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Cricket Themed Wedding Invitations

We can take 2019 as the year of Cricket fans. IPL is the headline on every media platforms. As well as the most awaited tournament in cricket which is “World Cup 2019” is going to be held at the end of May. So we have chosen this theme for cricket lovers named cricket themed invitation for wedding.

Wedding Invitations are the most prominent and awaited part of any wedding. Every Couple wants to have a unique wedding invitation that is never seen before. In order to catch the eyes of others and have a long-lasting impact on every viewer’s mind.

Digital Wedding Invites: The most eco-friendly way for wedding invitations is to go with a digital wedding invites such as Videos, Images, Infographics, etc. By doing so you can contribute towards the environment, also it’s time to get rid of traditional and boring paper wedding invites.

Ever think of wedding invites based on themes like cricket? If no then you will surely love this. Here, let’s explore cricket-themed wedding video invite.

Cricket Themed Wedding Invitations

Themed Music

Every day we are exploring creativity in our work, so why leave behind your wedding invites. Just like this cricket-themed wedding invite. In Cricket themed wedding video invites we have added more spice by adding theme music of IPL in the background, which is the most appropriate music for this video. This music catches the attention of the viewer.

cricket themed inivite

Graphic Content

The graphics of the cricket video are perfectly contrasted with text, providing all the necessary details regarding wedding functions. Using terms which represents or relates to cricket like we have used terms for Sangeet or Ring ceremony as “Semi final” and Wedding day as a “Finale”, also using the lines such as “Be ready to get Bowled over” &  “This Cricket Season”.

cricket invite

Theme Presentation

This theme represents the wedding ceremonies with the use of cricket equipment. We have also given information on every wedding functions in this invitation video. We also have given space for Bride and Groom as a caption of both teams, as the Bride and the Groom side.

themed invitation

This kind of unique and creative wedding invitations can also help you get social media attention on Facebook or Instagram, you can also make your relatives & friends excited to attend your wedding.

So, hope you like this new kind of cricket themed invitation for wedding. This is a unique and creative invitation. So why wait to choose your wedding invitation, you can surely go for this kind of invite, and this will definitely work and you will be able to catch the eyes of others and grab the attention of your family and friends.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Wedding Photography Tips for Couples and Photographers Tue, 30 Apr 2019 12:09:56 +0000 The post Wedding Photography Tips for Couples and Photographers appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


How To get Best Wedding Photos clicked ?

When getting wedding photos clicked, a lot is running in one’s mind. From shooting venue to making a photo look unique with every pose. Everyone wants pictures which stand different from others and try to get a pose which has never been shot before.

Wedding Photography is an art which requires a lot of creativity and imagination. Work on every pose and think in advance all the poses you need to capture.

A good photographer is a boon for every couple. Hire a Photographer who had experience in wedding photography and has done multiple wedding shoots, this will help you to enhance your marriage photos and poses.

Once the special date is gone, only memories are left. So all we need is good pictures and a good photographer. But before taking this responsibility the photographer needs to take care of many things. Let’s look at the photographer’s point of view for “How to shoot wedding photos.”

wedding photography couple shoot

Tips for Photographers For Good Wedding Pictures

For a photographer, many points must be taken into consideration before shooting for a wedding. Such as a perfect place for shooting pictures at your wedding venue. Many places are created by wedding planners for a photo shoot not only for couples but also for guests.

Secondly, good lighting to enhance your pictures. It’s a fact that dull lighting on a shooting place makes pictures look dark. Wedding poses, photographers must be able to get out good poses from the couple & the guests to get perfect pictures.

Photographers for every angle.

Remember to arrange more than one photographer to get the best shots from every possible angle. It becomes easier to select the best photo if we were having many clicks. So it’s important to have clicked from many directions. Every photographer must divide the shots between its co-photographers to capture each and every moment.

In a Marriage function we generally notice photographers and videographers from bride and groom (both) side, this means you had plenty of people for capturing your day. It’s better to let your photographers had good communication for your wedding angles shoot. Make sure to had coordination so that you can’t get a repetitive photo.

Pre-planning for the shots

Analyze the locations where you will click the pictures in the wedding venue in order to get good shots. Explain some of the wedding photography poses to the couple in advance, So that bride and groom should be aware and have confidence on their wedding day. Knowing the moments for capturing pictures for a wedding shoot.

pre planning

Tips for Couples for Their Wedding Photos

Have Self Confidence

To get perfectly portrayed in a wedding, Couples shouldn’t get nervous. Obviously, anyone can be nervous for the first time. But try to enjoy every moment  & your surroundings. Take extra effort for your photographs & consider it as a time to invest in your coming memories. The bridal pose is for its pride, love, and enjoyment. Confidently give many expressions whenever possible.

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

Happy Faces Are Photogenic

Happy faces are more attractive and photogenic for wedding photography. Try to give a happy expression on every pose. As it increases the probability of getting good pics. If you are delighted, cheerful and fun-filled, definitely you get good clicks. It’s easy to get a camera-ready face, just try to recall good memories that make you feel happy.

bridal pose

Poses For Couples

Couple pose is very interesting and important for the couple. There are plenty of poses that can be taken in this way. Try to be more comfortable with your surrounding. This might be more daring than you think, all you need here is confidence and courage. But at the same time, it’s more playful and remarkable.

