What Are We Pitching?

Collaboration With Event Management Companies

Video Tailor: We are amongst the most prestigious video production company in India. We are one stop solution for all your photography and videography services

It’s important for us to form new connections with event management companies because we believe that coordinated effort will empower a culture of ceaseless learning and open doors for development and progress.

It will upgrade our ability to go and develop past our ranges of familiarity and take business higher than ever.

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collaboration with event companies

How Are We Unique?

We are a creative company that not only relies on our creative instincts but also believes in technological efficiency. For example, we deliver videos & photos through our online review portal.

As a company our top priority is customer satisfaction & our dedication towards this has brought our online company rating to 4.8.

Our clients get access to a lot of resources on our website like song recommendations & Pre wedding concepts. This gives them a freedom to choose & also makes them our collaborator.

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Experience Matters:

  • Our two founders are Sachi Singla, an FTII post graduate & a Tedx International speaker and Raja Singla, a serial entrepreneur who runs three companies. Video Tailor has grown exponentially under their management.
  • We work with photographers & videographers who have shot over two hundred weddings. Their experience enables us to deliver high quality work consistently.
  • We also have a very reliable backend team which consists of people who are experienced in video editing and 2D & 3D animation. This allows us to deliver projects rapidly.
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What Our Client Says | Testimonials

Client Testimonial Hongkong
Client Testimonial Delhi
Client Testimonial Dubai

Check out our Clients Testimonial Video: https://vimeo.com/318384537/


Cross reference leads will be provided to you on every lead given to us by you.

Complimentary marketing video on the first booking through them.

15 % discount on our price (final price of the website). You can either pass this discount to the client or keep it as a cut.

Event decor video or Behind the scenes video of each event shot in your collaboration.

You will be featured on our Website,  Instagram & Youtube for the collaborative work (we have more than 30k Instagram followers)


We Work On A Transparent Pricing Model

We don’t differentiate our clients by any mean or any terms and so we have kept our pricing model transparent for everyone.

i.e –  anyone who needs any photography or videography service can go to our webpage and customise their package as per their requirement

Customize your wedding package
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“We charge 40% lesser than our competitors while delivering the same quality.


innovative pre wedding campaign

We as a team always try to do something innovative and are proud to say that till date we are the only company in India to do a miniature concept video shoot for pre wedding / save the date video.

Pulling off something like this was never easy but when you have a dedicated team involved day and night to do something out of the box, nothing seems to be impossible.

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