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Perfect Wedding Photography: Tips And Tricks

Weddings are the most exquisite ceremonies. The big day of the bride and the groom has to be special. From the selection of the white lilies to the gorgeous outfits everything needs to be perfect. The wedding day can be kept alive till eternity through the moments captured. The day cannot be forgotten if every photograph has a story behind it. So here we have compiled some wedding photography tips for you and your partner to relish the most affectionate affair of your lives forever. 


1. Invest In A Good Photographer

First things first before you start preparing for anything take time out and look after some good well equipped photographers. Finalize the amount to be spent on overall wedding shoot. Always take leverage of some extra amount since this is the only way to keep reliving your favorite moments.  Now get hold of a list of wedding photographers who lie under your budget.  Take reviews from people who have used their services before. Invest in at least two of them in a team, here assistants with the main photographers will work. 

Indian weddings happen only during a certain part of the year. The seasonal wedding season is very hectic for the photographers. Book the one you want a lot in advance and have a backup option too. 

Follow up with your camera person a week before to avoid any last minute cancellations.  

2. Have A Brainstorming Session With Your ShutterBug

We know you have a lot of work and you have to run from one place to another, we suggest you to sit down and set-up a meeting with your to-be wedding photographer. Relax and talk to their team. Explain them each and every detail in advance. What kind of pictures you want, when would you and your spouse have their individual shoots, how you like to pose, how you want to look in photos and all the necessary things in advance in advance. Take suggestions from them, have a productive discussion.  

Clear out things before hand to make sure that everything on your day happens according to your will.  


3. Shortlist Your Wedding Day Poses

Let’s be real girls, we know you have a list full of poses for your wedding shoot. Think of your dream wedding album and start prepping for it. The wish list needs to be fulfilled. Discuss it with your partner ask for their opinion and finalize your poses. Convey them to your photographer. 


4. Show Off Your Adorable Accessories

It takes hours for the bride to get their hair and makeup done. After all the waiting for the Baarat, it is time to pose with your man. Now make sure that your hairstyle is totally visible. After all the hard work if your beautiful accessories are not seen in pictures then it is going to be very disheartening. So with your pre-decided poses capture the best shots. 

5. Be Happy With Your Wedding Photographs

The excitement of getting your photographs from your wedding day can be a little overwhelming. So when you receive your pictures be happy with them. Don’t send for re-edits. Once you get your edited pictures accept them the way they are. Now is the time to choose the best ones for your wedding album. 


The Most Important 5 Things That Must Not Be Done

1. Avoid Old School Poses

We know you have a couple of poses in mind for your day but we would suggest you not to go for the very basic postures. Experiment a lot with your poses. Find new, develop some and be romantic. Try to figure out how the other person wants to pose. Be comfortable and get clicked in the modern way. Try to recreate the some of the old poses with a twist. Do not follow the trend, create one!!

2. Don't Forget Your Ceremonies

While all we have talked about is the wedding photography, it is very much essential for the couple to not to forget their ceremonies. These rituals make up the whole wedding affair, if you are not a part of them then who is going to be? Don’t try too hard to look good in every picture that you forget the essence of the day. Follow what your heart says and perform the wedding rituals religiously, the pictures are going to turn out good anyways. 

3. Don't Get Too Many Re-Takes

Generally it is seen that the guests are very excited to get clicked with the bride and the groom. This process can be a bit tiring and monotonous. It can be frustrating when the photographer asks for re-takes. It is advisable to the photographer to get the perfect shot at once. The one cameraman chosen by you must be professional enough to get perfect shots at once. 

4. Don't Forget The Details

From the wedding outfits to the rings exchanged, everything must be captured well. These little things make up the beautiful album for the couple to cherish forever. The rituals must be captured well. It takes a lot of dedication and time to get everything in place for the bride and the groom. It just adds on to their excitement to have every single minute detail present in their album. The bride’s twirl and the groom’s smile, everything is important, capture them!! 

It can be a little tiring to smile all the way long during your entire day, so be real. Keep things simple. You cannot pose every second so do not even try, just enjoy each and every moment. After all it is your day, your calmness or your anger will surely be reflected in your pictures. Do not ruin your pictures through your expressions. Even your nervousness will be caught in the camera.  Candid pictures are the best so stay calm, laugh, talk and get clicked. Don’t try to pose every time. Live your time with your spouse.   

5. Don't Worry, Juts Relax!

Remember it is your big day it has to be captured in an extraordinary way. So just enjoy your day to teh fullest while the photographer will do his best job for your future memory box.  


About The Author

Harshita Juneja is an intern of Video Tailor. An avid reader and a person who loves to write, she is pursuing Bachelors of business Administration.

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MUST HAVE A WEDDING PHOTO CHECKLIST Sat, 10 Nov 2018 12:31:51 +0000 The post MUST HAVE A WEDDING PHOTO CHECKLIST appeared first on Video Tailor.


Salient Prep: "Wedding Photo Checklist"

 The whole criteria for a wedding are all about being prepared. Hence, this wedding photo checklist is being delineated for you to have the best photo session from the photographer.

We don’t want a couple to regret after the marriage thinking about their past wedding shoot and say ‘oh I wish to have a picture of him/her’ and all. So this wedding photo checklist is being outlined for you to have a perfect planning for your wedding photography and have a good moment.   

