Jantar Mantar


Jantar Mantar of New Delhi is located in Connaught Place. The site is built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur, Rajasthan and it is one of the five Jantar Mantar of the country. Jai Singh II was given a task by the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah to revise the astronomical tables and calendars.

Jantar Mantar is an observatory and was built in 1724. The primary purpose of the observatory was th prediction of time, the movement of Sun, Moon and planets and also to compile the tables of astronomy. The observatory of Jantar Mantar which is situated in New Delhi has three instruments known as The Samrat Yantra, The Jayaprakash Yantra and the Misra Yantra.

Samrat Yantra: The Samrat Yantra which means the Supreme Instrument, is 70 feet high, with a base of 114 feet long and 10 feet thick. It also has a 128-foot-long (39 m) hypotenuse that is parallel to the axis of the Earth and points toward the North Pole. It looks like a giant triangle that is basically an equal hour sundial. It is a tool that measures the declination and the other related coordinates of various heavenly bodies.

Jayaprakash Yantra: The Jayaprakash Yantra is an instrument that consists some hollow hemispheres that has markings on their curved surfaces. From inside it, the observer could align the position of a star with various markings or a window's edge.

Misra Yantra: The third yantra is Misra instrument which was designed as a tool that determines the longest and the shortest days of the year. Not just this but it can also indicate the exact moment of noon in various cities or states, no matter how far they are from Delhi.P



1. Location

Jantar Mantar is located in New Delhi and this is great as it saves the time for the shoot. Lessening the distance of travelling it increases the time to spend in the shoot and also the energy can be retained and not lost by long travelling.

2. Surroundings

Jantar Mantar is a red coloured set of instruments surrounded by greenery and the famous janpath market. The green grounds around the Jantar Mantar and the availability of more than one instruments gives the couple different backgrounds for photo shoot though they can't climb up to those and have to stay out of the boundary lines.

3. Restaurants

Being located at the most visited and central location for markets and showrooms, Jantar Mantar has many option for the food outlets and the restaurants nearby. It gives the couple a chance of freely complete their shoot without much to worry about the meals.

4. Free of Cost

Jantar Mantar comes under the Delhi tourism and is an open place for everyone. It is also a free of cost location for the ore wedding shoot and does not put burden on the pockets of the couple. The couple who wants to explore the country’s treasures and the achievements can go there and have a pre wedding shoot.

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1. Permission required

Coming under one of the tourists places Jantar Mantar and hence requires a permission for the pre wedding shoot to be shot there. For the same purpose there is a office located there and the permission can be taken from the members for the pre wedding shoot.

2. No Backdrops

There are no backdrops other than the three yantras and the green grass. If you want some different shots, you can go to the Central park that’s near the Jantar Mantar but for that too there are many other options. Jantar Mantar is a limited area and doesn't acquire many backdrops.

3. No Props

The other problem to be faced at the Jantar Mantar is the problem of props. Props and backdrops are like the ornaments of the pre wedding shot and without them the shots look simple and common. Thus it is one of the major problems to be faced at Jantar Mantar.

4. Unvailability of changing rooms

Changing rooms are not available at the Jantar Mantar and around there. Though the nearby areas do have public toilets but they can not be used for the purpose of changing clothes. The last option remains for the couple is to come shoot ready.

5. Style of Dresses

The couple has to choose a single outfit for the pre wedding shoot because of the unavailability of the changing rooms. They are left with no styles and choices of the dresses.

6. No privacy

Jantar Mantar is a public place and by time has become the lover’s point as well. A number of young couples can be seen at the location. The couple has to deal with the public for their shoot.



Taking the pros and the cons of the Jantar Mantar in view, it can be taken as an average place for the pre wedding shoot. It's good for the couple who want more than one location and can spare time for making their pre wedding shoot variant by adding different places into the shots.


Video Tailor would like to suggest visiting the Jantar Mantar at morning or the early evening so to avoid the warm sunny afternoons.

By all means and taking all the things in mind we rate Jantar Mantar 3.0 out of 5.0.

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