Each couple comprises of a Wedding Story and in this blog we would like to take you to the dreamlike Wedding Story of Adit and Bhavna. A couple as sincere and mesmerizing like these two is a dream of every Wedding Photographer. We were delighted to capture all the ceremonies and all the smiles lightning the Wedding. 

Their wedding was a perfect blend of perfection executed with out of the world ceremonies and wedding outfits to die for.

The rich wedding function consisted of their customs and believes in the form of Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding rituals and so on. 

We are more than just excited to take you through their dream come true Wedding.


The Wedding Day of Adit and Bhavna kick-started with a playful and fun Haldi Ceremony. On the morning of the Wedding Day, The Bride and The Groom were decorated with Haldi (turmeric) and oil by the married women to send away the negativity and bring back natural glow on their faces (a glow as glowing that even makeup will fail in front of it).

It will pave no justice to The Wedding Story of this couple if we won’t talk about the venue of The Haldi Ceremony. The decor does absolute justice to the theme and vibes of The Haldi Ceremony. A colorful function was executed by the poolside which was the most perfect and suitable venue for the occasion as chirpy and quirky as so. The decor is absolutely floral and vibrant. The yellow is beautifully engrossed in the pink, orange, and white flowers. The initials of the couple were highlighted above the sitting area beautifully covered and made up of flowers.

Haldi and Mehendi Photos
Bride Photos

If we pay attention at the Couple Outfits for their Haldi Ceremony, we can sense color coordination with each other as well as with the theme and the venue of the ceremony. 

The Haldi Ceremony of Adit and Bhavna was a quirky affair of blissful vibes topped with love in the eyes.

bride haldi shoot with bridesmaids
groom photography
Haldi and Mehendi
Bride and Groom Haldi


Wedding Photography is profound and perfectly executed at the time of capturing the bride getting ready shots. From the putting on of the makeup to the outfit and all the necessary emotions, Video Tailor managed to capture it all. The pictures of the Bhavna getting ready for her big day are an absolute amazement to the eyes. We are in awe of how mesmerizing and bewitching she shines with the nervousness of getting hitched and prepped for her Day. 

Here are some of our favorite clicks from the Bride getting Ready portfolio of Bhavna –

Bride Outfits
bride photography by video tailor
best bridal photos


The groom was all dressed up in the combination of a white and yellow colored Shervaani which is an uncommon and unique color in itself. The look is completed by the peach colored safa and green neck piece followed by kalki on the head. We are amazed at how smartly Adit combined his wedding attire which gives a very different and interesting vibe. It is also a never seen before look.

Our bride was a step ahead of the groom. She was a stand out in the history of brides. Both of them had selected Yellow color for their Wedding Outfit. The bride is dressed in a yellow color bridal lehenga topped with a peach colored veil. Her look is completed with the emerald green bridal jewellery. The couple was seen in COLOR COORDINATED OUTFITS.

bride photography 2019


Capturing the bride in her true emotions and feelings is the biggest task of a Wedding Photographer. We try to focus on every point of matter that can take the shoot on another level.

Color Coordinated Dresses

In case of Bhavna, the colors of her lehenga were promising to the camera. They were bringing subtlety and richness and were a great help in the output of her pictures.

mother and bride photography

Her special moments included the pictures captured with her mother

bride portrait photography

The face of the bride covered with the stunning veil.

Black and White Wedding Picture

Her putting on makeup and getting ready with all the charm.

bride with her bridesmaids photoshoot

The bride with her bridesmaid.

bride photography in shades

The classy and quirky pose with the sunglasses

Bride Pictures

Bhavna’s Bridal Photoshoot has always set some major Bridal Picture Goals for the rest of the brides. From her way of choosing the perfect and different colors for her outfits to the smile she has managed to carry. She was stunning and amazing.


Keeping the look of the groom in mind, here are some of the royal shots of the groom which shows his classy and outstanding approach at dressing for his wedding. We were enticed at the sophistication and charm through which the groom managed to get his pictures shot.

groom wedding photography


After the presence of the groom was felt, came the most surreal bride. The Bride Entrance is  the most awaited and important event for everyone present in the function. The bride went a step ahead and walked down the aisle with none other than the ones who brought her into this life. The bride’s squad followed by her sisters and friends walked behind the duo of parents and the bride. The quirkiness of the bride is visible by the way she comes dancing and sparkling.

bride entry photography
bride portrait shoot
best bride photoshoot video tailor


The groom entrance was wild and vivacious. As per the Indian traditions of making an entrance on a horse with a kirpaan in one hand and dancing in the soul. Adit was portrayed as the most handsome and stunning Groom.

groom photography


The bride and groom Wedding Shoot is the most significant part of a Wedding Story.

Color Coordinated Dresses

This falls upon the shoulders of The Wedding Photographers to get the most out of the Wedding Shoot.

best candid wedding photographers in delhi

Here are some charismatic pictures from The Wedding Day – shoot of Adit and Bhavna by Video Tailor-

Wedding Trends
wedding photography poses
Featured Image Best Wedding Videography Tips
wedding photography poses


For The Reception – The couple chose the absolutely newlywed colors that is Maroon and Golden for Bhavna and Tuxedo for Adit. We had another alluring evening shooting the cosy and intimate portraits of Adit and Bhavna.

Behavior Best Wedding Videography Tips
wedding photography poses
wedding photography poses
wedding films

The Wedding Pictures shall narrate a story and these pictures will connect you with their Wedding Day for sure. 

The Wedding Pictures of Adit and Bhavna are so surreal and beautiful that it seems we were a part of their big day as well. 

Adit and Bhavna was Video Tailors matchless and most exceptional couple. We wish the two of them an infinity bound with magic and love to rule their hearts forever,


Manpreet is obsessed with her cup of chai and Carrie Bradshaw.

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