Here we have the perfect wedding checklist for you- 

A Perfect Wedding Photo Checklist

1. Wedding day-(pre-ceremony)

The pre-ceremony is the perfect time to have the photographs of the bride and groom individually. This session includes the photographs of the- 

A.) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

This session is one of the most memorable moments for the bride and the groom because they would be able to capture a picture of their friendship in this session.

B.) Bride and Groom’s makeup session and their trousseau

This session will totally involve the makeup of the bride and groom individually and also a photograph of both the couple’s trousseau are being captured in this session.

C.) Bride and Groom with their parents and family after dressing up

The session includes the moments of the parents and family with the bride and groom after their makeup and dressing. This is the main part of the session which a photo checklist should have. The session will have many emotional candid images in it because of the involvement of the closed ones.







Ending paragraph with keyword


About the Author


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10 Best Tips to choose a Destination Wedding Photographer Fri, 09 Nov 2018 19:47:34 +0000 The post 10 Best Tips to choose a Destination Wedding Photographer appeared first on Video Tailor.


Choosing a photographer for your destination wedding is one of the most important works on your wedding checklist because the wonderful memories of your wedding will fade and the only things left will be the photographs and films which must be fantastic so that you can relive those moments again and again. The photographer should match your style and live up to your expectations so if you also are one of those couples who give priority to your wedding photoshoot then congrats! This is the article you were looking for. Here, according to our experience, we will guide you with the things you should keep in mind while selecting a destination wedding photographer. If the concept of destination wedding is new to you then for more info. please click here.   

Top things you should keep in mind while looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer are -

1- Choose the Photographer you are familiar with-

In the present time, most of the professional photographers travel around the country and foreign places, hence they know everything about the location just like the local photographers and you must have seen your photographer work, his style and behaviour. Also, you both have the advantage to meet him personally and discuss your expectations and queries. Local photographers may lack required high calibre talent, ill versed in your language or might not know your rituals properly. If you choose a resort for your destination wedding, do ask them if you are allowed to bring your own photographer because many resorts don’t allow outside photographers.

2- Do research on all the shortlisted photographers

Choosing a destination wedding photographer is really very important because he will be the one responsible for capturing the most magical moments of your life, so do research on all the photographers, carefully look at their portfolios, websites, social media pages, their ratings and experience. Obviously, you will choose a spectacular location for your wedding but you must also see that the photographer you will hire is an expert in capturing the beautiful surroundings together with couple and wedding functions.  

3- Consider all costs related to your destination photographer

Cost is one of the major factors that one must keep in mind while deciding for his destination wedding photographer and this is the only significant disadvantage if you are taking the photographer and his 2-3 assistants with yourselves. It would be great to discuss everything about their expenses like travel, accommodation, etc. with the lead photographer beforehand since there are high chances that he would charge a little over his actual fees but that is quite okay as any high-quality product comes with a price. Mind it that you are doing an investment and it will surely worth it otherwise you still have an option to hire a local photographer. It is recommended to keep a budget of 10-15% of the total wedding budget for photography.

4- Identify style and process

Every photographer has its own style, creativity and process. Pay attention to the styles and creativity of all the photographers and then choose the photographer you can relate to most. Yes, it’s that simple! Nowadays many terms are being used in wedding photography like a documentary, wedding photojournalist, quirky, magazine style, fine art wedding photographer, vintage, editorial and candid wedding photographer.

Ask yourself, Can u imagine yourself and your family and friends in the poses and styles that are present on the photographer’s website? Will it look like the dreamy photos you have imagined?

5- Consistency is Important

It is one of those things that usually get overlooked while choosing a destination wedding photographer. It is obvious that the actual wedding ceremony photographs are jaw-dropping and mesmerizing but what about pre-wedding and post-wedding events photographs? They are important too. Photography and cinematography of each and every event should be top quality. So, while researching for destination wedding photographers do notice if he is consistent in the quality of photographs of other wedding events also. Also, do observe the photographs of daytime events and night events.

6- Do Consider Coverage

Normally, an Indian destination wedding goes for 3-5 days, because of numerous pre-wedding and post-wedding functions, so you have to make sure the attention and commitment of your Destination Wedding Photographer must be on your wedding function only, therefore look for that photographer who takes one and at most 2 projects at a time. In this situation bringing your own photographer will be good, as his whole attention will be you only, whether it is early morning or late at night. The local and resort photographers mostly work on an hourly based system and could be busy at other weddings also which won’t work well for your late-night functions. So, do ask for the coverage and extra charges (for late night events) from all the shortlisted wedding photographers.

7- Personality of a Photographer

Yes, the personality of a photographer is important. In an unknown place, you will always like the one who puts you at ease and is helpful and friendly, not the one who throws tantrums and complains a lot. So, choose the one who travels often and is adaptable both with people and place, the person you can connect with. To understand his personality you can do a little spying on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts and search for references.

8- Overworking reduces productivity

In photography art, overworking is never good especially for the photographs, certain photographers take numerous projects in their hands because of which they sometimes can’t give the required creativity and time. A tired and sleepless person cannot do justice to all the beautiful events of your wonderful wedding, so look for a photographer who only takes a limited number of projects in a month or year. A healthy mind is any day better than an overworked mind in the field of creativity.

9- Interaction is the key

Don’t hesitate in communicating and interacting while selecting a good Destination Wedding Photographer. The more he understands your ideas and plans for your wedding, the better your wedding photographs will be. Honestly talk about your queries, requirements, budget etc and tell him how excited you are for the wedding. Most of the couples don’t share enough information with their photographers in their initial meetings or emails. Remember a good photographer only take a few projects in a month or year so it is important that your email is exciting and enthusiastic.   

