Hauz Khas


Located in the heart of the Hauz Khas Complex in South Delhi, Hauz Khas is the perfect destination for a pre-wedding shoot. The historic pillars, windows and gateways from the Delhi Sultanate period will leave one in awe and adding in a lake, a garden, a tomb and a mosque to the mix just increases the appeal to the place. The Royal Tank never fails to look picturesque but the view during dawn just takes the cake. One can never get enough of the beauty of the area and should keep it safely tucked away with them in photos. Pre wedding shoots are a growing trend, but it’s the idea behind the shoots that makes them so popular. Capturing and locking a few mushy moments in frames is what these shoots are all about.

You have often heard about Hauz Khas village as a hub of preliminary lounge and restaurants in Delhi. But there is one more thing that has entered in every couple’s eye lately, i.e., Hauz khas as a pre wedding shoot location. One of the most chic and quirkiest place, this offers some insolvent infrastructure within the park that will add a rustic crunch to your photo book. This location offers both, urban and rural flavors as backdrop to get clicked. A reservoir which circumferences beautiful buildings and well maintained parks alongside a mosque, a tomb and pavilions built around the urbanized village. Most importantly the area is huge since it has deer park right behind; you can get clicked by not many people noticing you, and by lanes that can give you that stylish, busy vibe that looks great in photos. The grandeur of the place is for couples who won’t settle down for anything less than the absolute best.

Hauz Khas Village is among the top sites for pre wedding shoot location situated in Delhi with added popularity in the basket. Everything about this place is so cool that even the humid temperature can’t stop you from doing your pre wedding shoot here. Couples and photographers prefer to shoot here because of feasibility in every sort of business be it natural backdrops to free of cost permission. For couples seeking peaceful yet fascinating place for pre wedding, this is probably the best choice. Let’s get on to some positives and negatives to check weather it stands on your parameter or not.



1. Free of cost

As the location comes under government surveillance, it doesn’t charge any shooting charges as of now. You can shoot there without any means of payment. All you have to spend upon is the photographer’s charge. This makes Hauz Khas more valuable place for the photo seekers and why not!

2. Natural backdrops

The wide lush green view with beautiful lake and park is nothing less than a boon in the basket. Also, some ruined infrastructures add chaos to the pictures. This location is perfect example of how to combine a park which consist bankrupt gates and architecture for a pre wedding shoot. The stunning brown neo-classical structure dating back to the 18th century adds a lot of vintage charm to your frames.

3. Flexibility in timing

Unlike other artificial pre wedding locations, there is no time limit for the shoot. Shoot whenever you want according to your convenience and plasticity and make full use of the location. Time is no constraint here, come anytime of the day for lovely couple pictures.

4. Easy to access route

Hauz khas is located in the heart of national capital. You can take a cab from any part of the city and reach at the location. There is a nearby metro station as well on the name of Hauz Khas village.



1. Drones are not allowed

Helicam shots are not possible since flying drones are not allowed in the premises. This is a huge drawback since the wide park and lakes won’t be covered this way. So, if you are looking for some drone shots, that won’t be possible in the context.

2. No Changing rooms

Hauz Khas is a prime historical monument and park. Shooting there is just an added feature so there doesn’t exist a changing room for the couple and the heat during the day (especially in summers) is unbearable. You have to find a way out like asking some restaurant to provide you some space while you can eat there as well.

3. Rush or crowd can be an issue

The park is free of cost and open for all. Many people visit there on a regular basis for discovering this great place. That can somehow disturb your shoot. No specific space is provided for the photo shoot which results in creating hustle sometimes. So beware of it and try to visit in odd hours to avoid such situations.



The place offers to do a lot of experiment and exploration for the photographers to work on. The space has many elements for the camera to flirt with. The vibrant colors in the background with the picturesque backdrops are eye catching in every sense. Try to avoid shoot in the peak hours of the day because you may face humidity and heat which can be an issue. Additionally, you can also go to the deer park situated behind the village for a more natural photography experience. This is probably one of the most romantic places with a tranquil ambiance that’ll imbibe in your frame. Hauz Khas village is a perfect location for a pre wedding photo shoot around Delhi for couples who want to have pictures of a lifetime.


Hauz Khas is highly recommended location for a pre wedding photo shoot by us. We have justified its beauty and scenic views which you can look into the previous pictures. The pro tip for this location is that you should try to get clicked while the sunrise is happening to get some excellent results. Try to get some shots by wearing Indo-Western and western clothes. Such clothes match perfectly with the available background and theme.

Head for the rustic buildings to capture serene shots, or into the forest trails to immerse yourself in nature. Vibrant flowers, expansive greenery with a tinge of ruggedness, and a lake are perfect backdrop for that dreamy pre wedding album. The tranquil lake and wide expansion of sky create a beautiful atmosphere to shoot in. One can also head down at sunset for an incredible romantic sky! Plan and go get clicked to avail such advantages of the location.

Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
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