Location Camera Action


A newly opened pre-wedding shoot location in Kanjhawala region, Delhi “Location Camera Action” is an outdoor studio full of funky and elegant backdrops.

They have all kinds of locations and backgrounds for your shoot so you just choose from more than 20 backdrops, get your camera ready and shoot the best poses here.

The place is quite huge spread in more than 1 acre with outdoor backdrops which are quite spacious that video can be shot very easily and comfortably over here.

Here, we are sharing with you our favourite backdrops and sets with you.
British Square

The British Square backdrop is basically a pure white wall with colorful flowers hung on it. These walls are quite versatile and are open to a lot of poses and outfits


Moroccan Courtyard

Traditional Moroccan courtyards are exotic and royal. They have stunning patios and they are open. Location Camera Action has a similar kind of backdrop that looks really gorgeous. They have incorporated some art on the walls that is totally different from the other backdrops.


Junkyard is not a total devastated place. It is more than that. There are classic vehicles to shoot in and with. Random colored walls and tyres add up to the whole set up. Bring out the vehicle lover I you and shoot in this backdrop.

Candy Cart

As a child all of us have imagined a land full of candies and chocolates. There is this most unique option of shooting in a candy cart. What an idea it is. This backdrop is just made for foodies and candy lovers.


The gazebo set up here is made for a romantic date or dinner. Someone who loves guitar can shoot in this lovely backdrop

Umbrella Street

Colorful umbrellas look the best when set all together. There is a whole street with umbrellas hung on the top. The vibe of the backdrop is quirky and cool. The modern kind of a feel that it has needs just a colorful casual outfit and some funky poses.

Exotic Tropical Set

Giving the best kind of beach vibes, this exotic set up is to play around with. Get your beach maxi’s and shorts and shoot some pictures over here. Just love this unique backdrop.



1. Too Many Props

Location Camera Action provides quite a huge variety of props to shoot with. It is a great advantage for the couples as they do not have to carry any extra props with them

2. Changing Room Provision

A changing room and hygienic washrooms are provided the place. They make sure that our whole “getting ready time” is well spent.

3. Creative Backdrops

The backdrops present here are very unique. They are not like other pre-wedding locations. The romantic vibe of all of them is why couples opt for this place. From Europe to Japan they have it all. The culture of not only India but also of other countries has been brought into picture.

4. Economical

The place is quite economical. They do not charge much but give a lot of services. From hygienic changing rooms to props, they have it all covered under one roof.

5. Privacy

Location Camera Action is known well for the privacy that it provides to the couple. From a separate changing room to privacy while posing, everything is taken care of. There are time when the couple is hesitant to pose due to a lot of onlookers. So they make sure that there are no unwanted people on the sets and the process is taken forward smoothly.

As per 1st September, 2021 this location is permanently closed.


1. Away From The City

The place is situated in a remote area which makes it difficult to reach. So it sometimes become difficult to reach the venue on time and getting cabs over there is also a problem. To avoid any hustle make sure you know the location well in advance and you have proper conveyance facility.

2. No Lunch Provision

The whole day shoot cannot be done without food. There is no proper arrangement of food so carry your snacks.



The place is newly open with some new ideas. There is a very modern vibe in all of its backdrop. From India to Europe all the countries are here in form of some or the other backdrop. They have taken good care of the hygiene factor. It is a very economical place to shoot in.


We advise all the lovely couples to keep a map and their cars or cabs ready. The place is quite peculiar, so choosing this place will be a good option for the couples. As compared to other pre-wedding locations in Delhi NCR, this has the most unique and different set ups and themes for the shoot.
Do not miss their Wisteria Tunnel Of Japan, which is the most attractive and adorable backdrop. Have fun shooting in the LOCATION CAMERA ACTION.
Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
Our team excels in both candid and natural and conceptual pre weddings. We have re created Bollywood songs and the various themes for our clients! Providing all the help required to make your pre wedding shoot memorable.