10- Take your Time

Choosing a good photographer for your wedding can be confusing and difficult so don’t rush and take your time. Meet different photographers or make Skype calls and see whose work you love, to whom you can connect. He will be there with you most of the time so comfort-ability is important. Look for portfolios, ratings, references, testimonials etc. and if you don’t like anyone, simply move on to the next person on your list. Also, the important decision like choosing the wedding photographer must be taken months before the wedding to avoid last minute rush. Remember this is not an expense but an investment and a good investment should be done wisely.

Okay, so these were the top tips we feel every couple should know while choosing the right Destination Wedding Photographer for their lovely wedding. Please remember these are not rules but some important things which you can apply while selecting the right photographer. Most of these tips are helpful even if you will choose a local photographer. So do lots of research and don’t hesitate in asking questions from the shortlisted photographers. If you find this article beneficial in any way do like and share, and if you have any query regarding this article, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank you      


Aman Goyal always has a keen interest in reading and writing from childhood and his old love revived when the Videotailor had offered him a perfect opportunity to polish his writing skills as a content writer. Along with it he is pursuing Bcom(hons) 2nd year from AMU.


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Appealing Pre Wedding Photography in Switzerland : A Heaven On Earth Wed, 07 Nov 2018 07:23:30 +0000 The post Appealing Pre Wedding Photography in Switzerland : A Heaven On Earth appeared first on Video Tailor.


Switzerland : A Heaven on Earth

We have recently completed a post- wedding shoot in switzerland and the results we got are mind-blowing. Every location looks like a piece of art. Each location will entertain you with gorgeous sceneries. Switzerland’s pleasant alps are a storybook place to visit. The nation has some extraordinary highlights to it, similar to the way that it has three national dialects.

post wedding photoshoot at switzerland

We have shortlisted some of the best location for your pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland

1. Grindelwald

The mountain town of Grindelwald is the biggest ski resort town in the Jungfrau area. This dazzling elevated town is both a late spring and winter movement locale. Voyagers who visit in the late spring can appreciate marvelous climbing trails and a portion of Europe’s most cherished shake climbing areas. Winter sightseers can ski or even attempt the nearby toboggan run. Various locally available mountain pinnacles and passes settles on this an excellent decision for picture takers and nature darlings alike. Celebration darlings will love the ice figures at the world snow celebration.

2. Rhine Falls

Rhine falls, close Schaffausen, is Europe’s biggest cascade. This astounding sight can be come to by means of a pontoon visit, which will likewise demonstrate guests to Switzerland the exquisite bowl, riverside châteaux, and breathtaking stone roosted amidst the waterway at the highest point of the falls. There are seeing stages that connect over the falls and enable visitors to feel like they’re drifting straightforwardly above. A youngsters’ play area, verifiable exhibition hall locale and experience trail make the guest’s middle a great method to top off the excursion.

3. Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge is a 204 meter (670 foot) long extension crossing the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne. It is the most seasoned wooden canvassed connect in Europe, and one of primary vacation destinations in Switzerland. The secured scaffold, built in 1333, was intended to help shield the city of Lucerne from assaults. Inside the scaffold are a progression of works of art from the seventeenth century, delineating occasions from Luzerne’s history. A great part of the extension, and the dominant part of these works of art, were pulverized in a 1993 fire, however it was rapidly reconstructed.

4. Chateau de Chillon

Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon) is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. For more than four centuries, the water palace was the primary fortification that observed water cargo on the lake, and protected the land course to St Bernhard Pass. The château flaunts craftsmanship from the fourteenth century, underground vaults, 25 separate structures with three patios, and two roundabout dividers. A huge number of visitors every year visit the château. For the individuals who long for a definitive huge tall tale wedding, the manor can be secretly leased for individual occasions.



The best time to visit Switzerland truly relies upon what you need to do, see and experience.

In spite of the fact that we have four particular seasons, climate shifts amazingly and depends practically on the height. We have low and high rises, mountain ranges, profound valleys and levels where winds can be solid; hence we encounter a huge number of miniaturized scale atmospheres.Spring is when nature stirs – deciduous trees get their greenery, knolls show an extensive variety of blossoms, cherry and apple trees begin to sprout, fields top off with narcissi, blooming magnolia trees in the south presentation their rich magnificence and bear garlic discovers its way through the ground front of dead leaves – an appreciated expansion to numerous dishes.

Furthermore, mist vanishes.This is the pinnacle traveler season with July and August being the most swarmed months, particularly on the well-trodden visitor ways around Lake Lucerne, the Bernese Oberland and Jungfrau Region, the Swiss Riviera and parts of the Canton Valais with Zermatt topping the rundown.September and the initial three weeks in October are incredible months for outside exercises. Rain is less regular and however you may encounter the principal snowfall in the Alps, as a rule the white stuff is gone inside two or three days. The climbing trails are less occupied, the evenings are fresh yet the days are bright and soothing. It’s my most loved time to spend outside in the mountains.Beginning at an elevation of 1200m – 1500m (3937 – 4921 ft), precipitation amid winter normally happens as snowfall, and these zones are typically secured by a strong layer of snow until end of March – mid April. Most Alpine passes are shut for transport.


  • Swiss public transport is very efficient, comfortable and punctual. It is hard to get lost as they are all well connected.
  • Swiss people are generally helpful and friendly towards foreigners.


