National Rail Museum


Are you a huge fan of Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge? Are Raj and Simran your goals too? How cool will it be to run after the train and your partner ascending his arm to help you. Too romantic! Do you also want to try the most famous and romantic train scene?Here is this one place which can meet your expectations. A little unusual yet it will give out the most beautiful filmy shots you have been planning for your photo shoot. The Rail Museum (quite unexpected) allows couples to get their pre-wedding shoot done .

The Museum signifies 160 years of the Indian railways which is spread over on 10 acres of land. From the oldest steam engine to an electric train, name it and the kind of train is present. Go back in the time before independence and peep in the elegant and superficial interiors of trains.

People who really want a subtle shoot, no fancy things just the two of them with some cool and different backgrounds can always opt for this place. The essence of the place lies in antique and unique trains present. Not just the trains but the tracks and the old station can be chosen as backdrops. There is a collection of old railway furniture too hence it can be a place where the couple poses. There is an additional musical fountain and a little garden for children’s fun which can be utilized well for pre-wedding shoots.



1. Old is gold

Older the train prettier will it be as a backdrop. The interiors of the royal princely trains will melt your heart. Dig a little in the past and find fashion trends. Use those old school trends for your shoot.

2. Easy to reach

With the big day approaching and not having a single minute to waste, Rail museum can be economical. The place is situated in Delhi so you do not have to travel for long hours outside Delhi. This will save a lot of time. .

3. Subtle Style

Couples can actually experiment a lot with their western outfits. The place has this westerly vibe and all those who do not prefer Indian outfits this museum is made for you. Pictures and videos of the couple eloping can be well framed wherein the girl can wear a beautiful Indian outfit and the guy wearing a colorful dhoti kurta. .

4. Uniqueness

You can escape the typical shoots that take place these days with Indian outfits in palaces and in royal settings. Try on new things, use more props which can make your shoot extraordinary.

5. Scrumptious food

There is a restaurant inside the museum where you can dig in. The food is pretty good so the energy lost during shoot can be regained after having a scrumptious meal.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Overpriced

The place is not so economical since they charge some hefty amounts for pre-wedding shoots. Not just this but they charge more for videography. Photography can still be done by spending less amount. .

2. A lot of Disturbance and interruptions

There is going to be a lot of disturbance during the shoot since no proper arrangement is made just for the couple. Also there are people who are visiting the museum, which makes shooting a bit more difficult. Seeking for a private and peaceful shoot then this place is no recommended to you.

3. Time Limit

They are quite stringent when it comes to the timing of the shoot. You need to wind up the shoot within the time alloted. It is strictly prohibited to go beyond the time limit.

4. No changing rooms available

There are no changing rooms available. This can be very tough for the couple when it comes to changing outfits. Only washrooms are there where outfits can be changed

4. Outdoor shoots only!

Since there is maximum of outdoor area present for shoots it can become difficult to shoot. Summers are not a good time to get your pre-wedding shoot done.



The Rail museum is totally a paradise of themes and backgrounds. You cannot really cover all the backgrounds in 4 hours. Might harm your wallet but a very different shoot will come out. The place is relatively strict when it comes to the time limit of the shoot but it will actually save your time as it is located in Delhi cutting off the excessive travelling time. .


All those couples admiring a very extravagant pre-wedding shoot not in the royal palace but in a little adventurous style can look upon this place. There are locomotives from the 18th century to the modern era, no other shooting location has such transitions of vintage age and contemporary world.
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