A Pre wedding video concept


girl jogging

<-The bride to be is jogging outdoors.

   She is then kidnapped by a man->

girl kidnapped by a man

<-The groom to be gets a call from the kidnapper & is asked for money.

Guy arranges the cash->

guy arranged the cash

<- The girl is held hostage. But nothing too harsh.  

->The guy & the kidnapper meet for the money handover.

two men with money bag
money handover

<-Just when the money is  being handed over the girl also comes out.

->The guy is surprised & confused & finds out that this has all been a prank. The guy is relieved & amused.

pre wedding shoot

A bollywood song starts playing and the Hero & Heroine are choreographed  like in a bollywood song, singing and moving around. (Just like in most Pre-wedding shoots.)

best pre wedding photography
post wedding photoshoot at switzerland
video tailor pre wedding shoot

Songs to be Used


Final Sequence locations:

picture destination prewedding

                  (There are several other options for this sequence, links to which can be found on our website: CLICK HERE