  • Too many tourists and foreigners in Switzerland resulted in pollutions from everywhere.
  • Switzerland is quite small and has not enough arable space so traveling around is expensive within.

We offer:

  • Photography service
  • Videography service
  • Drone service


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2018 Floral Jewellery Ideas and Trends for Indian Weddings Mon, 05 Nov 2018 12:19:38 +0000 The post 2018 Floral Jewellery Ideas and Trends for Indian Weddings appeared first on Video Tailor.


Floral Jewelry Ideas for Wedding

Wedding affairs are not complete without elegant and colorful flowers. When the bride carries these flowers in form of floral jewellery, it is effectively the most beautiful and eye catching sight. The whole wedding function lights up when the bride has combinations of contrasting flowers in form of her jewellery. No gold or diamond jewellery can ever match the elegant look that floral jewellery gives. It makes the whole outfit of the bride a lot more than what it was.

Floral jewellery is not new in India. It has its roots from Hindu mythologies. Even Sita ji was covered with flowers along with the basic gold jewellery on her marriage. Floral jewellery was never outdated, it had just lost its essence over the few years, but now it is back in 2018 with a whole new range of adorable items to doll up the bride.

Wedding jewellery can be difficult to pick as a lot has to be done from matching it with the outfit to purchasing it under your budget which is a bit time consuming and requires a lot of energy of the bride. But you can never ever go wrong with some flowers. Saving a lot of time and just picking up your favorite color flowers and wearing it with you outfit can be the simplest way of shopping for your functions.

Your accessories actually complete your outfit and that is the best part of floral jewellery that it completes you with just minimum efforts and a lot of colors. We have compiled some chic and attractive floral jewellery trends that you can opt for your most special day.


1. MaangTikka

The most important part of any Indian wedding is a maangtikka and it is not just for your wedding day but also for your other functions. Mehendi and haldi functions can be well played on with floral maangtikka. Keeping your forehead light and just simple. Tuberose flower can form the chain of the maangtikka and a big flower can make up the front part of it. A yellow flower is preferably better for haldi function. .

Floral jewellery for haldi

2. Hairband

Secondly ,Hair band is not just a replacement of your heavy gold band but also is a tiara which the bride can wear. The flowers used in the hair band can be of contrasting colors. Red and yellow or pink and white can add a lot of charm to the brides face. The headband is a beautiful thing to wear with your not so heavy mehendi outfits.

Floral jewellery for haldi

3. Earrings

Wear some heavy gold and diamond earrings with your outfit or pair it with some flowery earpieces. Even celebrities are wearing these vogue earring on their special days so why not take their style and make it your with a twist. Contrasting with your other floral jewellery the earring look really simple yet different .

Floral jewellery for haldi function

4. Saathlaad Haar

Who said a seven layer neckpiece can be just made with gold or pearls? Well, that is no more the truth. Make the most out of your flowers and get a beautiful neckpiece ready with some pearls in between.

Saathlaad haar, floral jewellery

5. Haathlaad and Baajuband

The bangles and rings you are planning to wear can be given a very chic touch. Hand harness or haathphool play the role of connecting your bangles to your rings. The bangles and rings can either be of gold or they can also be made of flowers contrasting with your outfits. Red roses are the best for your hand and just enhance the entire look.
Bajuband can be worn on any function as it makes a very beautiful statement. White daisies can be used for this purpose. Just above your mehendi you can wear your bajuband.
The only thing to be taken care of while styling bajuband and haathphool is to keep a good balance between the type and color of flowers used for the hand. Also make sure you do not over do these two things as it can steal eyes from your mehendi.

Celebrities, Floral jewellery

5. Pearls And Flowers

Pearls on flowers are such a lit combination. Little pearls on your flowers can enhance the look of your floral jewellery. Adding it to your maangtikka or to your hair accessories can just make a great piece of jewellery for your special day.

Floral jewellery for haldi

5. Shades Of Pink

Girls who have always dreamt of pink color, this one is for you. Make the most of beautiful shades of pink for your jewellery. Light pink, bush pink, magenta pink, rosy pink etc, roses are available in all the shades of pink, so all you have to do is to just mix and match these colors and get hands on your dreamy pink color accessories. These shades of pink can also be styles with some white flowers in between to break the monotony if any.

Floral jewellery.hand harness

5. Floral Hair Accessories

Jasmine flower garland for your hair or Gajras as called in the native language has always been in trend. Women till now wear them on their wedding day or just with traditional outfits. They never go out of trend, they are just becoming better. Different types of jasmine flowers are used for this purpose but now also other flowers like roses and sunflowers can be used on your hair in form of small clips or just in the centre of your braid or at the end of the braid like a rubber band.

Hair accessories, Floral jewellery

5. Play With Pastels

Pastel colors are in trend and as seen they look very different and are the most accurate for wedding functions. So ditch the red, whites, blues and add all other colors with your pastel outfits. The mix match and contrast is what is going to make your outfit look even better.

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

How can you be really comfortable on your wedding day and other functions have thousand of safety pins and hairpins tucking in your outfits and your heavy jewellery? The burden just takes away your comfort and the bride tends to get tired easily and is not able to enjoy at her own special day. It is here when floral jewellery comes handy for brides. They are light weight, do not have add extra burden on the bride. Even you do not have to pay much attention to them as the floral jewellery tends to be attached with a lot lesser safety pins and hairpins.
To all the beautiful brides, this is your special day and we know how much you love flowers, so just play along with them and make your outfit look even better.


