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Indian Bridal Portrait Poses

The bride today knows all about what to make the photographer capture relating to her bridal portrait poses. Infact, the photographer too is aware and is well known about all the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses that can make the wedding album of the bride dazzling one.

For any bride, the day is one and important as to same as her life partner and family. So, this important day and the attire of the Bride Style should definitely be captured in an infinite number of clicks. Every Indian Bride dreams to look the best, just like the Royal Princess. And similarly wishes to capture her attire of proper bride look in best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses, along with the other captures.

The Indian Wedding is something that is filled not only with the number of rituals rather it also has the limitless masti, giggling fun, and the number of poses to get captured. Apart from all the members and group clicks, the main focus is on the King and Queen of the function, that is the Bride and the Groom. Here, focusing on the Queen of the function, we are displaying the Best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses for the bride to get help and style herself for her most important and gorgeous looking day.

Your photographer obviously is aware of all the poses what a bride should pose for best of best clicks, but just in case for your knowing and knowledge we have listed few of the poses. So, if your wedding photographer forgets any of it, you can help recall and shoot the same.

It’s time for you to go through and prepares yourself for the admiring looks. And set yourself in best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses. Are you in line to turn as the new bride, then you must go through the listed poses, to cover your wedding album the best of all and not to regret later.

The Stunning Collection Of Indian Bridal Portrait Poses

Hot n Sexy Back

Bride’s look is always captured from the front. Referring her happy face and the charm of turning into a bride is the usual click. But, don’t forget the back look, her hairstyle and the glamorous sexy look with the special attire of the day. The cut of the of the blouse is often hidden by the dupatta, so sometimes that gets ignored. Well, the Indian Bride holds the sexiest and gorgeous look on her wedding day. The back look capturing should be among all the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses as not only the front look matters to girls/bride but also the hot back look too.

Beautiful Lehenga Look

The common, and most wanted snap is the full bridal lehenga attire beauty look. How can you miss the outfit of the special day? No chance! not at all. It’s a must click to record the bridal look in the wedding album of the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses. The bride looks bride from her fabulous bridal lehenga, jewellery and the makeup. The capturing of our Indian Brides is must in her lehenga from top to bottom.

Classy Close Up

Despite of all the snaps and attire looks, some close to capture the beauty and glory of the face and happiness of the bride is a must thing. The wedding photographer should must take some close up shots in order to record the jewel beauty of the brides jewellery and her makeup too.

Alluring Jewellery Shot

Our Indian Brides has her beauty and class from her wedding jewelleries, that is the significance of being a bride. Along with the close-up shots, do have some shots in order to capture the beautiful jewelry look. The Indian Bridal Poses, should add on this point of jewelry capturing to add the beauty to the album.

Beauteous Back Look

This is not about capturing the sexy back beauty, rather this is about having a look at the back. The bride should be captured in from every angle, something different is ought to be captured to cover things uniquely. Every girl is aware of her best pose, try out the looking back pose for your album.

wedding day bride portrait shoot

Sparkling Shades Onn

Why setting your poses same as others did? Make your shoot classy and distinctive of others. Wanna try? try the shades. It’s time you pose unique, put on the shades and just bang in the camera roll.

Golden Moment

The Golden Moment talks about the particular time when the groom puts on the precious pinch of sindoor and ties the lifelong knot of partnership. The moment of filling the brides “maang” by the groom is of utmost value, this should be definitely captured in order to realise the value and feel nostalgic of the moment. This could be an ongoing shot, that the photographer needs to capture as in Indian Bridal Portrait Pose form.

Dazzling Dupatta Shot

Yeah! The dupatta. This definitely hits some giggling story in everyones chat. So, include this giggling fact to your clicks. There are various poses that can be seen in the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses of an Indian Bride. From having it in her forehead to posing in the bollywood styles and more.

Twinkling Bridal Twirl

One of the common but eye-catching pose of our Indian Bride s of the twirling lehenga. Twirling Lehenga means capturing the Bride while is moving round and round playing with her Indian Bridal lehenga. This Indian Bridal Portrait Pose brings out the beauty of the bridal lehenga out there.

Marvellous Mirror Pose

Hey!, this is something very interesting and trendy these days. The mirror pose. The bride could try out this amazing and starring pose to add on the click in her album. The straight and classy look to mirror and the camera captures you on the opposite face, something very classy, right? Do try this pose.

Sweet Veiled Shot

The beauty of bride is in veil, as said earlier. So, why not try this? Infact, the old is gold so make your shoot the golden one. Try out having the the dupatta down till your eyes and this could be the best shot of brides beauty capturing.

Glamorous Grand Entry

This entry is one time, the same importance won’t return and not even the same feeling. The entry of the bride must be captured, that is the royal beauty of her. It’s same as princess entering the royal palace. The Indian Bride Portrait Poses include this as to record the eminent moment in the wedding list and recollect the memories later.

Starring Sitting Pose

All of the other poses, one such pose for the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses is the Sitting Pose of the Indian Bride. Putting her eyes down, showing the shy behaviour and telecasting her sweet and gorgeous beauty, this Indian Bridal Pose sets out and amazing and breathtaking shot.

Beautiful Hand Shot

It is said, the love between the couple is all displayed in the mehendi the Indian Bride puts onn. The Pretty hand designed with dazzling mehendi displaying the love of the groom must be captured. This shot can be later be relieved by the bride feeling blessed of the love the groom showers to her.

Elegant Eyes Look

The beauty of the girl is from her eyes. As the bride gets ready, she is put on the beautiful shades and that makes her look more gorgeous and delightful. The Indian Bride makeup is something that actually turn the girl into the perfect bride look which is praised always whenever talked about.

Not only the wedding, but the looks also matter. And what is the use of looking stunningly pretty when you miss out such shots. Yes, the dress up is mainly for the occasion and the charming groom, but this is of importance to capture her in every shot and style.  


Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.

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Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman-Nicobar: The Exotic Islands Sat, 22 Dec 2018 18:15:03 +0000 The post Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman-Nicobar: The Exotic Islands appeared first on Video Tailor.


"Blue seas, virgin islands and colonial past: Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman-Nicobar"

You start to capture memories when you start a proper journey with your soulmate, but you can even make it different and incredible with a Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar. What else could be a better option than the white land and blue water backdrop! So, if you are planning for a fabulous pre-wedding shoot, plan it in the exotic islands of ANDAMAN-NICOBAR.

The ANDAMAN-NICOBAR Islands is an absolute packet of crystal clear water, the scenic beach beauty, and the awesome scenic views, that fits out a perfect location for an amazing photoshoot. The beauty of sand, water, and view together sets out a dreaming backdrop, which anyone cannot resist to prefer. This unique island is one of the seven union territories of India, that is a group of islands which is at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. This place is a couple-friendly and honeymoon site, many of the newly wedded and various couples visit before and after getting married for making out memories and sharing the love to create a strong bond.

