Kingdom of Dreams: A Fantasy World!


A Kingdom of Dreams Pre-Wedding Photoshoot sounds absurd. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Kingdom Of Dreams? Rides? Amusement park? Food? Fun? And what if, I tell you that Kingdom Of Dreams is much more than that? Kingdom Of Dreams is the first ever Bollywood Style live entertainment, theatre and leisure location. Kingdom of Dream Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is nothing less than dream come true with the different backdrops, scenes, and many more.

It is spread across the apex of the Golden Trio of India: Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. This place is not only a fun and an entertainment centre but also, a perfect destination for live theatre performances.

This destination is a hub of all cultures, crafts and diversity of India. A Kingdom of Dreams Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is a concoction of all the above mentioned things.

Kingdom Of Dreams has a Nautanki Mahal showcasing a wide range of cinematic and theatrical musicals. The Culture Gully is filled with a variety of cultural art, crafts, cuisine along with a lot other diversities of India. Kingdom Of Dreams also has a Showshaa Theatre: a fantastic place showing a lot of mythology productions, mock wedding shows and also a circus.

The best and the most attractive part of Kingdom Of Dreams is the iifa Buzz. A glamorous, Bollywood themed café. The props, music, special effects adds to the glory of this café and is the favourite spot of most tourist and Indian visitors. A Kingdom of Dreams Pre-Wedding Photoshoot will be nothing less than enchanting.

The Kingdom Of Dreams is located near IIFCO Metro Station in Gurugram and is a must visit place of most of the foreign tourists.




The place is located in the Delhi-NCR and can be reached quite easily through public transport and other services.

2. A Creative Place

There are too many spots in the entire place where you can capture happy and creative moments. A Kingdom of Dreams Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is hence, very creative.

3.A Well Equipped Place

This place is equipped with theatre, cafe, restaurant, bars, and lot more which could be easily included in a shoot.

4.Indian Heritage

There is a place named ‘Culture Gully’, which gives an exploration of 14 Indian States. Each State represents essential part that of particular place. The structure of the each state’s building, is incredibly created. There are monuments from Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh to Gopuram Temple, Chennai. And therefore, is better than other Pre-Wedding Potoshoot Locations.

5. Architecture

The place is an architectural wonder with the statues and tall buildings. The architecture is eye widening that can not be forgotten.

6. Diversity

There can’t be anything more perfect than finding the cultural diversity of India in just one street. You can make your photo shoot as much creative as you want. The variety of this place won’t stop fascinating you on each step.

7. A Scenic View

There is also IIFA Buzz, Mystic Centre and message center. These places not only give you a good scene for your photo shoot, but also a good relaxation and pleasure.

8. Drones

They allow drone photography and videography which enhances the photoshoot by many folds. A Kingdom of Dreams Pre-Wedding Photoshoot becomes beautiful just because of this aspect of the photoshoot.

9. Crew Members

They allow enough crew members for the best photoshoot experience.

11. People Other than the Couple

They allow people other than the couple for the photoshoot that can accompany the couple.

12. Entertainment

The place is a hub of entertainment with various programs with great actors. The musicals are the highlight of the place that you can visit after the photoshoot.

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1. You Might Not Get an Isolated Place to Shoot

It’s a public place. You might feel difficulty in getting an isolated location. As this place is not specifically meant for shooting. This might be a hurdle for your shoot.

2. Have a Look-Over for the Time of Shoot

Sometimes the place will be vacant, sometimes over crowded. You might have to wait for a perfect time.

3. Not a Proper Shoot Location

It is not a proper shoot destination as in not meant for only shooting purpose, therefore you may won’t get permission for shooting at every place.

4. Plan the Shoot Well Over Advance

Kingdom of Dreams is a huge place with full of entertainment and a wonderful representation of the diverse cultures of India, you surely won’t be able to capture everything in your camera. Therefore you have to be completely clear about the backgrounds, where you wish to do your shoot.

5. Props

The location does not give props for the shoot. You have to carry your own props for the shoot that you want to use. Some props might be prohibited in the location.



This location is a really beautiful location that gives you various backdrops from all states over the country. The location is commercial which decreases its charm but otherwise there is no better location than this for a photoshoot.


Drones are allowed at the location. We suggest you to have a nice shoot including the drones at the cultural gully.
Do try to attend all the shows that are performed there for a mind blowing experience.
We rate this place a 4.5 out of 5.0.
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