Harshita Juneja is currently working as a blogger in Video Tailor . She loves to write and is an avaid reader .


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Music Playlist For Birthday Party Event Mon, 29 Oct 2018 11:48:56 +0000 The post Music Playlist For Birthday Party Event appeared first on Video Tailor.


Birthday Party Event Playlist

Birthday, the most awaited day for every individual around the year. It’s basically the re-encountering of the date on which you were actually born, the year or some years back that adds to the number to your growing age. To make it go awesome, Music Playlist for Birthday Party Event will be the best thing that can be added to it.  

The birthday party is actually a manner to celebrate the happiness of your birth by involving the family members, friends, office colleague or with close ones. As a ritual, the birthday or the birthday party event includes the cake cutting, some birthday songs to wish the birthday and best of click to record the memory.  

It doesn’t matter about the age, the joy and happiness can be celebrated at any age and anytime. It’s just that the celebration type and songs to enlist for different age group has the difference. The young generation won’t be interested in tapping their steps at the slow lyrical songs of 70’s and 80’s.

So, here we have categorized the age group and accordingly, the songs name are mentioned that may help the readers to put these in their playlist of birthday party event.  

Songs for Birthday Party Event:


The little cuties are the not so mature to understand what the birthday is exactly until and unless they attain the toddler age of 3-4 years. For them the soft tune birthday wishing song is more likely to fit in that could be soothing to them. There we can put this music playlist for birthday party event that could make their feets steps on the floor so that they can enjoy the celebration too.

The Happy Birthday Tune Song

You Make Me Smile

Dil Hai Chota Sa

Itni Si Hasi

Nothing But Love


Every age group differs, and so does their mind and opinion. The way the toddler celebrate their special birthday is different from those of child and teenager group. This age group like little rocky and fast track tunes. They understand the celebration and wish to make it the best. As the teenager group is actually the fascinating one, they like to have some standard and classy music.

Happy Birthday Girl

Birthday- Katy Perry

Hum Bhi Agar Bacchae Hote

Chote Tera Birthday Aaya

Happy Birthday


The young adult is the group that has turned little mature and like to celebrate the day in a romantic manner. Similarly, the actual adult group who stand in the age group of 21-39 years tunes up with romantic, soothing and the party rocking songs. They would more likely feel the music in romance and celebrate the eve with more joy and excitement than the child group and teenager. Along with the family and their friends, they even include their office colleagues also. They enjoy every inch of the event with great zeal and zest, so the idea of a music playlist for birthday party event would be a helpful one.

Baby Ka Hai Birthday Bash

Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se

Happy Birthday by Diljit

Aww Tera Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ishq Forever


Now comes the last phased group, the middle-aged who are most likely 40-60 year old and the senior citizen group who stand above the age of 60 years love to have the 70’s and 80’s tune. The old, slow and rhythmic songs are the best what suits them. 

Baar Baar (Happy Birthday)

Tumko Hamari Umar Lag Jaye

Apart from the music, dance and celebration the snaps are all the must part of any event. So, let me sum a bit about the birthday party photography session.

Birthday Party Photography Session:

As said, the birthday party event is just not about the day celebration, rather it even involves the capturing and then clicks that one could some up as nostalgic memories in his/her album for lifelong.  

 This part is for all the age group, they wish to capture all for making it the best memory for smiling someday with utmost happiness.  

 We at video tailor provides you with the best photoshoot for the occasion of birthday photography. If you wish to album your birthday party this time, you may tell us and we will be there to serve you the best from our side.

Video Tailor is a video and photography company that captures various shoots, among which one is the birthday party event. We provide our customer with best snaps and capturing. So, my dear readers if you wish to have the best music at your birthday party event you may choose the names from this blog. I guess the information and lines stated above about the music playlist for birthday party event are helpful for all my readers.  



About the Author


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Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Jaisalmer : “The Golden City” Sun, 28 Oct 2018 09:50:22 +0000 The post Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Jaisalmer : “The Golden City” appeared first on Video Tailor.


Video tailor is orchestrating its other Pre Wedding Photoshoot in " The Golden City" Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer pre wedding shoot

If you are getting hitched at any point in the near future and looking for a stunning pre-wedding shoot area then jaisalmer is the perfect area for it.The city evokes a vivid picture of camels and bounteous sand dunes in the desert with a backdrop of golden magical sunset.

From its squeaky-clean roads and train station to the hospitality of smiling locals,The captivating depiction of Jaisalmer will transport you back in time and the puzzle noticeable all around will give you a feeling of being a piece of “Middle Eastern Nights” with stories of the desert, camels and everything outlandish.

You will definitely get entranced by the spectacle hues from Sunrise to Sunset. When getting to experience how the honey-colored city turns Golden in the sun, you will truly understand why it’s has been labeled as “The Golden City”. Pre Wedding photoshoots can be the ideal time for the couple to intensify their bond as it brings them more closer. They get to spend quality time with each other as they travel together during the last months of their courtship

The following is a rundown of all-around flawless spots which we prefer for your Pre-wedding photoshoot

1. Jaisalmer Fort

The fort of Jaisalmer is an amazing sight, a huge sandcastle ascending from the sandy fields like a delusion from a former time. No place better brings out colorful camel-prepare exchange courses and desert secret. Ninety-nine bastions enclose the stronghold’s still-occupied turning paths.

