Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune


There is something incredibly magnificent about staying in a vintage property. You don’t have to be an old history seeker or luxury person to enjoy that. Then there’s Peshwa town’s well-guarded secret, unassuming, this charming, and the unhurried masterpiece is three hours drive away from Bombay (on the Pune – Satara road). Once you cross the Expressway the journey gets slower but prettier as you pass lush sugarcane fields, mountains and winding ghats, its an awesome view.

Pilaji Jadhavrao built this Fort Perched on a hill in 1710, he was a Maratha General in the army of Chatrapati Shivaji, He built it as a residence as well as a safe haven during Mughal attacks. The fort was restored and converted into a resort by hotelier Dr. Vithal Kamat in 2007. There is an armor of spikes on the main Darwaza, the rock stairways and the stone balconies provide a relief from the sterile glass and steel structures of today. The welcome too is very unique. A mavla blows the tutari (traditional Maharashtrian trumpet) and women in nine-yard sarees apply the tilak.

The steps going up the main entrance of the fort are made of huge stone blocks. This was done to make it easier for the horses and elephants to climb up. Living like royalty even for a day will be once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ll remember your pre-wedding photo-shoot forever not just because of the wonderful photos also because of the magnificent location that you’ll associate with your pre-wedding photoshoot forever



1. Authentic Maratha Experience

Perched on the hill Jadhavgadh Fort welcomes you with the armour of spikes on the main door, the rock stairs and stone balcony which will take you to the old era. The Jadhavgadh Fort will make your dream to live like a royalty come true. The art and the architecture has a Maratha style to it which creates the best and memorable experience for the visitors.

2. Surroundings

Built amidst forests and in the lap of nature fort Jadhavgadh provides the best retreat from the cities hustle bustle. Plan your pre-wedding photoshoot here and let go of all your stress and tension.

3. Nature Expedition

Go on the trekking expedition in the jungle and get adventurous with River Crossing and mountain climbing. The Jadhavgadh Fort, being a heritage hotel in Pune and surrounded by rich nature and it is the paradise for adventure sports lovers who would love to feel the blood pumping up in their veins. If you want to include a bit of nature photography with your fort shots then it provides you the best of both options.

4. Drones

They allow drone Photography at the premises that can get you some exquisite aerial shots, that make your photo-shoot stand out.

5. Location

The place is just within the driving distance from Mumbai which makes the fort a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai. A road trip to the fort and thousands of memories.



1. Price

They have a steep pricing policy that can confuse you a bit regarding the locations and which places you should finalize.

2. No Privacy

The shoot is mainly done in the common areas, like entrance, main building courtyard, lawns which makes it open for all. You can coordinate with the hotel team for the closing of spaces for your photo-shoot but arrangements for the same would have to be made prior to the day.

3. Non-availability of Props

The place is not near a metropolitan city so sourcing out of the box props would be difficult at the last moment. Though the couple can carry smaller props if they really want to and give the information about it to the Palace team prior the shoot.



Quite peppy and out of the box option for a wedding shoot and gives you the option of exploring the Ghats and mountains except the Himalayas.


Book a pre-wedding destination photo-shoot at Jadhavgadh Palace and also relax and take a vacation at the same time. The various positive and negative points make us give a 4.5 out of 5.0 to the Jadhavgadh Palace Hotel.
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