Couple wedding pose

Lighting For Wedding Photography

Your wedding decor is incomplete without good lighting. If you are having a day wedding then nothing can beat the natural light of the sun. Pictures, which are clicked in daylight gives a great result. Mostly we are having night functions so you need to do more work on lighting. Try to get your wedding venue light up in a unique way. Wedding planners may help you to get favorable ideas for your wedding lights.

lighting in wedding

Photos Of Bridal Attire And Jewellery

The amazing way to get wedding images is to get the pictures of the bridal outfit. The most trending idea we have today to get pictures of wedding attire and jewelry. You can also add grooms outfit, but the loved picture is for the bridal outfit. There is plenty of bridal poses to be taken, a girl must try to create her own pose which differs from others.

bride & jewelry

Walk down the Aisle with your family

The joyful moment when a bride can live her moment while she walks down the Aisle. Photos for the wedding must be wisely and nicely captured. As it stays life long, be sure to get the best of you. This can be the best picture with perfect capture one can get on her wedding day.

Try to get all your wedding moment with you, and live in them. Hope for your good and creative wedding picture and explore as much as you can on your wedding dayWedding date comes once in your life and tries to get it lock for the rest of your life.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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How To Get Best Bridal Photos Clicked? Tue, 23 Apr 2019 12:08:48 +0000 The post How To Get Best Bridal Photos Clicked? appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Tips For Best Bridal Photos

The candid bridal photo is one of the most essential moments in a wedding. This is something all bride look forward to. Here, it becomes important for every bride to stay calm and maintain her grace because this will pour beauty into her photos.

In the bridal photoshoot, it should be made sure that the bride must be well rested, comfortable and looking her best before the photographers begin taking photos, after all, it’s her moment and she needs to look different.

A unique wedding look is achieved by the pretty wedding makeup on the bride. A perfect look has a direct relationship with confidence, which a bride wants on her wedding day. So to attain an ideal look on your D-day one might need an appealing makeup.

To achieve the best bridal photos, let’s have a quick look on the following points:

wedding videography styles

How To Shoot Bridal Photos

Covering Every Angle of Bride

Once the process of taking pictures of the bride begins what matters the most in this type of shoot is the angles in which the bride is shot. Making sure that her look is captured correctly.

Getting the photos of the bride when she is getting ready, shots of the bride before she gets ready & is without makeup can also be captured. While the makeup of the bride is ongoing do remember to take separate hanging pictures of the jewelry and the footwear because a girl spends an excruciating amount of time & energy to get those things right & the photos must do justice to her effort.

bridal waterproof makeup

Bridal Pose

Getting the right type of poses out from the bride is also very important. The types of poses will vary from bride to bride & their personality. But getting all the poses in every shoot is not possible because of time & location constraints which is why it will help to have your signature shots ready to make the process much more efficient. A girl can pose with her parents, especially with her mother, getting her daughter ready for her special day. You can also take shots of the mother of the bride making her wear jewelry & pictures of the bride at the venue also with great backdrops, it will make the pictures more vibrant and alive.

bridal pose

Playing With Props

Playing with props and working around the location available at the time of the shoot will also add charm to the photos. Simple objects if used creatively can do a lot for a photo & shooting a location from a specific angle can make all the difference in the world for your frame. Using props in a wedding photo make your picture look unique and different from others. But capturing all of this takes time which is why the wedding photographer should be present with the bride right when she gets ready so that they get time to capture everything required. Photographers must do all his work in advance to save time to invest in clicking pictures rather than searching for props.

bridal pose

Bridal Photos With Bridal Outfit

When it comes to bridal photoshoot, one must be creative in taking photos. You must think about how different your pictures must be from others. Here you can take a bride’s pose with the wedding outfit. Or can take the only photo of bridal attire.

bride pose

Get Your People

Photos are for memories and family & friends are an essential part of these memories. So it’s important to select your bridal squad, brothers group, your near ones in the family with whom you want your pictures, and of course your parents for your bridal photoshoot.

bridal pose

Enjoy Your Day

A Bride’s ultimate goal for her wedding day should be to stay happy and enjoy each and every hour on her special day. But it is quite difficult to achieve this goal as lot is going on in her mind. It becomes easy to be mentally present on your marriage day if you are calm, otherwise you are going to regret for not being mentally there.

bridal pose
enjoying wedding shhot

Video Shoot

Apart from getting pictures clicked, you must also have your individual video shoot as a bride. Also, if you are shooting video parallelly, do tell the bride to keep calm and not to panic, and ask her to feel the moment and relax, a videographer will be capturing all the moments candidly. Playing music for the bride during the shoot will also help her ease into the bridal photoshoot and brighten up her mood to make her groove into different poses.

In the end, it all comes to how much fun you have during the wedding photoshoot and how best bridal photo you get clicked on your special day. At Video Tailor we take care of all of the things mentioned in the video ourselves without you having to worry about anything at all & our services are available at nominal prices.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Best Wedding Jewelry for Brides to Consider In 2019 Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:58:15 +0000 The post Best Wedding Jewelry for Brides to Consider In 2019 appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Latest Bridal Jewellery Collection to Choose for your Wedding

In order to achieve a perfect look, jewellery is an essential element on the bride. The complete bridal look is just meant only by the right choice of jewellery. You should be most creative in selecting a jewellery for your wedding day. Being a special day in your life you don’t want any outfit disaster in your look.