2. Salim Singh-ki Haveli

The haveli has an unmistakable engineering with it’s rooftop being built in form of Peacock. The haveli is arranged adjacent to the slopes close to the Jaisalmer Fort. The haveli comprises of 38 galleries and they all have particular outlines for themselves.

3. Nathmal-ki-Haveli

The engineering and design of this haveli is a remarkable blend of Rajput and also Islamic style of development. It has a phenomenal exterior, trickling with carvings, and the first floor has some grand paintings utilizing 1.5kg of gold leaf.The haveli is a must see for those interested in basking in the old world charm of Rajasthan.

4. Gadsisar Lake

A fascinating actuality about the lake is that it never dries as it gets constant water supply from the Indira Gandhi Canal. If the couple is looking for calm and serene place for their Pre- wedding photoshoot.

5. Suryagarh Fort

The suryagarh fort is one more charming place for Pre-wedding photoshoots. The thar desert is one nearby spot which you must include in the shoot.

6. Sam Sand Dunes

The sand dunes are Approximately 42 kilometers away from the fort city of Jaisalmer, it is one of the best recommended location for pre-wedding photoshoot as you can have clear blue sky and unceasing desert in the backdrop.

7. Jain Temples of Jaisalmer

The Jain Temples situated inside the Jaisalmer fort date back to the 12th and 15th centuries.The sanctuaries are committed to Rikhabdevji and Shambhavdevji, well known Jain recluses known as ‘Tirthankars’ (astute instructors who showed individuals how to achieve nirvana). Like every other structure in Jaisalmer, the sanctuaries are cut out of yellow sandstone. They have been worked in the renowned Dilwara style which is known for its excellent design.


November to March: These months establish the winter season in Jaisalmer. It is additionally a perfect time to visit Jaisalmer. Touring and other open air exercises like camel ride, desert safari are more pleasant amid this time as the most extreme temperature does not go past 24 degree Celsius. Nighttimes are cooler and around evening time, the temperature can additionally drop down to 7 or 8 degree Celsius in the desert zone, particularly in the long periods of December and January.

April to August: These months are the most sweltering in the year as they comprise the late spring season. Temperatures can change from 42 to 25 degree Celsius amid this time. Evenings can be very hot for touring and other visitor exercises. Ensure you convey a solid sunscreen and wear light cotton garments, if going amid summers. An off-season, this time permits spending explorers to benefit as much as possible from the appealing arrangements offered by the numerous inns in Jaisalmer.

September to October: Although these months comprise the storm time frame in Jaisalmer, next to no rain is seen around there. The precipitation is low and on some days, there will be no precipitation. The little measure of precipitation expands stickiness in the general climate of Jaisalmer. Nonetheless, October observes wonderful climate when nighttimes end up cooler. Likewise, it is amid this month, the traveler season begins and the city may become busy.


By Air

Jaisalmer air terminal is found 5km from the city and is all around associated via air with New Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur. Be that as it may, it is overseen by the Indian Air Force and is utilitarian just from September to March. So Jodhpur airplane terminal at a separation of around 285 km is the better alternative. Delhi is the closest global air terminal.

By Train

Jaisalmer railway station is 2 km east of the city. The city is all around associated by rail with Jodhpur and also other significant urban communities of India including Agra, Jaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai.

By Road

Bus runs from Jaisalmer by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation on regular schedule. Jaisalmer is associated with the urban areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan by well looked after streets. The two principle transport remains in Jaisalmer are Golden Bus Terminal and Roadways. The transport and taxi administrations are visit for the guests.

In spite of harsh living conditions, Rajasthani people are known for their warm hospitality all over. So come to Jaisalmer and enjoy the traditional rhetoric of ‘padharo mahare desh’ (welcome to our lands).

We know how to satisfy our clients and we work as per their requirements. We are the leaders of our field. Book your pre-wedding photoshoots with us and we will provide you with the best of our services.

We offer:

  • Photography service
  • Videography service
  • Drone service


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Music Playlist For Full Length Wedding Video Sun, 28 Oct 2018 07:35:44 +0000 The post Music Playlist For Full Length Wedding Video appeared first on Video Tailor.


Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video

Wedding, an auspicious day and the one-time memory for forever partnership. We express our feelings many a time in the form of lines, that could be tuned and murmured as in rhythm. There’s no such occasion that cannot be described in tunes and lines. From the start of the meeting to the end of the welcoming, our Indian Bollywood Playlist has all of it, and that’s why we are here with Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video.

When we talk about the wedding video and relatable music, we have a long list of it. The Full Wedding Video includes a long list of music list too, that would be expressing the moments feel and auspiciousness.

In a full wedding video, there are lots of functions described and each of its needs some song to be described in a beautiful and unique manner. Being the Indian wedding it obviously needs some twist in the wedding video too, as to make it interesting and amazing one.

Every couple wishes to frame their wedding video in the best of best manner. So, this is some of the suggestions from Video Tailor, to make up the best full wedding video.

Here we have listed the step by step program and few of the related songs linked up with the URL, for your convenience:

The Start of Peaceful Pooja

The start of any good occasion is from the paying sincere thanks to the almighty lord, so for the same sake, people hold the ceremony what we call as Shanti Pooja.

The start of the wedding programs is all the way from this pooja s to carry on and end up all the programs in a peaceful and calm manner.  

