International Pre Wedding Campaign
Service Qty    Per Person Total
1 Photographer, 1 Videographer 2 Rs 50,000 Rs 1,00,000
Drone 1 Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000
Total Rs 1,40,000
If the shoot is done for two days, then the amount is Rs 2,00,000

We generally prefer to take two couples together and do their individual shoots on separate days. Doing this divides the travel and visa expense of team members into two.


Service Qty Amount (in Rs) Total (in Rs)
Round trip flight from Delhi to Dubai (tentative) 3  20000  60,000
Visa Expense 3  6000  18,000
 Expenses that are not divided, if we shoot two couples
Food Of The Team per day 2  10,000  20,000
Inter City Cabs For Team per day (For dessert areas, team needs to travel far from the city) 2  10,000  20,000
Misc Expenses 1 15000  15000
Total = (78000/2) + 55,000  = 94,000 Rs Approx
Itenerary With 1 Couple
Day 1 : Travel to Dubai from Delhi
Day 2: Early morning shoot in yatch (6:30 am to 10:30 am) + Shoot at beach around sunset (3 pm onwards till night)
Day 3: Shoot in Dessert (with Car shots & Dessert) + City at night
Day 4: Return From Dubai to delhi

*When we shoot two couples, then the total days will be 6 for the team. Day 4 & 5, they will shoot for the second couple and will return back on Day 6. The above expense will be divided amount two couples. So each couple needs to pay : Rs 94,000 in total for travel, food, visa for the team.

These expenses can be divided in half as we would be shooting two couples, in most of the cases. Shoot for each couple will be done on separate days only. This does not include the price of add ons like make up artist, or hiring a car or yacht.