The Andaman-Nicobar island is basically an archipelago, that is it has various small islands that together form a cluster or a chain. The capital of Andaman-Nicobar island is PORT BLAIR, that enlists a number of fabulous sightseeing islands and it’s even the main entry point to Andaman-Nicobar islands. Andaman-Nicobar can also be referred to as the Daddy Island as it lists out the various island that is located out there. To reach out this amazing zone of India and feel the wonder here, the easily available tourism is either by airway (Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam) or seaway (all the way from Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam). It takes 2-3 hours by airway and 3-4 days by the seaway.


Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

The Wandoor Beach has located around 25-30 km away from Port Blairthatserves the best view for ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’. It is one of the famous beaches at Andaman-Nicobar that’s even ideal for swimming and coral sighting. You can watch out the different corals out there in different shades. You can capture your best pose out there in the scenic beauty of sunrise and sunset and can even enjoy the romantic shade of the weather over there.

Moreover, close to the beach is the Mahatma Gandhi National Park where one could take the privilege to do scuba-diving and snorkeling. If you plan out for Andaman don’t forget to add The Wandoor Beach in your list for enjoying the scenic sunset beauty.

Timing- 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Monday Closed

Entry Fees-

  •  50-per person Adults
  •  25- per person Children
  • 500-per person Foreigners
  •  25-photography
Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach is Asia’s best beach according to the TIME Magazine, all exploring the natural beauty and marine adventures. It’s all the way far from the vast rush, wherein you find the clean-composed blue sea water, the long green shady trees all sideway of the beach. It’s the best beach to spend time with your loved one posing amazingly in the lap of the pure natural beauty of blue variations of the sea and white sand. Don’t miss out this, make it in the top list.

Visiting Time: Radhanagar beach visiting time is preferred as for the daytime.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach stretches a long area of Laxmanpur Village of Neil Island which sets out the perfect snapshot location for clicking numerous photos, including the evergreen beauty, white sandy walkway and the blue ocean with falling sunrise. Here, the corals and sea shells are found in abundance which visitors collect as a souvenir. This place will give you immense pleasure and will relax you with its soothing view of the white sand in contrast to the blue sea along with the calmness and peace all around

Visiting Team: 7 am- 7 pm

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Limestone Cave, Baratang Island

This exotic and daddy island is just not listed up with various islands and beaches. Rather, you can spot out one such different location from all those beaches, which is the natural Limestone cave. More than the trip inside the cave, the route to till the cave is more interesting and enjoyable which leads you through dense forest and some zig-zag ways.

You can even take the pleasure of sunbathing sea crocodile with its jaw open and be sitting still like statues at one end. Here, you can get some standard pictures with some deliberate looks and poses. And you can have the best pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar.

  • The Bartang island is one that is defined for timing, that is to have around for 2-3 hours and return by 6 pm as its forest filled area, being safety issue
Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Chidiya Tapu, Sunset Point

Chidiya Tapu is 30 km away from the main city-Port Blair, and it’s an absolute paradise for the nature lover wherein you can wide the perfect frame for varieties of birds. You can grab the best frame for the shoot up with the birds and the amazing & mesmerizing sunset view. Traveling to Chidiya Tapu you can witness the Kalapathar beach wherein you can explore the silvery sand all over the turquoise water making it an exquisite and idealistic location for beach lovers, and to have the best pre-wedding photoshoot.

Timing- No specific timing

Entry fees- Not charged

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Corbyn's Cove Beach, Port Blair

The Corbyn’s Cove Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the Andaman, decorated with the long Palm trees giving its shade. This beach is the closest of all the beaches in Andaman and here you can easily avail the restaurant and bar facility that is arrayed with the Palm Grove trees.

The Palm Grove trees add up some exotic sense and look to your shoot pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar and you can even enjoy the water activities here like scuba diving, swimming, and skiing.

Timing- No specific time set

Entry Fees- Not Charged

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar


If you are planning for the Diglipur island, then you have made the right choice. The Diglipur location is less visited by people, the Ross & Smith island will surely give you a better experience than all the beaches mentioned above.

you will surely explore yourself in the vibes of beauty and your Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar will be the best time for you as a couple.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is the second most visited beach in Havelock, Andaman. The beach is lighted up with mangrove creeks, fallen tree trunks, and the clear blue sea water. A picturesque view of the open sea with few island hills in the backdrop is an exotic view one must experience.

Visiting Time- Day time is favourable.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Little Andaman

The Little Andaman is one of the best options for surfing in India. The Little Andaman beckons those who want to escape the busy and the rush full life of the urban area and take some time to relax enjoying the greenery of nature and the beauty of the sea along the sandy shore.

the little Andaman is one among the fab place to have the best pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar

Howrah Bridge, Neil Island

The Howrah Bridge is basically the natural rock creation, the trees at the side and the sea-green water add to its beauty. It’s perfect for the nature lovers. The couple here could spend some lonely time away from the rush from that of other spots at Andaman-Nicobar. Couples can’t find such a peaceful pre-wedding shoot location

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar


  • Well none of the above-listed beaches require entry fees
  • Do keep binoculars to enjoy the tiny beauty of the island.
  • Keep all sorts of medicines.
  • Keep your clothes according to the weather out there, get the correct information before going.
  • Keep a first-aid box with you.

Best time to visit Andaman-Nicobar: Well, the best time to visit these exotic islands is from November to Mid-May. However, the monsoon season is to be avoided due to tidal waves disturbance and the tsunami effects, moreover to make your pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar a safe one too.

So, now it’s your turn to frame your pre-wedding shoot at the dreaming land all in the glimpse of the white sand, the greenery of mangrove and palm trees along the clear, clean, and blue crystal sea water. Make your memories the best! have the best Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar with our best pre-wedding photography services.


Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.

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Wedding Photography Guide Thu, 20 Dec 2018 07:12:50 +0000 The post Wedding Photography Guide appeared first on Video Tailor.


Wedding Photography Guide

Wedding photography is very different from other photography, here photographer needs to capture every moment of the event in a very short period of time. A real to life wedding picture taker with experience will enable you to save this day for eternity. The utility got from a decent wedding picture taker is substantially higher than the money related cost you bring about. the couple should look at wedding photography guide so that they look at the points which would help to make better wedding photography album.

You must learn some points and have to be responsible for that. Weddings cannot be repeated and there is no chance of retry so it is better to plan a scheme and execute it successfully. 


