrounds

A green garden, a pool, a beach, beautiful corridors, amazing restaurants and what else do you need for classy background for your pre wedding shoot. The Resort is as much beautiful at night as it is in the mornings, in fact it is more beautiful at night because of the bright lights. The pre wedding shoot is all about variations and just like the flexibility in the choice of dresses, this resort provides you the variety in the backgrounds as well.

7. Privacy

The Resort is a private premises which makes it better than the public places and does not let the crowd peep in through your pre wedding shots. The couple can complete their shoot smoothly and without the worries of getting uncomfortable because of the surrounding eyes. This helps in having a successful completion of the shoot and it also satisfies the couple.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Location

Every good thing comes with a bad thing and it is known. The problem that the couple can suffer is that Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is located in Goa which is away from the capital. The travelling requires more time spent in the pre wedding shoot and can lead to the physical tiredness. Also more the time spent in the travelling more it reduces the mood and dulls the whole meaning of the pre wedding shoot.

2. Costly

Nothing in this world comes for free and similarly the Resort costs for the convenience and the facilities it provides to the couple for their pre wedding shooting. Also, it makes it even more costlier when the travelling and accommodations are added to the pre wedding shoot which makes it a bit costly for many couple but it is not totally a waste. For further details about the pricing check the pricing and the essentials column.

3. Permission required for Drone Camera

The Government authorities of Goa has some rules and regulations according to which the couple an the pre wedding shoot crew require some permission for flying a drone camera to get more attractive photographs. It is a negative point because it may take the precious time out getting permission or may be the permission will not be granted. Thus, making it a problem for the couple.



 The beauty and the attractions that are provided by the Resort are exclusive and hence brings the place in the above average category. Though a bit costly but the ambience and the surroundings are worth to explore.


 The suggestions should be to wear something floral printed and try to explore and get the most of the pre wedding shoot to make the cost worth your experiences.

Taking all the positives and the negatives in consideration, we would like to rate Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa Resort 4.0 out of 5.0.

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