Average Total Cost: Rs 40,000


Average Total Cost: Rs 80,000


Average Total Cost: Rs 1,55,000


Ad films (aka commercial, television commercial or ad in American English, also referred to as a TV advert or simply advert in British English). These are a type of television programmes produced and paid for by an organization, typically to convey a message, market a product or service. Advertisers and marketeers often refer to television commercials as TVCs.

Establish your brand value by getting an advertisement video. Get the desired script in the video involving combination of graphics, stop motion shots, proper concept and all other inputs required.
If an apt advertisement video solves the purpose and falls into the minimalist production cost, then nothing like that.

A low cost Video ad can be made with the use of graphics or with minimalistic product video shoot. At the end, message should be conveyed and purpose should be served. It is very important to have a voice over in a Graphics based video in order to the glide the viewer through it effortlessly.

Some ways to make a Low Cost video:

  • Graphics Based video
  • Chroma shoot based – single character (like Baba Ramdev’s ad)

Check out the few samples with their respective costing.

Medium Cost AD Films can be a combination of Graphics as well as shoot, or a simple concept like Stop Motion Ad Film by Flipkart.

How can an AD Film be of Medium Cost and still solves the purpose?

  • In film making, an expensive video does not mean a good video. Failure of 100 Crore budget movie and success of 5 Crore budget movie is a real life solution.
  • What matters the most is the concept.
  • If the script is written in a manner, that it solves the purpose but falls into the minimalistic production cost then nothing like that.

Here are few samples of Medium Budgeted Ad Films.

Steps to make this video:


  1. For a video like this, first a scriptwriterhas to sit with the customer to understand the kind of brand value they want to establish with their target audience.
  2. Once the script is locked, Creative directorwill come into place who will make a list of pre production requirements and the actors screening will begin.
  3. As there are two actors in this video, price of actors is subjective to their fame. But publicity of a video is not always dependent of the fame of the actor, but also on the concept, like the concept of this flipkart advertisement speaks for itself.

  1. Once the actors are locked, a studio/ location is hired as per the requirement of the script. On the day of the shoot, the shooting team will comprise of:

o   Head Videographer (Arry/Red Camera – Film Camera)

o   Assistant Videographer

o   Light boys (2)

o   Creative Director

  1. Post Production with color correction: This video requires crisp editing, without graphics. Focus is on sound quality and color correction.


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