“May your wedding day be  filled with beautiful memories and your new life be filled with joy”

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life as it is the source of entering into a new phase. Thus, it becomes significant to capture all those pretty moments which will always be cherished. The best way to capture those moments is photographing and to save these memories in the best way.

wedding videography style

Destination Wedding

The wedding could be done at various places depending on the choice of the family wherein he could go for the traditional hometown wedding or he could try something off-beat like a destination wedding. A lot of couples choose a wedding venue within their familiar place as it is a lot convenient to make arrangements for the wedding day knowing vendors and event planners that are best at your known place.

Whereas moving away from the hustle and bustle of your city life and having an extended vacation be a part of your destination wedding has become a trend nowadays. India is a diverse country with extravagant wedding destinations which can make the BIG DAY very special for the couple be its snowy mountains, beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, historical cities, India as all of these to make your wedding a cherished event. Some of the options for a destination wedding are beautiful palaces around Jaipur, Jodhpur, Neemrana etc, or beautiful beach resorts at Goa, or a wedding in the clouds at beautiful places in the mountains of Shimla, Rishikesh Etc.

Video Tailor is a one-stop solution for any photography and videography services. Video tailor excels in producing videos based content of all types be it a wedding event or any other event. Video tailor also provides various other video services like Ad films, corporate videos, event shows, promotional videos, animated wedding invitations ideas, creative photography, and cinematography.

Sometimes a client is not able to coordinate with the company executive which may result in bad output. Therefore a person needs to follow some guidelines which will help both service provider and client to coordinate easily.

Video tailor provides guidelines that a person needs to follow while booking for wedding photography

Accessories used for wedding photography

Cameras Used for wedding photography

Generally, Mirrorless Camera is used for wedding photography. it mainly depends on the features of the camera. The best cameras for wedding photography change each year, and it’s essential to pick one that isn’t just solid and quick, however, one that works best for you and your one of a kind circumstance. There is a listed camera that is used for wedding photography.

Wedding photography guide
Wedding photography guide


  • There is always a difference between outdoor lighting and indoor.  camera person needs to tackle with it by light setup. Natural lighting is the best option to work without any equipment.


  • Reflectors might help bounce the light back into the image.


  • Flashes and led lights will help to get output in a dark area. off-camera flashes are used as it exposes the light as per the availability of light.
Wedding photography guide
Wedding photography guide

Wedding Photography tips

  • Initial communication is required so that photographer get to know what the couple desires to be captured in photographs.
Wedding photography guide
Wedding photography guide

Pre-inform about the Changes

  • The client needs to pre-inform about any such idea of playing video of any previous functions(such as sagan video on wedding day) , playing a slideshow with pictures or planning for live video streaming at the time of the booking and also take approval for the same as urgent changes with a timeline of less than 2 days, are not assured by our team.


  • Minimum 3 days should be provided for any changes in the video and 7 days to make any slideshow or video and to make arrangements for the live type cameras if needed.


  • Food for the entire crew has to be borne by the client and has organized in the guest areas, not separately. And the team will eat as per their suitable time.


  • Generally, our team eats in a divided time, wherein if one photographer is eating then other will be assuredly shooting. Also, there are times when the team has to shoot for more than 8 – 12 hours, so on humane grounds, our team can have snacks/soft beverages during the shoot as well (without hampering the required shoot). If our team is treated with disrespectfully, we have the right to stop the shoot as well.
wedding day snap
Eyes in eyes shot

Payment Procedure

  • After the completion of the shoot/event the raw images, shortlisted images, and edited images will be handed over when the remaining 30% payment is done and the final unmarked edited images/video/album when the rest of the payment is done.
  • Please keep a note that the editing of videos may take 30 working days depending on our workload. Not more than two round of changes will be done in the video, be it a teaser, pre-wedding video, save the date video or main video.
  • If the client wishes to have songs of his choice to be edited in the video, a list of same should be provided within 15 days of the completion of the shoot so that the changes happen accordingly.
wedding day groom portrait

Delivery of photos

  • The company has the right to publish and communicate the deliverables in their portfolio and marketing materials promotional and demonstrative purposes. “Written and Produced by Video Tailor ”, together with a copy of our current logo after the completion of the project.Please keep in mind that the client can not attribute any third party as author of the Final Deliverables.


I am a graduate in bachelors of journalism and mass communication. I am a photography and videography enthusiast. I have a keen interest in reading and writing since childhood. Video Tailor has given me an opportunity to polish my writing skills and learn more new things.


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Tips For Choosing a 3D Animation Company In Delhi Sat, 15 Dec 2018 14:21:18 +0000 The post Tips For Choosing a 3D Animation Company In Delhi appeared first on Video Tailor.


3D Animation

A 3D animation is the most popular and a trending fact that is going on in this world. Since it is in the trend choosing a 3D animation company in Delhi becomes difficult.  Nowadays this tool is used in every field like movies, corporate field, television, industries, video editing, and many other uses. There are 2 types of animators i.e., 2D and 3D but, among these the most effective and the standard quality utensil is the 3D animation.

This difference is because of its realistic and addition to depth factor. In this, the characters or the images look more lively and movable which makes it further attractive and eye-capturing.

Let’s have a look at the factors or characteristics of an animation company that a customer must be aware of before choosing it. 

Tips For Choosing An Animation Company

1. Expert skills and resources

The animation company which you are looking for should obviously need a good team of the skilled employees. Means all members of that particular company should be experts in their work and they should be professionally trained employees.

This will help you in making the best 3D animated video for yourselves and their work will look professional and excellent. The organization should be embedded with the best and the variety of resources so that it will look more unique in your eyes than others. 

2. Eye-capturing samples and portfolios

From the heading itself, you are getting an idea of what we are instructing to customers for choosing a 3D animation company in Delhi. The company which you are selecting will have many samples with them and that shall make an impression on you about that 3d studio.

So it’s necessary that you go through all the samples of the company and choose the best of all. This will make an idea of your videos standard and quality that the company shall provide you with. Thus helping as a major source for the purpose of analyzing.

The good video portfolio of a company will help in ascertaining the important information about the company, its background and also about its past experiences. So customers should be very much assuring of all the portfolios of which they are visiting or choosing. 

3. Communication skills

The main aspect which comes after the above 2 points is the communication skills of the team members of the animation studio which you are visiting or choosing. This factor will help in choosing a 3D animation company your good results.

As you know the making of the 3D videos is not an easy process it requires a lot of communication process and the involvement of the consumer’s ideas is the most basic thing. So the members of the company should be good communicators enough to convey ideas to the customer and to involve your ideas to get a final result that you are expecting.

The client should be very much comfortable with the members for communication and this fact depends upon the employees that how they interact with you. 

4. Pricing

Another main and the most important factor that a customer must look after is the pricing factor. They should try to compare the prices of all the 3D animation companies in Delhi which they are trying to visit and should have a thinking whether the amount is reasonable or not.