Your look might be affected if your jewellery is not perfect or doesn’t match your wedding outfit. From selecting bangles to neck piece to earring to hair accessories you must be very sure if they go with your wedding attire or not.

It might be easy for you to select your bridal jewellery, but will it go with the trend? So let’s have a look at the latest jewellery designs available for brides for your wedding day.

jewellery look

Does and Don't while selecting your wedding jewellery

  • Always aim to get the jewellery which goes with your outfit, your hairstyle and the entire look.
  • Remember to check the jewellery before buying, it must not have any kind of damage and must be free from any kind of dullness.
  • Don’t always choose the complete golden or red or green color jewellery, as it might look boring and outdated in your wedding. Don’t always try to match your jewellery with your wedding attire.
  • Always try to contrast your wedding outfit with your bridal jewellery. You must always remember to choose the jewellery that you can repeat, after your weddings also.
  • While selecting your ornaments you should not go with the heavy one. As heavy piece of jewellery might disturb you in between your wedding function.
  • You must select the light weight jewellery as your wedding attire is already a heavy one and it will be difficult to handle both elements at the same time.
  • A lightly designed jewellery must be your first priority. As many designs are available if you go with these light weight jewellery.

When it comes to select jewellery for your wedding you can go with two types of jewellery:

outfit for fair complexsion bride

Trends for bridal jewellery in 2019

What all you need in your bridal jewellery is The Head jewellery (Mathapatti), Unique earring, Neck piece, Hair accessories. Bangles, Rings, Maang tika. All of these pieces make up a good combination for bridal jewellery.

Let’s have a look at how you can be styled differently or what else you can choose in jewellery to have a good bride look.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is the most loved bridal jewellery. And also one of the most expensive ornaments. One may go with kundan jewellery if you want to achieve a traditional bridal look. The sort of elegancy you get from this jewels is priceless.

kundan jewellery

Gold Jewellery

Gold is the first choice for any bride,as Gold is never out of fashion. Moreover south indian bride is incomplete without gold jewellery. Gold jewellery also comes with many designs and patterns from which you can choose.

gold jewellery

Diamond Set

A single neck piece of diamond is worth than any other ornaments. It’s the complete jewellery in itself. You don’t need to think about your look if you are wearing diamond necklace as your bridal jewellery. A diamond set will definitely look perfect with any outfit and with any kind of hairstyles

diamond jewellery


The bridal choker

The newest trend in the neck piece will be called as a bridal choker. A necklace which is closely attached to your neck is known as a choker. Which eliminates the need of wearing  two or more neck piece. It may be the coolest and easiest way to get your jewels.

Selection of Wedding Outfit Based On Complexsion

Forehead jewellery

The most amazing way to get the touch of royals is to go with broad Matha pattis or head jewellery. The Forehead jewellery also comes in a varied way such as in layered head chain. You can also go with simple Matha pattis. This is known to be the traditional way of getting ready. It is the antique jewellery which comes with many new trendy designs.

forehead jewellery

Maang tika

Some brides don’t go with forehead jewelry, they just wear Maang tika. This look at bride also gives a simple and stylish touch. Also, a bride can achieve an elegant look by using this simple bridal accessory and can enjoy her day by just wearing this single head jewelry.

bride photography by video tailor


Wearing bangles on a wedding day is an old tradition in India. In some of the regions/ customs brides wear a green and red bangles according to their beliefs. But the most trendy and famous sort of bangles is chooras which is famous between the sikhs and punjabis community but it is loved all over India. You can opt and wear the combination of red and green bangles with chooras also with kaliras tied on the bangles.

Front designed wedding bridal hairstyle

You may definitely fall in love with these bridal jewellery trends and choose a great option for your bridal jewellery. Jewellery being an important part of your bridal look, make sure firstly, you select your wedding attire rather than move towards the purchase of your bridal jewellery.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Top 8 Groom Entry Ideas For 2019 Tue, 16 Apr 2019 10:00:41 +0000 The post Top 8 Groom Entry Ideas For 2019 appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Different Ways for Groom Arrival With Baraat

An Indian wedding is not just about ceremonies, it’s much more than that, We can say it as an extravaganza wedding than one can think. It is famous for its rich culture and traditions all around the world. Hindu weddings or Indian weddings is known to be traditionally rich.

Weddings in India performed according to its culture and religion, by many different ways like a Punjabi wedding, Bengali wedding, South Indian wedding, Assamese wedding and so on, but one thing that is common is its glory.

The wedding starts a bit late because we are fulfilled with many traditions that we follow before the date of marriage. But the big day is the wedding day and it all starts with the Arrival of the Barat or with the entry of the groom. To let the wedding start, guests eagerly wait for the arrival of the Groom.

We all are aware of the bridal entry and know the different ways in which the bride arrives. We all are fond of the bridal entries, and loves the way she arrives with dance on the romantic songs, or with her parents and using props such as goggles on her arrival and so on.

