Garden of Five Senses


True to the name, The Garden of Five Senses provides a visual, hearing, fragrant, soothing and delicious treat to the five senses. Inaugurated in 2003 the garden has achieved praises for its closeness to the nature. It is not just a park but an amazing place to be explored by nature lovers.

It covers the area of 20 acres that includes 25 sculptures and murals giving an authentic place for the photoshoot located in Said-Ul-Azaib village near the historical place like Qutub Minar it also has some architectural masterpieces and an entrance with the elephants cut in stone and near the water giving a relieve from the Monday kind of vibes and giving the holiday sensations.The garden is divided into distinct spots. On one hand, there is Khas Bagh structured on the footsteps of Mughal Garden and on the other side, away from the serene beauty is the terrace based food corners and shopping centre giving just the right atmosphere for romantic meals to grab. While, the centre is allotted to the shed of the fountains having beautiful lightening system.

The Garden of Five Senses gives the true meaning of the mixture of man-made beauty and the natural beauty. By all means the hundreds of flowering shrubs and bushes are friendly for the lenses and provides the beautiful and elegant, royal look to the garden. It doesn’t matter if you are seeing the new specimens or the seen ones, the sights will only going to get refreshed and solemn. The pool, the slowly moving water bodies, the birds, the flora, everything is in the favor of love and shoot.



1. Location Feasibility

As the garden is situated in the capital itself near the Saket metro station with the availability of public transport as well, travelling stands out of the issue list and thus saving the time and the shoot can be done in a day.

2. Dressing

Being the mixture of the ancient and the romantic both ethnic and western can go with the location depending on your preference and your mood. As per the couples’ choice, they can go with floral and bright colors as well to feel one with the nature.

3. Scenic Beauty

It has sculptures, murals, lofty rocks, paths to walk among the nature and ceramic chimes, fountains and the water bodies covered with lilies and the other colorful flowers giving access to different spots both serene and romantic for the photo and video shoot.

4. Romantic Sitting Area

The restaurant located inside the garden gives the openroof sittings for the romantic lunch shoots that can be personally decided by the couple. Also the royal love through the focus on the architectural beauty can be shot.

5. Tranuility

Away from the chaotic noise of the horns and the hawkers, The Garden of Five Senses provides the leisurely and melodious atmosphere calming the couple and leading them to stay away from the city worries.

6. Bright, Lighted Fountains

The central axis leads to the path of the garden in which there is the lane of fountains, most of them are lighted by the fibro active lightening system. The lights give an eye catching ambience.

7. Commercial Factor

The pricing is pocket- friendly compared to the other similar sites for the shoots and hence a better option for the couples for the pre wedding shoot.



1. Open Area

Though it is full of greenery and shades of trees but still in the summer season it may be proved as a mistake and can lead to a tiring shoot.

2. No makeup or Dressing Room

The washroom is used as the dressing room which can be a little tricky and uncomfortable. Also make up from the home is preferred as there is no room for it, just the open area.

3. No Drone Mat

Drone is not available in the garden leading to a limited angles and space for the video shoot.

4. Public Space

Due to one of the major visited tourism place, the public will be around and the shoot timings have to be decided accordingly, early morning is preferred so that the personal space can be enjoyed.

5. No Props

If the couple needs a shoot with props then they have to brought their own props with them. The props are not provided by the location.



The serene and scenic view gives the desired atmosphere for the shoot. Moreover, the rocky stones gives a dramatic Bollywood look to the shoot for desired shoots.


As the beauty mainly depends on the colorful flora of the garden, the most precise time to visit the garden will be the spring season to get the most out of it and to truly experience the five sensations that the garden has to offer. Taking the unavailability of the changing room and drone in account, we will rate it 3.0 out of 5.0
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