Black, White and Color

black and white couple photography
pre wedding photography at ladakh

The whole video will interchange between black & white and color video.

Look & Music

This is what our video will look & sound like.

Scene 1: A Black & White Shot

This shot just has the guy & the girl in it.

A black and white shot

Lyrics: “Kyu aage peeche dolte ho bhanwaro ki tarah,
Kyu dekhte ho mujhko yu besabro ki tarah…”

Scene 2: A Color shot

A couple of guy’s friends come out & play their part.

A color shot with friends

Lyrics: “Bol de pyaar hai khaamosh kyu hai khada
Hum agar hote toh bol dia hota.”
(The scenes will keep interchanging just like this.)




                  (There are several other options for this sequence, links to which can be found on our website: CLICK HERE