Ever thought of the different ways through which the Groom arrives?

Let’s discuss the unique ways by which a groom can arrive with his family and friends.

groom arrival ideas

Unique Ways For The Grooms Arrival

Just like any typical Indian wedding or a big fat indian wedding, the baraati’s are busy in their dance moves. And the one person who is happily residing is the groom.

Let’s know the coolest ways for the arrival of the groom:

Coming With Luxury Or Vintage Car

If you are a car lover and wanna have a unique appearance with a royal touch on your wedding day, then this idea is for you. A luxury car with open space is a spice in your entry. Who not just love the vintage car, which has a feature to catch the eyes of relatives and friends, coming in a vintage car is the coolest idea ever for your entry in your wedding.

Groom wedding entry on luxury car

Arriving On Bike

A bike lover can surely arrive on a bike on his wedding day. A different way to enter in your wedding venue with your squad, this will surely make your entry unique and memorable. You might also enter with your bride, a markable and eye-catching arrival for the couple.

groom arrival on bike

Entering With Dance Moves

This may sound common, but you can make it unique by dancing with every person in the wedding hall. Choose the song which gives importance to everyone, dance with your parents then cousins then relatives, then go with your in laws to take a dance step, have good clicks with them and appear with every possible person, hence your entry is memorable with everyone.

special dance by groom

Choosing The Most Favorable Song For Your Entry

Music is the definition to rejoice and rejuvenate. Everyone starts feeling younger with the dance steps. So one need to make everyone feel young by selecting the song on your wedding entry. A song which represents guest or your bride such as “Om Shanti Om”, and “Tenu Leke” etc.

favrable dance moves

Groom Entry made by ‘In-Laws’

Being in the Bride side is a matter of pride and responsibility at the same time. Everyone tries to give respect to the groom and their relatives. So here are some ways, which you can follow for the unique entry of groom.

ribbon cutting by groom
  • Grooms entry can be made special from the bride side also. Like we can say the special song which is just designed in the respect of the Groom is “Damadji Angana Hai Padhare” you can play this song just before the entry of the groom in the wedding hall. This song gives the best feeling to everyone ultimately creating the groom entry special in itself.  
  • Welcoming guests with loads of flowers is a marvelous way for the entry of groom and baratis. A welcoming garland is what a groom’s relatives expect.                                                                                                                              
  • Making entrance more special by cutting of the ribbon by the groom. And let the bride side welcome the groom by standing behind the ribbon.

Royal Entry Like A King

Our traditional way to come in a marriage as a groom is on the Elephant but not on the horse. Its sounds more supreme and imperial. So creating an old glamour to your wedding arrival make a wedding look more royal and grand. Moreover, you can enter with your parents to the wedding venue, creating lifetime memories and a different appearance to arrive with the Baraat.

Groom royal entry

Special Gesture From Boys Squad And Cousins

Let your friends and cousins make way for you. No one is crazier than groom friends so let them make the groom entry special.  Make your squad, dance like never before.

groom squad wedding entry

A Crowning Entry

We just take the bride and groom as a king & queen, so why can’t take an entry as a real King entering with his Queen. Walk down the aisle with your bride. A fascinating entry ever taken by anyone. Go for this in your wedding entry and make your wedding day much more peculiar.  

crowing entry

So, here are some unique groom entry ideas which you can use in your grooms wedding entry. Make your wedding day as wonderful as you can. Go with all the ideas that comes in your mind. Wishing you all the best for your arrival on your wedding day.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Wedding Day Fri, 12 Apr 2019 06:22:40 +0000 The post Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Wedding Day appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Avoid these Bridal Makeup Mistakes On Your Wedding Day

Looking Beautiful is what every Bride wants on her wedding day which is special and unforgettable for her. Every girl wants to look gorgeous for her wedding, To get the good makeup on your wedding every bride should avoid these bridal makeup mistakes.

On the other hand, with the traditional looks of Bride, Trendy makeup is what exists in our era. Generally, wedding makeup, which the bride wears on her special day is defined as a beauty with confidence. But mistakes are still made.

These are Bridal makeup mistakes that one can make.

The Makeup which Disturbs your look can be considered as Makeup mistakes. As makeup is an art as well as experimentation so mistakes are very common in makeup. Your lack of knowledge can result in makeup blunder. Always have complete knowledge of makeup resources. Mistakes can be avoided, just a little concentration from your side can go a long way.  

A wedding day is a day when you get picturized more than any other day, if there is any imperfection in your look then it will show in the pictures. Make yourself aware of the facts and flaws in advance to achieve perfection in your look on your big day.

The following points can be taken as makeup mistakes, one should take care and avoid these things.

Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Use of Makeup Brushes

Always try to use makeup brushes while getting ready for the wedding day, instead of using hands or sponges on your face. Different makeup brush for eyeliner, foundation, primer and concealers are available in the market. It will make your makeup application easier, and give you the perfect look. A brush is always good for liquid makeup.

