Lodhi Gardens


Ever wondered a pre wedding shoot amongst hush greenery and huge park with a variety of natural backdrops available? Lodi Gardens is one of the location which revolves around for these specific requirements. Lodi Garden was setup in 15th century by Lodhi rulers. Situated in the heart of the national capital, this is a widely spread garden on 90 acres of land. The park consist Mohammed Shah’s tomb, tomb of Sikander Lodi, and few more historical monuments which can give your picture a classic and rustic flavour. All these are added attraction for the couples. There is Bara Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad in the centre of Lodi Garden which reflects the architectural glory of that era.

The history depicts itself in its air once you reach there. A mixture of amazing garden and monument will definitely give your pre wedding shoot a sense of rustic and glorified texture. The availability of variant colourful flowers in the background will provide a better setting for the coupe to shoot in. Of all the gardens available for shoot in Delhi, Lodi Gardens in Delhi is the most anticipated and preferred one because of its antique architecture and beautiful garden setup. You can even go for a traditional shoot or a pop, funky one as per your choice, for the ambience and location would suit well for both.

So if you are looking for a location unleashing natural background and variety of flowers as a backdrop, this place is the answer key to all your questions. Let’s get into some detailing now.



1. No Shooting Charges

The most important fact of lodi gardens is it’s free of cost. Since this is a government property, they do not charge for shooting here. What else can you wish for a location which has the entire requirement a pre wedding shoot location should have and it doesn’t charge any sort of money.

2. Open wide space

Leave those mushy and congested location with artificial backdrops because this place provides a huge 90 acre area to shoot in with all the natural backdrops available. It’s always better to shoot in natural setup because the imagination and clarity revolves around it.

3. Unlimited time & scheduling

Despite being free of cost there is no time limit to shoot within. You can shoot whenever you want between the opening and closing hours. And most importantly, if you want the shoot to happen periodically, i.e. in 2 days, it is possible here.

4. Easily accessible

Unlike other locations which are situated outside Delhi, this is the best option if you are looking for something which is situated in the midst of the capital. At Lodi Gardens, you can easily complete your shoot in one day because the travelling distance will be reduced and you won’t be tired this way.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Drone Photography not allowed

The place has a lot to offer for helicam shots, but the permission of drone is not yet granted for pre wedding shoots. This is a huge drawback since the park is huge and architectural, drones would have created a huge impact on the shoot.

2. No Changing rooms

Being a park and not a professional pre wedding shoot location, they don’t have a changing room for the couple. It’s obvious that costume changing is required so you will have to adjust accordingly or find another way out. It is up to you.

3. Be ready to face some sort of hustle & crowd at times

The park is famous and has a huge tourist attraction so beware of it. You may get disturbed in between the shoot due to this. But if managed patiently, this is not a big issue.The pro tip for this bug is to plan the shoot on a working day and early in the morning.



Couples these days opt for historical pre wedding shoot because that is trending! Those classic and vintage feel is what you have desired for. Lodi garden adds some scenic view alongside the monuments. This is one of the best places for pre wedding photography since a long time because of its special and attractive features.

Photographers get to explore their capabilities by clicking in the sunrise and sunset with different colour tones. This turns out to be a beautiful and experimental patch for them. Check out the pictures to believe in the fact that there exist a place within Delhi which has gardens and historic monuments.



In the huge business and race of pre wedding shoot locations with such high pricing, Lodi Gardens turns out to be a saviour by making the venue free of cost. People are accepting the fact that this may lack some of essentials when compared to other paid locations, but wait, this needs no investment to get clicked given the fact that it has such scenic and wide natural backdrops. We highly recommend this place. Try to get clicked early in the morning because of the heart throbbing sunrays and to avoid unwanted crowd as well.
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