Some of the firms may have a cheap reasonable price compared to that of others, so they should try to analyze that studio’s features and videos. Mostly the clients are diverting from one organization to other due to this factor itself. So you should have proper knowledge about this fact before  choosing a 3D animation company. 

5. Quick Turnaround

Every client wants their work to be done fast and quick, so they should try to analyze the past performance of the 3D animation company before selecting it. Whether they have a quick turnaround to the work, do the final results are good and well or not, do the quality of the work is excellent etc.

These notes should be embedded in the minds of the customer before having their choice. If the final results are not getting in the preferred time then you will be regretting your choice. So don’t let that happen and be prepared and planned before selecting the firm. 

6. Professional Output

Another important note before choosing a 3D animation company is by checking the professional final output that you will obtain. The client should check whether the final result given away by the organization is qualitative or not.  The previous records of the firm should be thoroughly analyzed.

The clients should try to contact the 3D animation designing team of the studio and should ask about their work quality and standard. Otherwise, if you are spending money and getting low quality and low standard 3D videos then it will result in your loss itself. So think wisely and select the best. 


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Tips and Tricks for Jewellery Photography Sat, 15 Dec 2018 08:45:51 +0000 The post Tips and Tricks for Jewellery Photography appeared first on Video Tailor.


Jewellry Photography

The Jewellery photography is famously a troublesome task. The emerald gems are too small to handle. They are not much vibrant as they are in real life. They are highly reflective, delicate to use, can be hard to organize for a shoot.

Remember that the images are the first interaction point for the customer. On the off chance that it neglects to draw in the objective clients inside 7 to 8 seconds, consider those clients lost for good.

Things Person Should Know About Jewelry Photography

Equipment and Props required for Jewelry Shoot:-

  1. Camera and lenses
  2. Tripod stand
  3. Lighting sources (make sure they are of similar color temperature)
  4. A table where a person can chip away at with the goal that your lighting sources and your adornments items are leveled
  5. Jewellery stands, a mannequin in case of the necklace
  6. Lightbox or light tent in order to create soft light on the subject
  7. Holding wax to make ring stand at the  time of the shoot
  8. Black or white backdrop

What camera should be used for a jewellery shoot?

The most common question which is asked by most of the jewelers, there are a variety of options in the market. Choosing an appropriate camera will lead to overwhelming results.

Cameras used for jewellery shoot

Full Frame Camera VS Crop Frame camera

The biggest difference in price is when moving from a Crop sensor camera to a Full frame camera. Full-frame means that the camera captures a wider range. This is important when shooting landscapes or other nature-related photographs because you can capture a larger scene from the same distance. For jewelry, since products are small, a Crop frame camera works fine.

Best lenses for Jewellery shoot

Macro Lenses

For web pictures, the 18-55mm focal point that is incorporated with your camera pack is adequate for all product.

For small items like rings, earrings or small studs. a macro lens will give you a superior quality picture in a greater size. Be that as it may, pictures utilized on the web don’t should be too enormous so the 18-55 is adequate for little things as well. A macro lens is useful when you want to blow up small products like rings or small studs to poster size images.

lenses used for jewellery shoot

Prime lenses

Prime lenses give you keen images than non-prime lenses. These are lenses that are of a fixed zoom and are optimized to work best at that zoom level.  i.e. you can’t zoom in and out like you can with the 18-55 focal point. You need to physically draw nearer or far from the camera to get the item in the casing.

lenses used for jewellery shoot

Key Points of Good Jewellery Photography

Sharp Focus, Crisp image

Good jewellery photography is sharply focused, crisp image of the jewelry product. The basic focus mode in the camera is an average focus. The person needs to control it by setting it manually. In order to get a crisp focus, a person needs to set it on spot focusing mode. this will enable you to control all the more decisively what the camera will center around.

Use tripod for more stability

It is significant to utilize a tripod or comparative camera bolster when shooting gems. A solid tripod is superior to a shaky one, however any tripod is ordinarily superior to no tripod. Utilize a tripod.

Tripod used for jewellery shoot

Use soft (diffused) lights for better picture

Regularly diffuse (soft) lighting works best for gems. You have presumably effectively found that an on-camera flash does not prompt great gems photographs as it throws direct light on the subject, which is too harsh and will also create distracting shadows. On camera flash is not recommended for close up pictures of the jewelry. The reason we customarily work with a light tent is on the grounds that it can give quick and simple delicate lighting, in a flash furnishes a messiness free foundation alongside helpful setting support.

Use of wax to make the small gems stand.

Wax is a great invisible hand to make small gems stand during the shoot. Just put a little wax at the bottom of the product.This is an awesome method to stand up rings or tall central dots as well.for example –   to make a ring stand, wax is placed at the bottom of the ring, then the ring is placed in a light tent for the shoot.

Control Reflection of pearls

Light tent is used to control the light reflecting from the pearls. Pearls will seem more dimensional on the off chance that they are grounded by a delicate shadow. if you have a solitary light source put straightforwardly over the pearls you ought to get awesome outcomes; the pearls will seem exceptionally 3D.

Do post processing

Post processing is essential for achieving better quality images. The process is done by hit and trial method. It is a little time-consuming process.

Retouching the images by Getting the background, removing the mannequin, color correction, highlighting, shadow additions and many other things

There are various software available for Editing:

1. Photoshop

2. Lightroom

3. Snapseed


I am a graduate in bachelors of journalism and mass communication. I am a photography and videography enthusiast. I have a keen interest in reading and writing since childhood. Video Tailor has given me an opportunity to polish my writing skills and learn more new things.

Looking for Ecommerce Product Photography Services?

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Manipur is among one of the most beautiful places of India that pledges to serve never-ending enjoyment and amusement and its capital Imphal is called as the heart of Manipur. If you wish to feel the love, get your pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur this wedding.

Manipur, the place of natural beauty embedded with a number of tourist locations, is referred to as THE JEWEL CITY, all because of its attire that fits perfect in its immensely charming beauty, that’s located to the north-east of the country bounded by all the four sides with similar states. It’s the most untouched and undiscovered tourist place that is blessed with enormous elegance.

Manipur is not only restricted to its visiting place beauty rather its charm is all in its food too. It just not serves scrumptious cuisine. In fact, it delivers amazing healthy food with great taste.

Looking to the pleasure-giving locations, The Jewel City is richly endowed with exotic landscapes, undulating hills, blue lakes, soothing waterfalls and immense dense forests, that all set up a perfect and best pre-wedding photo shoot backdrop.

If you are looking for the calm and serene with its most ecstatic simplicity, this is the target you need to check out.

The couple could enjoy the unimagined views and most relaxing beauties with the partner sharing some good time and setting out the exact backdrop for the pre-wedding shoot.