Also make yourself aware of the fact that Foundation brushes should always be applied in outward direction only, to avoid unwanted makeup lines on the edge of your face.

bridal makeup brush

Moisturizing Your Skin

Applying makeup on dry skin is not a good idea to be performed on your big day. Always moisturize your skin before getting your makeup done. Don’t ruin your look by applying makeup on dry skin. Give proper oil to your skin so that you can achieve a healthy look on your wedding day.

moisturize before makeup

Unmatched Foundation

An unmatched foundation will give you look bad. So always try to pick up a foundation color which is most likely to suit your skin tone. Firstly determine your skin tone whether it’s warm, cool or normal tones. Never pick your foundation randomly if not able to decide then you can take help from cosmetologist. But never compromise in the foundation part because it’s your base for your appearance on your wedding day.

matching foundation

Waterproof Makeup

If you are getting ready as a bride on your special day, never sacrifice to get waterproof makeup. As a bride goes to many ups and downs in a single day, so it’s obvious to get emotional. It’s Important to give protection to face from tears. Especially try to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner which is specially on your eye part, and has most of the chances to get ruined.

Front designed wedding bridal hairstyle

Applying Blush

Applying Blush depends on the shape of your face. Putting a lot of blush could be a clash with the rest of your makeup. Although blush could give you cheerful glow to the face it can be challenging at the same time to apply. Just need to apply in a concentrated amount and blend according to your face shape.

applying blush on bride

Choosing A Perfect Eyeshadow

Picking a perfect eyeshadow which goes with your wedding attire can be considered as a suitable eyeshadow for a bride. Never try to match your eyeshadow with your wedding attire, as it might look obsolete or out of date. Smoky eyes and glittery eyeshadow is in trend, try to be trendy and updated.

jewellery look

Makeup Professional

Always hire a Makeup Artist (MUA) for your bridal look, because they have deep knowledge and study about cosmetics and its products. Getting ready from a professional who had prior experience in this field will definitely help you to get a desired look.

makeup professional

Makeup Trial

Get a makeup trial from your hired MUA prior to your wedding function. This trial will let you know the work of your hired MUA and if you don’t like their work you have a chance to switch your artist. You can take a trial by getting ready in your various functions like engagement, Ring Ceremony, Mehndi etc from your makeup artist. This will let you get a brief idea about your look on your wedding day.

bridal makeup trial

Give Time To Get It Set

Always take a gap in between while performing every step of makeup so that it must be dried and is firm with the skin. It helps to stay longer on the skin and could easily be blended.

makeup set

Waxing A Day Prior To Wedding

Waxing a day before your wedding is not a good idea. Because it may arouse a redness and unwanted scars to your skin. If you have sensitive skin then it’s suggested to get waxed a few days before and if you have never done waxing before go get it done now. So that your wax doesn’t harm your skin. And let your skin glow on your wedding day.

Grindelwald prewedding

Remember nobody knows about your face and skin as much as you, not even an MUA, also try to achieve your natural glow by applying various homemade products and daily beauty regime before a wedding and try not to get under sunlight near your wedding dates to avoid tanning.

So keep all the above points in the notice, and try to avoid these mistakes which are so common and can be corrected. The perfect look on the wedding day can only be achieved with experienced people. So our suggestion would always be to hire a makeup expert so that you don’t have to compromise with your looks on your wedding day.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Different Types of Bridal Hairstyles Wed, 03 Apr 2019 12:50:15 +0000 The post Different Types of Bridal Hairstyles appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Types of Bridal Hairstyles

Style, which is the crown on Bride’s head is the Hairstyle. It does not just complete the look of a bride but a good Bridal hairstyle enhances the beauty of a girl. A good bridal hairstyle is one which suits with the Wedding dress & goes with face shape.

A hairstylist can pull off various types of hairstyles so you just need to figure out which style suits you the most. Well, it’s a difficult task, as you are not a hairstyle expert, but choosing a style which goes with your face is quite simple.

The most important in Bridal hairstyle is the accessories. The good accessory is like a moon in the sky. Many choices are available in the market when you go to find accessories. You can select a traditional accessory or a western one.

wedding day Tips For Brides To Be Photo Ready

Let’s have a look at the types of hairstyles available with the Hair style expert.

Bridal Hairstyles

A Messy Bun

The most trendy style in wedding brides,which is loved all over the globe, is a Messy Bun. Whether in Wedding or in engagement ceremony, you can choose a messy bun to complete your look. It looks more elegant when you put Flower Garland (Gajras) around the bun. You can also add sparkle in your look by draping net dupatta on your head. By doing so your hairstyle is completely visible with hair accessory.

wedding bridal hairstyle messy bun

Wavy loose hair (with less accessories)

If you find a bun an old fashioned style or wanna try something new, you can go with your wavy loose hairs with middle partition. A heavy or stylish Maang tikka is all you need to complete your look. This will save you from headaches which every girl faces during her wedding ceremonies.

