Hills are one of the most beautiful gift to the humans from the motherkind. They are romantic and have witnessed many tales of love as well. Auli, on of the best hills spot in Uttrakhand, India. It offers a number of Himalayan Mountains and is also known as the Auli Bugyal as it is called in Garhwali. Auli Pre Wedding Shoot Location is one of the best locations for a prewedding photo or video shoot.

It is also famous for skiing as its height ranges between 2,500 metres to 3,050 metres. The forests that surrounds the hills have oak trees. It also provides an amazing panoramic view of the peaks which can be perfect for a pre wedding shoot background.




Hill Stations are generally do not require any man-made background to make the pre wedding shoots beautiful. The natural beauty lives in them. Auli provides you beautiful surrounding as well. Staying between the hills gives you the feeling of similar to what it feels like a lap of mother nature. Hills do not only makes  your pre wedding shoot exclusive and beautiful but also adds the sense of fullness in yourselves. The scenic beauty brings in the desired glow for your shoot and makes your photographs attractive.

2. Romantic:

Romance in a pre wedding video add on the spices that are must and that’s how it is one of the important part of the pre wedding shoot. The hills, the nature always triggers the romance and also feels like a bollywood set. Auli in the same way makes the couple a little more romantic and that part can easily be portrayed in the pre wedding photographs making them immensely pretty and lifelong memorable.


Auli is a tourist place and offers many hotels and resorts for your stay which makes it a little troublesome for choosing it. The availability of places to stay at gives you choices and free you from any particular hotel or so. The freedom of choice also helps you in attaining the required privacy for your pre wedding shoot and allows you to be comfortable enough. A phase that is generally lost in a public area because you can not behave yourself in presence of others.


For a photoshoot panic is the enemy, the couple has to stay calm and comfortable throughout the pre wedding shoot so that the planning did not get ruined and to maintain the essence of it. Auli provides you peace not just mentally but physically as well. The daily hustle of the city can be avoided in the hills and the focus can truly be directed at the successful completion of the shoot. The nature has its own part to play in the photoshoot and the couple can enjoy each other’s company becoming more comfortable and then they will reflect that same bond in the photographs and videos without applying any internal forces.


Drones are the new technology camera coverage that provides you the benefit of getting shot from different angles. Also what is a better place for a panoramic view if not hills? Auli lets you get the best from your pre wedding shoot which you will remember for your lifetimes. The time you experience in the mid of the hills of Auli will make your bond stronger and brings you closer.

6. Style of Outfits:

The nature always makes you free, be it in any matter. Dresses or outfits are not specified for the hills as which one will go best or which one should be avoided. It provides you to have your own choice and decide whichever look that you always wanted to be. Your pre wedding shoot should be according to your desires and nothing should stand between that.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Location

Auli is situated away from the capital, in the mid of the hills of Uttrakhand. It can take half a day or more to reach at the location and the journey can be tiring. So, the management of time and the days and the planning of shoot must be taken care of beforehand to avoid troubles.

2. Open Area

The hills do provide shelter  but not everywhere. For an amazing pre wedding shoot  experience the couple must come in open areas to capture beautiful background beauties in their photoshoots. The open areas often leads to hard roads and a little deeper in the Auli. Also the weather locations should be pre-determined and there should be a back up place always because hills are full of uncertainties.

3. No Changing Rooms

The changing rooms are surely available at the hotels but if you are going for a site that is far from tour hotel, the changing roms can become an issue. The hills lack the availability of changing rooms. The unavailability of the changing rooms also makes it difficult for you to change dresses in a shoot frequently as it will require for a up and down from your site to the hotel and then back to the shoot location. This will bring an unwanted pause to the shoot and can be tiring for both the  partners as well and the shooting team.



Being a natural landscape Auli provides many scenic beauties for the pre wedding. It also strengthens the bond of the couple which is soon going to start a new relationship. Taking all the things that Auli offers for a pre wedding shoot, we put it into an  above average category of pre wedding locations.


If you want a snow covered Auli and the experience of skiing the best time to visit is from December to February. But if you want a soothing chill environment and the green background for your pre wedding shoot, May to November is the preferred time period.


The winters have the hills of Auli covered with snow and it will be an amazing sight for the pre wedding background. Also we would like to advice a long weekend for the pre wedding shoot at Auli

All the positive points and negative points make us give Auli a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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