So, Miss Bride and Mr. Groom, you are getting ready to shoot yourself in some tremendously exotic landscape with elegant views. It’s time to plan and schedule your days………start your loving-crazy partnership chapter of tying a knot all the way from this fantastic beauty heart place. Have the best of the best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur. So, this time, Pre-wedding photo shoot in MANIPUR: the jewel city of India.

Choose your destination sites and pack your bags to put on the best frame on your walls.

Details of the locations:


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The kangla fort is located in the heart city of Manipur, that is in Imphal which is considered to be the most loved and in recent time it is one of the best and named places for the pre-wedding photo shoot. It’s for sure this can’t go out of your photo shoot location list. This fort is the sign of glory for Manipur. In fact, it was the ancient capital of Manipur. All the way from its greenery to the majestic architectural history, from the picturesque water bodies to historical ruins this sets out a perfect backdrop to frame a pose for the best pre-wedding shoot. You will surely enjoy this site.

This place is the perfect cup of tea for the nature lovers, in fact, this place offers plenty of enjoyment and pleasure options. You could witness the history, architectural factors and could even take a tour of Kangla museum. Kangla Fort is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting Imphal, Manipur. And along with the visitors it sets out the perfect location to have your best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.


  • Timing- 7:00 am- 5:00 pm
  • Entry Fees- Rs 2 per person
  • Best time- Winter and onset of summer


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

Greenery always adds soothing calmness and romance. The Andro Park has filled with such greenery all around, is the perfect site to capture the new bride-groom together. It’s located all the way away from the hustle bustle of the city that provides immense peace and calmness which is all perfect for the photography location and to plan your best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.


  • Entry Fees- Rs 0
  • Timing- Visit during daytime as preferred
  • Best Time- Winter and on set of summer, April


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Langol Peak is newly opened, at kakching. The place is the escape from the rushing city that gives you absolutely fine and correct location to click down your best moments. It’s a birds-eye shot that is exactly meant for the photo shoot programs. Here you can have the amazing couple photography for the best pre-wedding shoot  in Manipur.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

Lamdan is to be a sporty site, full of adventure and excitement. So if your theme is to cast your frame in some adventurous look you can have a look all about the Lamdan, Manipur.  This site at Manipur will fill you with great excitement and breathtaking memories.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

Want some amazing lackey backdrop to frame your best pre-wedding photoshoot, go for the Loktak Lake. This lake is famous for the floating Phumdis and in fact, this is the largest Phumdis floating lake in the entire world, and this Phumdis are the unique feature of this lake. With the immensely eye-catching sky overhead and Phumdis floating down in the water sets out the picturesque frame. The couple could have boating there in the loktak lake and can witness the colorful fishes.


  • Entry Fees- Not charged
  • Timing- 9:00 am-6:00 pm
  • Visiting hours- 2hours


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Sekmai River at sekmai, Manipur is outlined with the slow-moving river, cute stone bed all over, small hillock view and the paddy field floating down the legs. The Sekmai River is the famous gateway all the way from Imphal. Today charges Rs 100-500 for visiting the Sekmai River due to certain maintenance orders.


  • Timing- All day
  • Entry Fees- Rs 100-500 (for picnickers)


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

Have the dream photo shoot at Phayeng, a small village at the west of Imphal, Manipur. This place is one of the destinations suitable for pre wedding shoot, infact, in recent times it has been a destination for all types of photoshoot. The awesome landscape view with greenery all around and blue hills, all of three set out the exact perfect frame for the bride-groom to pose with comfort.


  • No entry fees charged
  • No time bond


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Churachandpur is the place all the way on an hour distance from the heart city of Manipur, Imphal. This place doesn’t hold any prop but the fantabulous landscape with moving overhead clouds and crazy driving hills view is all according to the requirement of a couple photo shoot.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Singda Dam is the highest mud dam in the world at the capital city of Manipur, Imphal. It’s a popular picnic spot and named site for the photo session. It’s located at a height of about meters above the sea level. Its scenic view is relatively calm place to have the shoot.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Sendra, tagged with the Loktak lake backdrop provide the clear picture to have the photoshoot session. So, this site is recommended for every photoshoot title, be it pre-wedding or post-wedding.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

The Takhel Village is also among the photoshoot backdrop site today at Manipur, that’s full of dense greenery and could be the dreamy-picturesque site which would be worth going. This site can give you the best pre-wedding shoot in Manipur, all because of it’s backdrop feature.


pre-wedding photo shoot in manipur

The Govindjee Temple is a sort of holy place, that is all in all around the city and not so far. This temple is turning as a demanding and naming place for the purpose of the photoshoot. Here, the pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur, the pose of the couple could be in the manner which would be showing that they are taking blessings of the Lord Govindjee.


  • No entry fees charged
  • Timing- 5:00 am-9:00 pm

Best time to visit Manipur: well, the best time to take a tour to Manipal for a couple could be in the month of SEPT-NOVEMBER as the weather is perfect for the sightseeing purpose and infact, the temperature also remains nominal as compared to the hottie and irritating summer. So, if you are in the upcoming wedding list, you can plan your pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.


Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.

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A Pre Wedding Shoot in Heart of Asia

Top Destinations for Pre Wedding shoot in Taiwan are -

1- National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum is a humongous museum located in the capital city Taipei. It is a world class museum and a protector of taiwanese and chinese historical treasures like  paintings, calligraphies, statuary, bronzes, lacquerware, ceramics, jade,religious objects etc. Its architecture style is like of northern chinese palace and have more than 7,00,000 artifacts and artworks related to ancient chinese history.

The building of museum simply resembles a magnificent chinese palace located amidst the green lush hills under the clear blue sky. This magnificent palace and numerous beautiful artifacts and craftwork will make your pre wedding photoshoot just like your dreamy shoot.

Timing  – 8 am to 6 pm
Entry Fees- 350 NTD to 850 NTD
Nearest Airports- 45 min far from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Photography and Videography – Allowed
Tip – Go for online booking

2- Taipei 101

It’s always nice to have a tall marvellous structure in the background when you are busy in giving pre wedding poses, hence for this we like to present you the famous, most attractive place in Taiwan, the TAIPEI 101.

Taipei 101 is one f among that buildings we called architecture marvels. It was the tallest building in the world when opened back in 2004. It contains 101 floors that’s why it is called Taipei 101. The building is a major attraction mainly because of it’s observation deck and shopping mall. The indoor observation deck lies at a height of 383 metres and the outdoor observation, a few floors above it, at a height of almost 392 metres, making it the highest such platform in Taiwan. The building also displays many pieces of art throughout, from paintings to exhibits. It is  worth watching Taipei 101 at night when it get fully illuminated with bright lights, perfect time for you to have pre wedding photoshoot.  

