Neemrana Fort


Neemrana fort is among the most popular pre wedding locations near Delhi and is particularly ideal to picture your own past at the drama site of history. A wide 6 acre campus with huge architectural view makes this fort the perfect delight for the couple who are looking for royal and classic pre wedding location. Planning a weekend getaway alongside pre wedding photo shoot can be done easily and this is certainly a boon in the basket.

The palace is situated on the mountain near Neemrana city. The fascinating view of the sky and city catches everyone’s eye with the intellectual feel of generosity and elegance. Not many have known about this pre wedding shoot location until 2014 when a couple came here for a pre wedding photo shoot and the pictures went viral couple of days later. This is how the trending pre wedding shoot idea got its place in Neemrana Fort.

The fort is owned by Neemrana group and was renovated to form a resort like palace. This fort is a historic monument and conserved for a very long period. The two swimming pools and an exotic spa add it to the list of top resorts near Delhi. The wide greenish view and background won’t let you down at any point of shoot for sure. This place comes under must check out site for pre weeding shoot locations for sure.



1. Fairly Economical

When compared to other fort location available for pre wedding shoot, Neemrana fort has kept its pricing in a feasible manner. Although the pricing is not less as Dadhikar Fort but ranks second on the low pricing range locations.

2. Proper lighting Equipments available

They provide proper equipments for the shoot so that the couple doesn’t look faded while shooting in the night. Background have immense amount of light which looks enormous when seen through naked eyes.

3. Changing Rooms Provided

Since the couple needs to get clicked in a variety of costumes to look better and vibrant, the fort provides a complimentary changing room with all the basic needs. If tired in between, the couple can rest there as well. This facility is a good step taken by the fort officials.

4. Just one day shoot

The shoot can typically be done in one day unless until you are planning to stay there for a weekend getaway. All our shoots are completed within one day and according to our experience it is sufficient. Rest is on you!

5. Panoramic view of the palace

Pre wedding shoot is not yet completed unless you get a wide angle shot with the whole fort setting alongside the couple. The fort has a stage type structure which covers almost all the areas of fort when clicked clinically.

6. Drones are allowed

Helicam shots are possible here because drone accessing is permitted. Since the fort has wide and huge area, drone can play an important part in making the full use of background.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Distance can be an issue

Being 130 kilometres away from Delhi, some of you may not prefer it because of the distance. It can be tiring to travel Neemrana Fort all the way from Delhi and then have the shoot directly. Also, you have you wake up and leave early in the morning to reach there on time and make the full use of location.

2. Do book the location before the shoot

It is strictly recommended to book the location before the desired shoot date in order to stay away from the hustle over booking. Since they also give the fort for wedding ceremony, make sure you book it early to avoid a clash.

3. Lunch is not complimentary

If you are looking for a proper meal or lunch in the midst of the shoot, the only option is to pay for the food in the fort which is a bit costly. Being a fort, there is no other local food stall nearby. So be prepared if you face such kind of situation.



Neemrana is a historical and vintage fort situated on the Aravalli hills. This location is known for its charm and scenic view. When it comes to the top fort sites for pre wedding shoots, this site has always shown its class among all other forts. The immense beauty of fort and the hills are fair enough to justify why you should choose this location.


Of all our experience and research, this site is currently one of the best locations for pre wedding shoot and it is grabbing attention by every passing day. Traditional Indian dress will go best for wide angle shots. Make sure you carry indo western dress as well for night shots. Many directors have shot movie scenes here just because of the view and on spot location.
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