A High Bun

A high bun is being styled on Brides for many decades in our country. This traditional hairstyle has many new forms, as this hairstyle is the most loved style among brides. It always gives a classic look. High bun can consist: a pinch of sparkles on hair, flower or star beads, hair tinsel, and of course can be done with flower garland. It always gives you the feeling of Indian Bride with Pride.

bridal hairstyle high bun

A Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail braid could be a great choice for a bride. If you have long hair, it could be perfect for you. A messy braid covered with flowers such as ‘mogras’ is just an outstanding style on your wedding day. It’s a very traditional style of India. You can differentiate it by doing waterfall braid, adding a new look in styles of braid. You can also complete your look with bridal hair wreath.

south indian wedding hairstyle

A Floral Bun

The Floral Bun is covered fully with beautiful flowers. A flower is a natural accessory which can beautify your hairstyle naturally. This style has a potential to steal hearts. Remember the Anushka sharma Hairstyle on her grand wedding in Italy? Her style is beautifully complementing her wedding attire (white and pink). You can go with a combination of two colors. Flowers on bun can be styled on sides of the bun. If you don’t want to cover your hair, you can go with styling only on one side.

wedding bridal floral hairstyle

A Ringlet Twisted Side Bun

The Twisted Side Bun is an emerging new style which girls usually opt to add spice to her look. The side bun is dramatically mixed with twisted hairdo. The bun can be decorated with flowers, ringlets or with Bridal hair bun pins. You are definitely gonna love this style and slay on your wedding day.

A Ringlet Twisted Side Bun wedding hairstyle

A Front Styled Hair

The hair which is beautifully styled from front is the most recent trend of Bridal Hairstyle. It looks amazing and unique in the crowd. As our hair experts have given this tremendous Bridal style. You can see this amazing style in the picture shown below.

Front designed wedding bridal hairstyle

Bridal Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories are the most important part of any hair stylist. Any bridal hair style without trendy accessories is just like food without salt. These ornamental objects have a great tendency to give glorifying look to bride.

Let’s have a look on some of the Bridal Hair Accessories you can use on your wedding day.

Matha Patti

It is the most elegant way to complete your look as an Indian bride. It’s a name of bridal fashion which will never go out of date. Your appearance, as a Bride without Matha Patti is incomplete. You can choose between broad Pattis or the one with kundan work.

Matha patti bridal accessory

Bun Chain

If you want your bridal hairdo with buns, then this bun chain as an accessory will be a twinkle in your look. As bun is the most preferred hairstyle among the brides, the bun chain will be the perfect choice for you.

bridal bun chain bridal accessory

Hair Pins or Hair Clips

The most simple and unique way to decorate your hairstyle is to use hair clips or pins.The bridal market is available with these accessories.

bridal Hair Clips wedding accessory


The Flowers are the most beautiful natures creation. So using original colourful flowers as a hair accessory on your wedding day is a super idea.  Alternatively, you can also go with artificial flower which also looks great on the wedding outfit.

bridal flower hair accessory for wedding

Wedding Tiara

Wanna “slay” on your special day, TIARA is what you need. You can wear tiaras on different wedding ceremonies.

wedding tiara bridal hair accessory


Raakodis are made up of precious stones like kunden. They are usually worn by South Indian Brides. Raakodis can perfectly be fitted on Buns or Braids, which make Raakodis an all purpose accessory. It will look stunning if you go for Raakodis.

Raakodis wedding bridal hairstyle

So, here are some of the ideas of the wedding Hair Style which you can use on your wedding day. Of Course, your Hairstyle must be as perfect as your You.


This post has been written by Archana Bhatnagar. She has a great interest in writing for web content. Also, she is a great learner and has a keen interest in writing on any topic.


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Ideas For Low Cost Business Marketing Videos Thu, 07 Mar 2019 12:48:28 +0000 The post Ideas For Low Cost Business Marketing Videos appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Ideas For Low-Cost Business Marketing Videos

Nowadays, business companies are using videos as a source for their marketing strategies. Most of the customers are being attracted through this strategy as it covers a wide range of area and people. Moreover, explaining your ideas by the medium of videos is the easiest way ever to reach the mind of customers.

The main and the important fact for a business is its product or service, so the promotion of that is the prominent note. The promotional video of the products and services should be the first strategy of every marketing business so that the customers will be in aware of your product.

So here are some ideas to go for the low-cost business marketing videos 

Marketing Videos : “A Promotional Tool”

1. Explainer Video

In this session, the company should try to make the video which shows the explanation of your product. it will create a knowledge of your product/service among the customers. The video will cost a low amount for the company. After seeing this customer are able to research and explore more about your product and many can be attracted towards your product.

Video tailor company provides the best quality product and service promotional videos with an affordable and less amount for the startup organizations. This will help you to build a low-cost business marketing videos for your corporation.

2. Involve Your Clients

This session will include the creativity of the company and its connections with the clients. The customers are also added in the video and they are instructed and advised to give their feedback and comments about your product/service. Seeing it, a trust will build upon the mind of the other customers and will create a good impact on the company.

This will maximize your profit and advantage with a minimized cost and time. Thus helping you to make a low-cost business marketing video for your organization.  

3. Highlight Your Product

Highlighting your product or service is the only objective to be shown in your business marketing video. Try to identify the query of your customers in advance and resolve those queries in your video marketing.

Try to give knowledge to your customers, don’t educate them. This is what your marketing strategy says.

Video Tailor company makes effective Business marketing videos for the firms to highlight their product to the customers. Overall thinking of displaying the final output of your firm in a video acts as a low-cost business marketing videos. 

