Noor Mahal


Looking for a royal pre wedding photo shoot location, Noor Mahal is the perfect getaway place. All your dreams of a traditional, authentic and modern Indian pre wedding shoot themes are to come true right here.

The architecture of Noor Mahal takes inspiration from the rich heritage and culture of Indian Maharajas. Be the Mughals or the Rajputs, this dream-like location has all that you are seeking for. The lavish decor available from every angle are to go perfectly to all your frames. This luxurious retreat is situated in the city of Karnal which is known as the city of Karna from the great Indian mythology, Mahabharata. The imposing lobby, surrounding rooms and extravagant balconies form an awe strucking set-up for the shoot. It also has two courtyards along the east west axis, canal network and lush green fields. As history merges with aesthetics, the beauty of this place shall surpass your expectations. The chandelier lighting and beautifully structured corridors will enhance your picture perfect captures along with the wedding joy hovering over the gorgeous couple.

It is your time to celebrate and register these pre wedding shoot moments. The subtle colors of the walls and intricate detailings will go appropriately with any kind of ensemble. You can try daylight makeup as well as night glam makeup. All the heavy jewelries on social media and other popular magazines that have caught your eye and appealed immensely to you, it’s the perfect place and time to try them on. You can finally embrace all your preconceived pre wedding concepts and poses in your planner. The furnishing of the place is very impressive too. So, the grandeur of this venue will meet your fantasy for this shoot.




Since Karnal is situated in the outskirts of Delhi, National Highway 1, Sector 32, Karnal, Haryana- it would not take you long to reach Noor Mahal. It is just a 2-3 hours drive from Delhi.

2. Picture perfect venue

The retreat has all the possibly imaginable places to curate your glamorous pre wedding pictures. It has artistically carved archetypes influenced by the medieval monarchs reign across Agra and Delhi, formerly known Shahjahanabad. You can flaunt your wide skirts or long trains across all corners and hallways. You can try all sorts of colors- be it pastels or vibrant contrasting colors. The lobby can also give you awesome boomerang shots. The greenery surrounding the mahal along with the sunlight will be a bonus to the backdrop. The water fountain with flower petals and grand dining area shall add exuberance to your shoot. The pool outside the hotel will give you posh pictures as our photographers and videographers align you with the mahal and pool.

4. One day Shoot

Unlike most destinations which charge a lot, Noor Mahal charges comparatively less. So with all the wedding expenses, this could possibly be pocket friendly.

4.Indian Heritage

Luckily, this shoot can be completed in a day, since they charge for a day and is situated within close premises.

5. Room Provision

The package deal comes with a room. Hence, you can comfortably freshen up before you style up for the shoot. You can also carry various ensembles as you can conveniently change in between the shoot.

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1. No Food Provided

The place does not provide you with food or packaged water. You will have to buy these. However, you will be provided with normal water. The good part is that the food is worth trying.

2. Pre Booking

Since this place is usually engaged with a lot of events throughout the year, you will have to make the effort of booking it beforehand for your shoot.

3. Drones

Unfortunately, the place doesn’t allow drone shooting.

4. Time

Though time is a positive point, it can be a negative one too. Noor Mahal is not very far away, but you might have to start early to save time in traffic and utilize more time for the shoot.



The venue has a lovely backdrop of the pool and mahal in an aligned frame. This would make a picture perfect frame with the glittery blue sky along with the beautiful reflections on the water. You can also expect rich, authentic and aesthetic landscape and portrait captures with symmetric pillar and wall designs and structures.


The place has a royal setting which can produce numerous captures. We suggest you to select and carry different kinds of attires like Indian, Western or Indo-western. You can also flaunt your jewellery with your ensembles. Being situated in the adjacent state, it would not consume much of your time in travelling. However, in order to avoid traffic it would be advisable to take few hours in hand. You can either hire a cab or self-drive to Noor Mahal. Try starting early and stay till the evening to get both daylight and evening shots. Make sure you carry your sunglasses to create your ‘kala chasma’ moment. We rate this place a 4.5 out of 5.0.
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