Connaught Place


We all have been to Connaught place at least once if we are from Delhi or visited Delhi. This place is one of the sure to go places for photographs because this place attracts people for its beautiful planned gardens and streets.

Connaught Place lies in the central part of Delhi. It is accessible from the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station in the yellow line and blue line. These are white buildings made in inner and outer circles. The white walls are the perfect backdrop for your pre wedding shoot. The place has many spots to capture your photogenic smiles and gorgeous attires. You can without a doubt try all your choices of ensembles be it ethnic or western. You can obviously have the boomerang shots and wide lens shot.

The central park with our standing tall and huge National flag is the go to place for every person in the city. So, you sure are not going to be disappointed. The green lawns of the central park are going to give you the fresh looks for the shoot. There are lot of food places where you can savour your taste buds.

Connaught place is the one place which shall surely give you the taste of the colonial time architecture. All the fancy for decor that was prevalent during the British times and even today amongst the English is vividly visible in and around Delhi of course, but specially Connaught Place. Even the new additions are made according to the former plannings of Connaught Place.

This place will probably take you back to the Victorian and colonial era during your shoot. You can recreate the fairytale of a princess on her white horse.



1. The white walls

The infrastructure of Connaught Place is inspired from the British days. This place gives you a very aesthetic look. This venue is highly approved for all kinds of shoot. So, why not try it for your pre wedding shoot.

2. Central Park

The green grass of this place has always attracted people to hang out here. The horizon of the buildings between the sky and lawns create a beautiful backdrop for your photographs.

3. The Food Joints

Connaught Place has so many food joints that you surely are not going to stay hungry.

4. Distance Friendly

Since this place lies in the heart of Delhi, it can be easily accessed within a day. The photoshoot can be covered in a day itself. However, it is up to you if you want to go about otherwise.

5. Free Venue

It is an open venue so anyone can easily access the area. So, you do not need to pay any money. This is an excellent package for it offers you a beautiful location and a relax to your wallet.

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1. Weather

The weather could be a trouble at times for the shoot. The smog in winters and heat in summers can be problematic. The lens might not be able to capture very well if there are a large amount of unwanted particles in the air.

2. Crowd

The place is usually very crowded for it tops as a hang out place for most of the people around the city. So, you might have to choose an appropriate time for your shoot.

3. Changing Dresses

You will have to book a hotel in Connaught place or nearby area for dress change which might consume a lot of your time during the shoot.



The venue has the perfect aesthetics for your photo frames. You do not need to worry about the entry fee or shoot charges at the site. The infrastructure is a lovely view for a pre wedding shoot. You will have a mesmerizing experience here during the shoot.


Make sure that you book a hotel room in Connaught place or near this area if you wish to change your ensembles or make-up. Travelling is not a problem. This place is free of cost, but you need to access the venue at a time when not many people are in the area. You can make the best use the beautiful white walls from the olden days. It will surely give you some essense of the Victorian Age.
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