4. Edit Based Video

From the name itself, it’s clear that this session deals with the video’s editing i.e, the featuring pictures, voiceover and other changes required in the video. This mostly helps a corporate company for its promotion because they need voiceovers and images in their video which will make it more competitive and useful.

Video Tailor regularly deals with the edit based videos and we also try to make the low-cost business marketing videos for the firms, so that they can easily catch their customers. 

5. Use Of Infographics In Marketing Videos

The term infographic means a rich media content where a topic is explained by the use of minimal text and more with chart and graphs. The addition of infographics will reduce the duration of the marketing videos and also serves the purpose of your video.

The use of Infographics will explain your products or services more in a better and a shorter way. As the use of infographics is shown in the video here.

6. 2d Animation Promotion

This is the most modern and a cheap promotional tool that a company is advised to use. The session will include the 2D  animation promotional video which helps a lot in the sale and awareness of the company in the public. It’s a magnificent approach to show an organization’s brand, beliefs, and their ideology.

This can investigate a maximum capacity of a business information and clarify it in a clear and understandable manner. Video Tailor is an organization which facilitates the features of 2D and 3D animated videos to the companies at a reasonable price.

But 2D animated videos should be preferred for a low-cost business marketing videos against the 3D animated videos.

7. Make It Short

This is the most important point to remember among the Other notes. The title itself says that ‘make it short’. The following points should be considered in the making of the Business marketing video.

  • The length of the video will cost more for the company. 
  • This may lose the interest of the viewer in long-duration videos.
  • Always try to explain the agenda of the video in the first 60 seconds, in order to create interest of the viewer.

So, try to make short videos for their company which will add less cost and more customers to them.                      

 By using a Business marketing video as a tool for your promotion is the best way to stand out in the competition. Thus this note proves as the best idea among others for the low-cost business marketing videos.

Video tailor helps you to make the short and effective promotional video for your company at a reasonable price and time.


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Perfect Music Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony Mon, 11 Feb 2019 05:06:56 +0000 The post Perfect Music Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.



One of the most playful and romantic rituals of the wedding is the Jaimala Ceremony. It is the ritual in which the bride and groom exchange flower garlands that are followed by gifts from each other. This is a ceremony that most enjoy with its playful banter when the friends of both the bride and groom prevent the other from putting the garland on their necks. This is done by picking them up or pulling them away from each other. The perfect Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony will include the most romantic songs out there.

According to me, this is the most intimate and romantic ritual of all the wedding rituals. The couple, in the form of garlands, exchanges not only their past, present, and future but also their goals and aspirations in life. And hence, I think you all deserve a Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony with the most romantic songs.


1. Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hain

A song from the movie Vivah, starring Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor and sung by the infamous singers Shreya Ghoshal and Udit Narayan.

This song is about how the bride and groom are apart even after being united and can’t wait to start a new journey of life together. The song revolves around their excitement for the wedding, the rituals and the changes they will make in their life for their soon-to-be partner.

2. Moh Moh ke Dhaage

A song from the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha starring Ayushman Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar sang by Monali Thakur and Papon.

If you ever wonder about delicacy in a song, this song is it. This song has been sung with such delicacy that one can never get over it. It is a song that is the perfect entry for a Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony due to the tale that it spun. The tale of a love story. It tells about how two souls  connected with each other through a thin thread of love.

3. Din Shagna Da

A song from the movie Phillauri, starring Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh sung by Jasleen Royal.

The title of this song literally translates to “A Day of Auspiciousness and Happiness”. The song speaks about the bride’s feelings and how she invites her relatives and friends to meet her groom. A groom who is her soulmate and has become her world. She also requests the groom to come soon to her decorated house and take her away in the most extravagant way. The song is perfect due to the soft tone of the song that is enchanting and can be related to the ceremony.

4. Man Mast Magan

A song from the movie 2 States, starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor sung by Arijit Singh and Chinmayi.

When it comes to romantic songs, this song had once topped the charts. This song has a sweet and soft undertone that can be perceived by anyone. This song is about how the couple is dedicated to each other and how they need their other half to be happy. This is a song that can touch the hearts of any couple that is in love. Their dedication to each other is what makes this song more heartwarming and is the perfect entry for a Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony.

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Indian Bridal Portrait Poses: Every Brides Choice Sat, 29 Dec 2018 11:25:54 +0000 The post Indian Bridal Portrait Poses: Every Brides Choice appeared first on Video Tailor, Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi.


Best Indian Wedding Poses for Bride

The bride today knows all about what to make the photographer capture when it comes to her bridal portrait poses. In fact, the photographer too is aware and knows about all the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses that can make the wedding album of the bride a dazzling one.

For any bride, the day of her wedding is as important to her as it is to her life partner and family. So, this important day and the attire of the Bride’s Style should definitely be captured in an infinite number of clicks. Every Indian Bride dreams to look the best, just like the Royal Princess. Similarly she wishes to capture her attire of the proper bride look in best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses, along with the other captures.

The Indian Wedding is something that is filled not only with a number of rituals but it also has the limitless masti, giggling fun, and a number of poses to get captured. Apart from all the group photos, the main focus is on the King and Queen of the function, that is the Bride and the Groom. Here, focusing on the Queen of the function, we are displaying the Best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses for the bride to get help and style herself for her most important and gorgeous looking day.