Timing  – 9 am to 10 pm
Entry Fees- 600 NTD
Nearest Airports- 19 min from National Palace Museum
Photography and Videography – Allowed

3- Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is also one of the top must visit places of Taiwan and known for its spectacular architecture and is the oldest symbol of culture and heritage of Taiwan. The Longshan Temple was built by the first Chinese settlers in 1738. In its long history, it has been destroyed or damaged many times, being renovated by the locals each time due to its significance.

It is a popular place of worship and welcomes Buddhism and many traditional religions as well. It is also symbolic of classic Taiwanese architecture. The Wahua district, surrounding the temple also has some of the oldest and most bustling market streets. Actually it is just as famous for its colourful markets just as for its history. A pre wedding shoot in front of this red building in local attire will be fun and memorable for a long time. It is best visited at mid evening when it is in it’s full glory.  

Timing  –  6 am to 10 pm
Entry Fees- Free
Nearest Airports- Half an hour far from National Palace Museum
Photography and Videography – Allowed
Tip – Wear Appropriate Clothes

4- Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Ranked among top 3 most visited places of Taiwan, this massive memorial was built in the memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the People’s Republic of China.  As you can see in the images, it is a beautiful white building beautified with gardens and ponds, greatly enhancing the aesthetics.s. First there is an equally elegant entrance and after mere 100 metres there is the main building. Here you can have a lovely pre wedding shoot at the entrance of memorial, at the stairs where the building would be adding white glamour to your photoshoot. The complex also has the National Concert Hall and the National Theatre, on either side in front of the Memorial Hall. The climate here is moderate but it is advisable to visit here in the morning.

Timing  – 9 am to 6 pm
Entry Fees- N/A
Location- 18 min from National Palace Museum
Photography and Videography – Allowed
Tip – Don’t miss Guard changing ceremony

5- Ximending Street

Ever heard of famous Time’s square of New York city, well here we would like to present you the Time’s Square of Taipei The Ximending street. Ximending is Taipei’s most popular and crowded neighbourhood. This bustling area will leave you spoilt for choice and you will find yourself spending hours and hours over here. It’s a shopper’s paradise and attracts most of its crowd due to this fact alone. But that’s not all. It has a host of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs which keep people coming back even at night.

The neighbourhood is home to Theatre Street, which has more than 20 theatres and is a great place to enjoy concerts, plays and even street performances. The most popular here is the historic Red House Theatre which was built during the time of the Japanese. You cannot visit Taipei and give this place a miss. You just cannot!

The best time to visit here is in evening, when this bustling neighbourhood come in it’s full glory. Here you can have a candid pre wedding shoot, where you both are together exploring the ximending street naturally.

Timing  – Anytime
Entry Fees- N/A
Location- 25 min from National Palace Museum
Photography and Videography – Allowed
Tip – Visit here at night, avoid weekends

6-- The Rainbow Bridge

At number 6 we have the most romantic landmark of Taiwan (rated by people of Taiwan) ‘The Rainbow Bridge’, Generously paved with pink and pale blue tiles, the bridge is a modern landmark and also a public facility.If you look upward at the curved Rainbow Bridge, you can imagine a dragon swimming on the surface of the river. The bridge’s curved body and steel arch show the beauty of irregular layers.

In the day time, you can overlook the beautiful riverbanks of Keelung River, bike along the riverside, or enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Rainbow or Chenmei Riverside Park. In the evening, besides appreciating the astonishing night view of Rainbow Bridge and LightScribe Maishuai 1st and 2nd Bridge, you can satisfy your taste buds with delicious local food at the nearby Raohe Night Market. The Rainbow Bridge is known for its beauty which never fails to  attract young couples at night, when its illumination adds much to the beauty of the city’s nightscape. For your pre wedding shoot the best time to visit here is at night.

Timing  – 24×7
Entry Fees- N/A
Location- 14 min from National Palace Museum
Photography and Videography – Allowed

7- Tamshui’s Fisherman’s Wharf

If you ask a Taiwanese what is the best place to view sunset in taiwan then without a second thought he/she say Tamshui’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

The two biggest landmarks that cannot be missed at “Fisherman’s Wharf” is the “Wooden Boardwalk” perfect place for ocean gazing, and the white sail shaped “Lover’s Bridge”. Every day near dusk, you can observe couples lining up tripods waiting to capture the beautiful scene of the sun setting over the ocean. The entire Lover’s Bridge dancing to the change of different lights after dark is a number one choice for pre wedding pictures. Here it also have a revolving tower called ‘Lovers tower’, where you can experience magnificent 360 degree view of Fisherman Wharf. The ride takes around 6 minutes, with an eyeful of Tamsui demeanor whether as an afternoon of misty rain, dusk with a brilliant sunset or evening of lights just lit.

Dusk at Lover’s Bridge attracts crowds of visitors in their way, the place for best sunset in Taiwan. There is a large heart sculpture engraved with “Tamsui Love” at the entrance of Lover’s Tower whose lights will be turned on at night. It is perfectly romantic and can be posed free of charge!

You can miss any place in taiwan for your pre wedding shoot except this. Trust us you will definitely fell in love with this place.

Timing  – 24×7
Entry Fees- N/A
Location- 47 min from National Palace Museum
Photography and Video graphy – Allowed

So here we have told you about the top best locations of Taiwan, where you can have the most memorable pre wedding shoot, we bet you will have a great time and you will surely recommend others also to have their  Pre Wedding shoot in Taiwan also.  If you find this  article beneficial and informative, do like and share it and feel free to ask any query in the comment box. Thank you


Aman Goyal always has a keen interest in reading and writing from childhood and his old love revived when the Videotailor had offered him a perfect opportunity to polish his writing skills as a content writer. Along with it he is pursuing Bcom(hons) 2nd year from AMU.


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The land of Three Seas

Are you an art lover? Do you admire scenic beauties and also love iconic monuments? Then what stopping you, to have your lovely pre-wedding photoshoot on the beaches of Kanyakumari or in front of Thiruvalluvar statue or inside historic Padmanabhapuram Palace. Here in this article, we will take you on the journey of aesthetic Pre wedding photoshoot in Kanyakumari. Let’s start

Kanyakumari is a small elegant coastal town located at the southernmost tip of Indian peninsula. It is known for its spectacular sceneries, landmarks, temples, churches, beaches, waterfalls etc. Ever since ancient times, Kanyakumari remains as a centre of art, religion and culture. It is the only place in India where you can watch sunrise and sunset from the same beach. For more information regarding kanyakumari click here. Here we present you top locations of Kanyakumari where you can have the most romantic Pre wedding photoshoot in Kanyakumari.

Top Pre Wedding Locations at Kanyakumari are-

1- Vivekananda Rock

The magnificent Vivekananda Rock Memorial, situated just at the merger of the beautiful Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean is one of the major locations of Kanyakumari and Tamil Nadu. It is dedicated to the greatest philosopher of the century Swami Vivekananda, as it is said that Vivekananda got enlightenment while he was meditating on this rock in his early monk days. It is exactly located on a rock amidst the sea, where you can reach by boat. It is an elegant temple like structure which has a peaceful, spiritual environment but here you can also experiment various lovely pre-wedding poses in front of marvellous architecture under the white clouds and evening sun and amazing blue seas in the background.  


