Chokhi Dhani


Ever wanted a shoot done in the “Land of Kings” but did not have the time to go there for a full visit? Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur has now made it possible to see all of Rajasthan by not really going to all of Rajasthan.

The multiple acres of land is made and decorated in such a way that it gives you a way to travel the whole state without really going there. You see every aspect of Rajasthan that you wish to have seen.

From the infamous bazaars to different animal rides all could be seen here. Different mazes and play games keeps you entertained throughout the trip. They give you the proper package from Rajasthan, starting from welcoming you with “Padhaaro Mahaare Desh” to making you eat the classic Rajasthani food in a typical Rajasthani way with turbans on your head to bidding you goodbye with the brightest smile.

You can see the vivid Rajasthan legacy from the different dances, crafts, houses, mehandi application, clothing, food, bioscope, village, mandir, and a lot more. It is a one stop destination which leaves an imprint in your mind. It is awe inspiring and wonderful to make it one of the best memories.

The true beauty that keeps your mind and the soul is the different kind of arts shown to you in houses that has a look of the ancient Rajasthan from the bricks and the drawings they are made up of.



1. Location

The place is located in Jaipur and can be easily reached from the National Capital. It is far away but near enough the National Capital to be peaceful and give you a sense of tranquility.

2. Pocket Friendly

The place is pocket friendly and can be afforded by all. It is a good place to live in for a day or two to have fun and reduce the mental stress.


The place is brimming with different Rajasthan themed backdrops. One can feel the urge to click photos against all the backdrops due to the scenic Rajasthani beauty.

4. Entertainment

This place can give you many types of different entertainments like mazes and games which can even resolve to be quite romantic backdrops.

5. Easy Booking

This place easily booked through phone calls and emails with a very good desk staff.

6. Staff

The staff of this place are understanding, polite and are ready to help in every matter.

7. Food

Ever crave pure Rajasthani food? This place serves the taste of Rajasthan in the style of Rajasthan along with other restaurants present in the vicinity.

8. The Rich Indian Culture

This place is full of ethnics and Indian Culture. Those who loves the Indian Culture, will surely love to shoot here.

9. Suitability

Specially the Dining Rooms, there structure is suitable for almost all kind of shoots. Be it pre – wedding shoot, be it bridal shoot or family shoot.

10.Dance Treat

The view of Rajasthani folk dance Ghoomar in the background adds that extra spark in your photos. And the beautiful dresses they wear is
One more to add on in this list is a corner of Daal,Baati and Choorma. Imagine! A traditional kitchen kind of setting in your pre – wedding shoot.

11.Option for Traditional costumes

There is also a Choupal Party Ethnic Costume Photography, where you will get ethnic cloths for your photography.

12. Fun with Animal Rides!

Last but not the least it is a must to get clicked while having Animal Rides which instantly reminds us the scene of some famous Bollywood movies and yes it looks completely adorable.


The location allows drone videography and photography to get the best views of the arts and crafts, the animals, the mazes and a lot more.

14.Crew Members

They allow a lot of crew members during the shoot with additional members with the couple too.


They provide you with a proper room for changing and makeup for the whole day. This room can also be used as a backdrop due to the beautiful decorations of the room. The room you get might be a classic looking Rajasthani Cottage giving us another backdrop as the outer of the cottage.

16. Nearby Places

You can even visit nearby attractions that can make for a very lively trip.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Not particularly meant for pre wed

This place is for the entertainment of people. This is not specifically for shooting. This might create hurdle in your shooting.

2. Might create Chaos

Not every place would be vacant according to your preference. You surely will need patience for shooting in such kind of places.

3. The commercial factor

You will have to pay an extra eye while capturing the moments with animals, such as on camel ride and so on. These rides and games do not include in the booking fee that you will pay.

4. Props

The location does not provide you with props. You have to bring with you all the props that you want to use during the shoot.



This is a perfect location if you want to do a traditional shoot. It is a charming place with the best available backdrops. The commercial factor is a bummer but other than that the place is close to a dream location.


We suggest you to have a 2 day trip . Drones are allowed, so get a proper shot with all the artists during the shoot. The place looks even more fantastic after the sundown.
We rate this place a 5.0 out of 5.0.
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