Your photographer obviously is aware of all the poses that a bride should do to capture the best of the best clicks, so for your information we have listed a few of the poses. So, if your wedding photographer forgets any of it, you can help recall and shoot the same.

It’s time for you to go through the process of preparing yourself for the admirable look and set yourself in best  the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses. Are you in line to turn up as the new bride? Then you must go through the listed poses  to cover your wedding album the best you can and not to regret later.

The Stunning Collection Of Indian Bridal Portrait Poses

Hot n Sexy Back

A Bride’s look is always captured from the front. Focusing on her happy face and the look of her turning into a bride is the usual click. But don’t forget the back look. Her hairstyle and the glamorous sexy look with the special attire of the day. The cut of the of the blouse is often hidden by the dupatta, so sometimes that gets ignored. Well, the Indian Bride has the sexiest and gorgeous look on her wedding day. The back look photo should be considered important among the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses because not only the front look matters to girls/brides but also the hot back look too.

Beautiful Lehenga Look

The common, and most wanted snap is the full bridal lehenga attire beauty look. How can you miss the outfit of the special day? No chance! not at all. It’s a must click to record the bridal look in the wedding album of the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses. The bride looks mesmerizing in her fabulous bridal lehenga, jewellery and  makeup. The capturing of our Indian Brides in her lehenga from top to bottom is a must.

Classy Close Up

Despite all the snaps and attire looks, some only come close in capturing the beauty and glory of the face and happiness of the bride. The wedding photographer should take some close up shots in order to capture the beauty of the bride’s jewellery and her makeup too.

Alluring Jewellery Shot

Our Indian Brides have their beauty and class from their wedding jewelleries. That is the significance of being a bride. Along with the close-up shots, do have some shots to capture the beautiful jewelry. In doing so, the status of the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses can be elevated and add some pretty  dazzling pictures to your album.

Beauteous Back Look

This is not about capturing the sexy back beauty, rather this is about having a look at the back. The bride should be captured  from every angle, something different is ought to be captured to cover things uniquely. Every girl is aware of her best pose, try out the looking back pose for your album.

wedding day bride portrait shoot

Sparkling Shades Onn

Why setting your poses same as others did? Make your shoot classy and distinctive of others. Wanna try? try the shades. It’s time you pose unique, put on the shades and just bang in the camera roll.

Golden Moment

The Golden Moment refers to the time when the groom puts the pinch of sindoor on his bride and ties the lifelong knot of partnership. The moment of filling the bride’s “maang” by the groom is of utmost value, this should definitely be captured in order to realize the value and feel nostalgic. This could be an ongoing shot that the photographer needs to capture as in Indian Bridal Portrait Pose form.

Dazzling Dupatta Shot

Yeah! The dupatta. This definitely hits some giggling story in everyone’s chat. So, include this giggling fact to your clicks. There are various poses that can be seen in the Indian Bridal Portrait Poses of an Indian Bride. From having it in her forehead to posing in bollywood styles and more.

Twinkling Bridal Twirl

One of the common but eye-catching pose of our Indian Bride is the twirling lehenga. Twirling Lehenga means capturing the Bride while she is moving round and round playing with her Indian Bridal lehenga. This Indian Bridal Portrait Pose brings out the beauty of the bridal lehenga out there.

Marvellous Mirror Pose

Hey! This is something very interesting and trendy these days. The mirror pose. The bride could try out this amazing and starring pose to add into her album. The straight and classy look the mirror and the camera captures is something very classy, right? Do try this pose.

Sweet Veiled Shot

The beauty of the bride lies in the veil as said earlier. So, why not try this? Infact, the old is gold so make your shoot the golden one. Try out having the the dupatta down till your eyes and this could be the best shot of brides beauty capturing.

Glamorous Grand Entry

This entrance happens once. The same importance won’t return and not even the same feeling. The entrance of the bride must be captured. This is royal beauty to her. To her, It’s the same as princess entering the royal palace. The Indian Bride Portrait Poses includes this so as to record the eminent moment in the wedding list and recollect the memories later.

Starring Sitting Pose

A classy pose for the Indian bride is the Sitting Pose. Her eyes looking down, displaying shy behaviour and her sweet and glorious beauty, this Indian Bridal Pose sets out to amaze

Beautiful Hand Shot

It is said, the love between a couple is all displayed in the mehendi the Indian Bride puts on. The Pretty hand designed with dazzling mehendi displaying the love of the groom must be captured. This shot can later be relived by the bride feeling blessed by the love the groom showers on her.

Elegant Eyes Look

The beauty of the girl is in her eyes. As the bride gets ready, she puts on the beautiful eye shadow and that makes her look more gorgeous and delightful. The Indian Bride makeup is something that actually turns the girl into the perfect bride which is always praised whenever talked about.

eye look bride pose

Weddings aside, the looks also matter and what is the use of looking stunningly pretty when you miss out on the shots. Yes, the dress up is mainly for the occasion and the charming groom, but it’s important to capture her in every shot and style.  


Shiwani has a keen interest in writing, and she has been working with Video Tailor as an intern for over a month. She is in the second year of her graduation but her love for writing has driven her to work and spend some time learning with the group of Video Tailor.

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