Timing – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Entry Fees- 10 Rs per person, 20Rs for a ferry.

Nearest Airports- Thiruvananthapuram Airport

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Gracious sunsets , Night time Illumination of the structure.

Tip – Advisable to go early evening when the atmosphere is little cool.

2- Thanumalayan/Suchindram Anjaneyar Temple

Wow, It is what we call Architecture!!!. I mean just look at these temples, Aren’t they the true masterpieces of ancient Indian culture and architecture. These temples are dedicated to holy Hindu trinity. The temple made up of sublime South Indian style consists of 30 shrines, charming architecture, large idols and beautiful wall carvings. Who would resist his/her pre-wedding photoshoot in front of these white marvels? These temples have the perfect scenery which could be in the background of your pre-wedding photographs.     

Timing – 4:30 am – 11:30 am

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- Located at a distance of 11 km from Kanyakumari

around 7 km away from Nagercoil

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Festivals that are held in the months of December or January, August, April, March.

Tip – It would be great to dress modestly here

3- Thiruvalluvar Statue

Standing proudly in the middle of 3 seas, this Grand statue is made in the honour of the greatest Tamil poet and philosopher Saint Thiruvalluvar. This 133 feet high sculpture is known for its grand architecture and resemblance of Nataraja (Lord Shiva) and is the biggest symbol of various verses and teachings of Saint Thiruvalluvar.

Surrounded by glittery blue water from all sides, this is really a super location for your Pre-wedding shoot. Just imagine a grand statue with a combination of shiny blue water, blue sky with white clouds. It is not just a location but a painting which will add new colours to your new life.

Timing – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Entry Fees- Free,  20 per person for Ferry

Location- Besides Vivekananda rock  

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Become more elegant when Illuminated at night.

4- Kanyakumari temple

At number 5th, we have the most famous temple of Kanyakumari, the one and only Kumari Amman Temple, also known as the Kanyakumari temple. This temple resembles Devi Kanyakumari herself and one of the historic(Vedic period) and sacred places in the world and did you know that it has also mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Kanyakumari temple is situated just by the side of the sea presenting great scenic beauty. Spiritual aura, massive architecture and elegant scenic beauties of Kanyakumari temple not only attracts devotees but all the travellers visiting Kanyakumari. Trust us you will thank yourself that you had given a chance to Kanyakumari temple for your ravishing pre-wedding shoot

Timing – 4:30 am – 12:30 pm

             4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- Connected by road to all the major places

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Sophisticated architecture.

5- Gandhi Mandapam

Another great location for Pre wedding photoshoot in Kanyakumari is Gandhi Mandapam. As understood by its name, The Mahatma Gandhi memorial is a large memorial built in honour of Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, near the shores of Kanyakumari. It is said that because of its natural beauty and spiritual and peaceful environment, this place is close to Gandhi ji’s Heart. The memorial has three floors and from here you can watch colours of 3 different water bodies mixing with each other and two coastal lines of India joining each other. The memorial is like a Grand white temple with blue and pink lines and its architectural style is similar to majestic Orissa style. It’s a must go place in Kanyakumari and is an iconic place, perfect for your Pre-wedding shoot.    

Timing – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- 1.3 km away from Kanyakumari Railway station

Photography and Videography – Allowed.

6- Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari beach also known as the  Cape Comorin beach is a major sightseeing and pre-wedding shoot destination of Kanyakumari and Tamil Nadu. Don’t think Kanyakumari is just all about religious sites, it also has some of the major mesmerizing beaches of the country. Kanyakumari beach is known for its multicoloured sand and alluring sunrises and sunsets. Here you can do all kinds of romantic and crazy pre-wedding poses and have a great quality time, which you wo n’t forget easily.     

Timing – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- 1 km far from Vivekananda memorial

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – When the sun rays fall upon the three different coloured grains of sand of the Arabian sea, Indian ocean and bay of Bengal, alongside with a lighthouse, blue sky, blue water, shiny sun, then the scene looks like a beautiful postcard picture.

Tip – Not suitable for swimming, but you can still have fun in the sea.

7- Padmanabhapuram Palace

Till now, we have told you about great scenic beauties and landmarks, Now it’s time to add some uniqueness to your experience and make it excellent. Our next place is Padmanabhapuram Palace, which is truly an exquisite place telling a number of stories about history, culture and architecture of 16th century India. This whole palace is made up of wood and has an art and craftsmanship that leaves its viewers hypnotised and make them fell in love with this place. It is known for its intricate paintings and carvings and each and every place of the palace ranging from halls, queen’s place, museums, council chamber is the fine examples of fine art. The palace has more than enough photo and video points which have the power to make your prewedding a benchmark for other pre-wedding shoots.

Timing – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Monday closed

Entry Fees- 10 Rs per person

Location-  located 50 km away from the airport               

Photography and Videography –  25 Rs for Still Camera, 1200 Rs for Video Camera

Tip – Footwear should be left outside

8- Vattakottai Fort

Vattakottai which literally means circular is a  magnificent coastal fort situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best sightseeing places in Kanyakumari due to its massive architecture, historical importance and natural beauties. It is a fort where you can find a sparkling blue sea on one side and giant hills of western ghat on the other side with cotton clouds(if lucky). The view is enough it itself to left you hypnotized and it is worth visiting here for your pre-wedding shoot.     

Timing – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- 7 Km from Vivekananda memorial

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Black sand beaches located nearby

Tip – Advised to visit During late evenings

Best time to visit Kanyakumari

For Pre wedding photoshoot in Kanyakumari, You can visit any given time of the year, but it is best visited in the months of October to March when the climate and sea and sky are in their most beautiful phase.

In short Kanyakumari has everything required for a majestic Pre wedding shoot, You would definely thank yourself that you had chosen Kanyakumari for your pre wedding shoot and we bet you would recommend others also to have their Pre wedding photoshoot in Kanyakumari too .If you find this article beneficial and helpful in any manner then do like and share and feel free to share any of your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. Thank you


Aman Goyal always has a keen interest in reading and writing from childhood and his old love revived when the Videotailor had offered him a perfect opportunity to polish his writing skills as a content writer. Along with it he is pursuing Bcom(hons) 2nd year from AMU.


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A Pre wedding Photoshoot in Munnar Mon, 03 Dec 2018 10:47:43 +0000 The post A Pre wedding Photoshoot in Munnar appeared first on Video Tailor.