So for this, we can have some, peaceful instrumental as well as some lyrical songs of lord and goddesses. Below is this list of all this: 

Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami

Song Of Lord Krishna

Shree Siddhivinayak Mantra And Aarti


The wedding function starts up with the sangeet program, this is where people dance and have the best of fun. The relatives dance on relatable songs in order to tease the groom and the bride. Well, there are ‘n’ numbers of songs for the purpose of wedding sangeet.  


Here is the list of sangeet songs: 



Baari Barsi

London Thumkda

Punjabi Wedding Song

Abhi Tu Party Shuru Huyi Hai

Move Your Lakk

Laungi lachii

Nahi Jana

Dil Chori Sada

Bom Diggy Diggy


Suit Suit Karda

Lakk Mera Hit


The next program in the sequence is the Haldi function. The time when the hands of the bride and groom are colored as yellow, which is predicting the start of a marriage.   

We can have many songs related to haldi function, like: 

Peret Rang Haldi Prem Se Lagao

Haldi Songs

Nachde ne Sare

Navrai Majhi


The most beautiful part of the wedding ceremony, the mehendi session. The part where the bride is full of  excitement to decorate her hand with beautiful designs and write her groom’s name being the permanent stamp. And to record the video here we actually need a perfect list yo capture all of it. 


Here we enlist the mehendi songs: 


Sawan Aaya Hai

Mujhko Barsaat Banalo

Tera Fitoor

Pat Le Gyi


The awaited time is all of the barat session. The part where it all start up with the dance and happiness of the starting up a new phase of the life. The entire family and members join together to celebrate the happy moment.

Bolo Tara Rara

Tere Dware Pe Aayi Barat

Tenu Leke

Bhangra ta Sajda


The varmala time is the moment when the bride and the groom have close look at each other. This could be a romantic as well as shy feeling scene for which we have put up the Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video. So, for the entry of groom and bride to the putting of varmala, the entire scene is to get locked in the best of tune. 


Here we have the list of the barat video song: 

Ishq Mubarak

Lal Ishq

Tenu Leke

Din Shagna Da



Here comes the moment when the bride and the groom sit to tie up their knot finally. This is the utmost precious moment for them. Here is the place and time where they promise to walk with hand in hand for the entire life journey together in both the situations, either good or bad.

Vakratunda Mahakaya

Teri Ore

Naino ne Bandhi


Vidai is the most emotional and the hardest scenario to cover, the bride is filled with heavy heart as she will be leaving her house and family to start a new journey of her life. 


Here are the Vidai songs: 

Sohni Bannu Chan Se

Kehta Hai Babul



Baba ki Rani Hoon

Griha Pravesh

The next step is for the bride welcoming, at her new house. The moment when she enters and starts a new journey with the new members and a new family. 


The tracks for bride home coming are below: 

Kesariya Balam

Kabeera Wedding Song

Din Shagna Da

Sab Tera


Finally, the end is here. After the welcoming of the bride and the finishing of the ritual, now it’s time for the reception party and turn the dance floor on. So, for the sake of the video of the reception part there should be mind blowing songs in the list of Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video. 


The list of reception video songs are given below: 

Ishare Tere

Nachde Ne Sare

Kala Chasma

Let’s Nacho

Tenu Takya Bina

Some exceptional scenes which require the music are as follows-

Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

Well all of the given above points relate to the playlist for full wedding video. The above-mentioned songs are damn good and are good suggestions to put them in your wedding video to relate with all of the programs. Despite all the program, some scenes are also captured that needs some lines to be tuned for Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video.   


I hope my reads are satisfied with the above content and that the matter mentioned above about the Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video is helpful to all.  



Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.


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Mesmerizing Wedding Videography Styles 2018 Fri, 26 Oct 2018 11:01:08 +0000 The post Mesmerizing Wedding Videography Styles 2018 appeared first on Video Tailor.


Wedding Videography Styles

Wedding Videography, an important part in recording the one time happening memory of life. Today, the addition of professional and trending effects videography has always been a great idea. At the time of advanced effective technology, the wedding videography styles has emerged as a popular topic.

Well, the photogenic album are something that makes you still and think the nostalgic moments, but the ongoing video makes you relive the moment and brings a big smile and happy tears to your eyes.

If you wish to make your wedding videography a unique and different one, let Video Tailor Know your choice and we will present you our best of works.

Wedding videography styles are basically the different formats wherein one can choose to enroll his and her story mix with the perfection of tune, volume, motions and effects.

Aside from the photo sessions and capturing the candid shots now a days couple love to have the record of their motion and storytelling videography. With change in time and generation the trend has also changed.

Well, here are some categories of wedding videography styles as under the year 2018:

Journalistic Wedding Videography Style

In the list of wedding videography styles 2018, the first style that is mentioned is the journalistic wedding videography style. The Journalist and documentary wedding videography styles is basically shoots up day details in orderly manner as the events happened. The photographers usually laid back approach. The Journalistic Wedding Videography is a normal form of videography that expresses the story in a formal manner based on some format.

Documentary Wedding Videography Style

The documentary wedding style videography, the photographer captures the candid shot. Due to the candid shot, the photographer is able to mix and blend the pictures together to narrate the loving story of the bride and the groom. The Documentary Wedding Videography is actually a soothing and fabulous option to create your love story in words and motions.

Cinematic Wedding Videography Style

The Cinematic Wedding Videography Style is the third option for those who are in the list to create their wedding videos. The Cinematic wedding videography is actually just like the movie frame that’s much edited and filtered with motions and effects. Generally to shoot the cinematic wedding video the videographers need more than one videographers in order to capture and record every moment and steps.

