A pre wedding photoshoot is all about the love and understanding of the couple getting to bound together. The best places for the pre wedding shoots should be somewhere near nature, where your compassion comes naturally for each other, without forcing it too much like Lavasa.

For the couples who have faith in the same thinking, should consider Lavasa as one of the many options for their pre wedding shoot. Lavasa is a planned city which is also private and it is built near the city of Pune. The style of this city is based upon the Italian town known as Portofino.

The place occupies thousands of acres and has many scenic beauties to witness. It’s not just the nature and the scenic beauty but also the kind of love and relation that the couple shares makes the pre wedding shoot at Lavasa one of their best choice.



1. Surroundings

Being the hill station with beautiful scenic beauty of the greens, Lavasa provides an amazing surrounding for your pre wedding photographs and the videos. The surroundings bring you in the lap of the nature and treat you well. The nature never fails to give you the best of the experiences and hill stations are always on rank 1. The pre wedding shoots require the most of what you can give  and hills are the most beautiful planes that the nature can give. With the water bodies near by it makes a perfect match and let you have number of photographs with the love of your life with a variety of scenic beauty behind.

2. Privacy

Lavasa is a planned city with many hotels to be booked for your stay for the pre wedding shoot to be done at Lavasa. The availability of so many hotels gives you a hold over your  choice and you can take a better decision taking in mind the privacy policy as well. The privacy is a required thing in a pre wedding photo shoot because it is nearly impossible because of the uncomfort the public places can let you suffer.

3. Tranquility

For a perfect planned pre wedding shoot it is necessary to stay calm and deal with the uncertainties, if any. The hills or in this case any natural beauty provide the couple a benefit, that is Tranquility. The serene and calm place like hills help you in avoiding your daily city routine which is full of nuisance and hustle. Few days away from the city with your partner will make you open for the positivity which helps your pre wedding shoot glow from inside making the shoot all so more attractive. The kind of glow only the nature can bring in you.

4. Changing rooms

The availability of hotels also provides you the availability of the changing rooms. One must sort this thing out beforehand so to avoid the problems regarding the change in the outfits. The pre wedding shoot should be pre planned and it should be completed successfully without much trouble. For making it special and full of variations, the various elements like dresses, backgrounds , props etc. should be taken care of and Lavasa provides you that facility too. There are changing rooms available(the hotel you are staying in) which makes it easy for you to make most of your pre wedding videos and photographs.

5. Styles in outfits

This is the beauty of the nature, it accepts each and everything with open arms. The style of dresses can range from ethnic to western without compromising the look of the attire and the couple. This gives the couple a chance of being tension free while choosing the style they need to carry. All they have to do is to be enjoying the company of each other. Also they can be shot in more than one dress as the availability of the hotels nearby they can choose more than one dress for to bring variety in the pre wedding videos.

6. Romantic

Romance is the best ingredient in a pre wedding shoot, it’s like the salt which is necessary otherwise the dish will be tasteless. The best part of Lavasa is that it’s good to go for the romantic couple to portray their love and affection for each other in their pre wedding photographs. Love and romance shows the vulnerability and the strength of the partners at the same time making the photoshoot worthwhile.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Outdoor Location

Lavasa is located near the city of Mumbai and hence far away from the capital. Hence the pre wedding photo shoot can hit the pocket as the accommodation and travelling also become a major part of the shoot. It also consumes the time of the partners and can take around 4 days for a successful pre wedding shoot.

2. Open Area

The nature is always best captured open but sometimes it can become a problem as well if the weather turns you out. The rain and sometimes the sunny days can be a little problem for the couple and their pre wedding shoot as it can spoil their planned ideas. Not just the rains and warm sun but also the open area can tire the couple as they have to manage with for the sitting space and for taking break as to relax.



Video Tailor team believes that Lavasa is an above average location for the pre wedding shoot. After evaluating everything we would like to suggest the couple to have an shoot at Lavasa.

Lavasa, the hill station will lead their bond strengthen and also brings them closer by let them supporting each other through the time being, together.



We want the best for our clients, hence we would like to suggest that both the bride and the groom carry slippers with them as well because the hilly areas can be a little tricky and use the shoes and stiletto at the time of being captured.

After taking all the plus and the negative points into consideration we would like to give a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 to Lavasa.

Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
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