‘Where the mountains play with the clouds, rivers caress the land, and tea plantations lay sprawled out as far as the eye can see - Munnar will embrace you with its stunning beauty! ‘

Munnar which is also known as the ‘Kashmir of south India’ is a hill station and town located in the southern state, Kerala. It got its epithet because of numerous hilltops, Green tea farms and ravishing waterfalls. It also has many wildlife sanctuaries and is rich in flora and fauna. Munnar is located at around 1,600 meters above sea level, in the Western Ghats mountain range and is a top destination for Honeymoons in India. Munnar has all the beautiful locations for your dream Pre-wedding photoshoot and video shoot.The name Munnar literally means “three rivers”, as it is located at the junction of the Muthirappuzhayar river, Nallathanni and Kundala rivers. For  more information regarding Munnar click here Here you will came to know why you should have a Pre wedding photoshoot in Munnar.

Top Pre Wedding Locations of Munnar are-

1- Pothamedu View Point

Pothamedu viewpoint is the Queen hilltop of Munnar, with large mountains on one side and lush green tea farms on another side. Here you will experience the real beauty of nature as its mountains are exactly like swiss mountains. It is often called “the paradise for photographers” as it offers breathtaking views and its environment is really peaceful. It would be the ideal location to kickstart your Pre-wedding shoot. Couples will surely have a great time here with the cold breeze, amazing views and a cup of hot tea.

Timing –  24 x 7

Entry Fees- Free

Location- 110 km far from Cochin Airport

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Idduki Arch Dam

Tip – Visit at the time of sunrise or sunset

2-Kundala Dam Lake

At number 2 for Pre wedding photoshoot in Munnar, We present you a place you will remember throughout your life, When the beautiful sun rays fall on the Kundala Lake, it creates a glittering effect to give tourists, heaven like experience and helps them enjoy the beauty of Kundala in absolute serenity. The attractive Kundala lake is surrounded by lush green valleys and beautiful landscapes that is the dream of every photographer and the icing on the cake are the cherry gardens here that bloom twice every year and here you might see the rare elegant Neelakurinji flowers. One must reach this spot early in the morning and see how a blanket of cloud surfaces the lake when the first few rays of sun make the atmosphere magical. You will definitely thank yourself after visiting here.

Timing –  9 am to 5 pm

Entry Fees-  100 for Pedal Boat for 3 persons

150 for Row Boat for 4 persons

200 for Shikara Boat for 2 persons

Location- 30 km (1 hour) from Pothemady

Photography and Videography – Allowed, 200 Rs for the video camera

Major Attraction – Great scenic points for photography

3- Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Cheeyappara waterfalls is another beautiful popular site situated on the way to Munnar, which would be ideal for Your Pre-wedding shoot. The unique attraction of this waterfall is that it flows down in seven steps making a great view from the road near the second step from the bottom. It is one of the major attractions of Munnar offering many photographic and video points for your Pre-wedding shoot which can be best experienced in post monsoon season.

Timing – 6  am to 6 pm

Entry Fees- Free

Location- 42 km far from pothemadu

Photography and Videography – Allowed

4- Top station

No. It is not a picture of Switzerland but of the Top station. This alluring spot is the highest point of Munnar offering incredible views for your sweet Pre-wedding photography and Pre-wedding video shoot. It is located around 32 km away from Munnar on the Munnar-Kodaikanal road. The place falls on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Apart from beautiful white clouds, this site offers views of tea gardens, dams, natural masterpieces, etc. It is one of the most recommended places to visit in Munnar, which is crowded by nature lovers throughout the year. An Echo Point is also here which always has a greenish look as it is covered with abundant green sceneries. The place surrounded by mist covered hills, waterfalls and clean air will be super perfect for your Pre wedding photoshoot in Munnar

Timing –  6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees- N/A

Location- 10 km (20 min)  far from kundala lake

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction –  tea plantation, serene valleys, enchanting waterfalls, and exotic forest life.

5-Tata Tea estate

Munnar tea estates are one of the oldest tea estates in the country, the whole area is covered by the mile and miles of lush tea gardens, owned by the various private companies. Your pre-wedding photo shoot and video shoot in the middle of aromatic green tea gardens surrounded by elegant scenery, won’t it be arousing? You will definitely have a wonderful experience exploring this area for your Pre-wedding shoot.

Timing – 7 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees- 75 Rs

Location- 4 km Far from pothemadu

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Green Carpet all over the place

6-Anamudi peak

The name Anamudi literally means Elephant Forehead, which refers to the shape of the mountain that looks like the forehead of an Elephant. Anamudi is situated inside the Eravikulam National Park which is home to beautiful Nilgiri Tahr. How can one resist his/her Pre-wedding shoot in the foothills of the largest mountain of south India? Anamudi peak has many enchanting, alluring views, and often termed as a paradise of nature lovers, It is one of the prime locations for your dream Pre-wedding shoot and one will regret missing it.

Timing –  12 am to 11:59 pm

Entry Fees- N/A

Location- 15 km from Munnar

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – If lucky you can see elephants here

Tip – Take your trekking equipment with you

7-Blossom Park

Located at the heart of Munnar, blossom park is also in the list of most preferred destination for couples in Munnar. This park is widely recognized for its scenic beauty and peaceful chilled environment, wholly covered with different coloured flowers, surrounded by tall hills under the blue sky, this place has nearly everything you would ask for your pre-wedding shoot. Apart from landscapes it also offers trekking and boating where you can spend quality time with your loved one. It is best to visit here at the time of March-April when this garden is at its most arousing phase.

Timing – 9 am to 7 pm

Entry Fees- 10 Rs

Location- 3 km from Munnar

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Adventure trails, Boating, Nature walks, bird watching, Camping etc.

8- Lock Heart Gap

Last but nothe least, Lock heart gap is another great location for Pre wedding photoshoot in Munnar. Munnar is no doubt a wholesome pack of natural beautiful views but the view from Lock Heart Gap is worth a million Rupees. From here, you can appreciate the true beauty of tea farms, covered throughout the deep Biason valley, with all the white clouds, mountains and tea estates in the background, providing the best location to try different pre wedding poses. This place is one of that rare places where poets write about the charisma of nature.

Timing –  6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees- N/A

Location- 18 km from Munnar

Photography and Videography – Allowed

Major Attraction – Picturesque Serene view.

In short. A Pre wedding photoshoot in Munnar has all the capabilities to become your dream pre wedding shoot. You will thank yourself that you had chosen ‘Kashmir of south India’ for your Pre-wedding shoot.If you find this article beneficial and helpful in any manner then do like and share and feel free to share any of your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. Thank you


Aman Goyal always has a keen interest in reading and writing from childhood and his old love revived when the Videotailor had offered him a perfect opportunity to polish his writing skills as a content writer. Along with it he is pursuing Bcom(hons) 2nd year from AMU.


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