Unlike the documentary the videographer in the cinematic wedding videography will not only capture the candid shot but will also make the couples pose and shoot according to his choice and variations .

Traditional Wedding Videography Style

The traditional wedding videography style of wedding videography is the one that is the usual of the usual form. It generally doesn’t involve the editing and effect addition part. It even does not include the graphic motions a time. The traditional wedding videography style expresses the true story without any edit and changes to the movement.

Lipdub Wedding Videography Style

The freestyle wedding videography is the videography wherein the couple shoot is a normal way and not like the other formats. This style doesn’t involve any format or particular pose and direction. This may involve their friends and family too.  This is a comfortable form and this is a better option for the pocket-friendly couples as it can be shot by any of your good camera covering friend or family member.

Love Story Wedding Videography Style

The most romantic and love warming wedding videography style of all. In the love story wedding videography style, the videographer may also include your friends and family members. This type of wedding videography style includes voice over changes, more effects, and motions. Times the couple delivers their back time memories pic in order to make their story more interesting and attractive. As this type of wedding videography style includes motion and effect more than the other wedding videography styles it takes a longer time to get edited and prepared.

Wedding Videography Style 2018, is just not the option for making out the wedding videos rather it is the ultimate solution to capture your special and best moment in an amazing manner which you can relive every moment.

More than the normal photography, the videography is more likely to retain and sustain in life. The waste of paper will be avoided and the use of technology will be in flow.


Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.


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10 Reasons To Use Infographics In Business Thu, 25 Oct 2018 05:24:45 +0000 The post 10 Reasons To Use Infographics In Business appeared first on Video Tailor.


What are Infographics in Business?

Today, designs graphics, and graphical text are more in use and is leading an important role to enhance business world. The era today is of modernisation and so the advanced format is in great use today. The use of infographics in business is one among the key element for differentiating ones business to that of others. Designing with variety of text and graphic visuals one can create the difference and that can even lead to great customer experience.

It is obviously known, the business world today is about out showing a best advertisement to attract customers and surviving in the competitive market.  Referring to business, infographics in business is just not the key element today, rather it is the backbone to telecast its products advertisement and increase its customers. Infographic is gaining popularity now a days, and is in wide use in the course of business both as digital and print.

So, with the moving and growing technology, it’s also important to upgrade oneself. It is well-known fact that if the businessman does not work on the upgradability of technologies and ideas he/she will lead to the failure effect. Well, with the trendy and ongoing infographic feature it has actually turned important for the businessman to introduce infographics in business work.

There turns various reason for the use of infographics in the business, these are stated as follows:

1) Easily targets the audience

The design and graphic based content helps to easily access your target audience. With the use of the designable facts and infographics in business, target audience are easily influenced and are made aware of the facts and figures of the product and the business.

Infographics in Business

2) Increases brand awareness

As the infographics help to attract the customers, with the popularity of the content and valuable information, the graphics increase the brand awareness. The brand’s awareness popularity helps sustain the business in the competitive market.

Infographics in Business

3) Makes content viral

The flavored content filled in with the designable and soothing graphics, labeled with the pictorial graphics and detailed information, makes your content go viral. The generation is fast growing and fast moving so, the advanced technology is no more the hasty task.

Infographics in Business

4) Increases search marketing results

Just because of the use of the infographics, the SEO results of your content takes some good rise. The competitiveness between you and the other turns to be wise and of the level. The trendy colors and styles that is used in the graphical tones helps to display your content in a simple and understandable manner .

Infographics in Business

5) Helps increase subscribers and followers

As the display of pictures and graphics are best to to enhance and attract the customers and the client, thus it directly helps in increasing the number of the subscribers and the followers, who are interested to look for the product and avail the services.

Infographics in Business

6) Easily embeddable and portable

An infographic is a big tool in the business world. Being the key element it is very helpful in upgrading the business level and the product range in the market. The use of the infographic helps you to easily embed and port the data and figure.

Infographics in Business

7) Turns your content more understandable

It is known that more than the simple writing part, the one with little graphics and little styled designs are more comfortable to understand and grab the relative relevance of the content.

Infographics in Business

8) Easy to track with analytics

This point is very obvious, the graphic anad the graphical charts are more easy to understand than that of the bundles of writing and lyrics.

Infographics in Business

9) Positions you as an expert

When you display your information in sense of the charts and data, you are said to be more professional and more knowledgeable than that of the other. Because of the increasing changes and graphic formats it has turned to be an important point to set some benchmark with this advancement to your business for it’s professionalism.

Infographics in Business

10) Defines your content in mannered way

It happens that, a times the content that’s written on the paper looks very weird and husty type. With the help of the infographics you can systematically raise your designs and content in well formatted manner. And this way you can present your product videos and write ups in well mannered and formatted style by using infographics in business of product brand videos.

Infographics in Business

Today it’s not the time of pen and paperwork, this has turned as the waste of time and harassment to the environment. With the changing business environment and advanced growing learning there has been updates in the rules and working of the business world.

It’s time to step your foot second by second with your competitors to gain the  success over and above them. The use of infographics in your business proposals, advertisement,and projects acn really be a great tool, in enhancing your customers.

The era has changed and you need to backup with new generation with new ideas, so grab and hold something as of use, to detail your business information for wider product knowledge to customers and level yourself in safe and success mode.


Shiwani is having a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with the Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some learning time with the group of Video Tailor.


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