Youtube as a medium to earn a living :

Youtube videos have become an exclusive source of earning in the contemporary times. This article deals with the monetization of Youtube videos and how certain individuals have made a livelihood via today’s modern technology.This mode of achieving remuneration has gained popularity in the present decade and has established itself as a major platform to showcase an individual’s talent. This blog mentions the highest earning Youtubers of India.

1. Nisha Madhulika

Led By :Nisha Madhulika

Total Subscribers : 2,218,964

Category : Food

Number of Views : 567,658,216

Tentative income up to now :  INR 1crore 71 lakhs

Oomph Factor :   Nisha Madhulika,has emerged out to be a huge hit, launching her own Youtube channel to showcase her talent in the sphere of cooking from just rolling a basic chapatti to mango ice-cream to milk-cakes and finger-licking stuffed paneer capsicum.She uploaded  her first Youtube video on the 1st of August, 2011 with the help of her husband,who supported her in her venture to uncover a completely new journey.She is known to make recipes with easily available ingredients, coming up with distinctive forms of dishes belonging to diverse delicacies of the world.

2. BB Ki Vines

Led by : Bhuvan Bam

Total Subscribers : 3,361,708

Category : Comedy

Number of Views : 452,302,919

Tentative monthly income up to now:  INR 1crore 36 lakhs

Oomph Factor :   Bhuvan Bam  earned  success through his unique writing skills and originality,is more than just an entertainer as he possesses a satirical edge to his humorous style of presenting his comedic talks by playing a number of characters as a single actor, fearless of the debatable outcome his videos might bring.Initially gaining popularity in Pakistan,has emerged out be one of the major Youtube sensations of India.His audience aims to be above 18 years of age, is not just a tummler but also musical entertainer.

3. Vahchef VahRehWah

Led by : Sanjay Thumma

Total Subscribers : 991,893

Category : Food

Number of Views : 438,584,520

Tentative income up to now :  INR 1crore 33 lakhs

Oomph Factor :    Sanjay Thumma earned fame through his Youtube channel Vahchef VahRehVah.He was running his own chain of restaurants in Chicago in the United States of America until he decided to start his own Youtube channel in 2008, becoming popular among emigrant Indian communities in European as well as North American countries accompanied by Australia. Sanjay has garnered his diploma in Hotel Management from the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management,Hyderabad,  and has turned out to be one of the major Youtube  knockouts.

4. Sanam

Led By : Sanam Puri

Total Subscribers : 2,253,452

Category : Music

Number of Views : 427,547,128

Tentative income up to now :  INR 1crore 30 lakhs

Oomph Factor :   Sanam Puri is the lead member of the pop/rock band Sanam which has launched a Youtube channel of it’s own, becoming a success by winning the contest called ‘SUPASTARS’ in 2010, under Times Now.The band covers a number of hits released by various artists in movies as well as individually.

5. The Viral Fever

Led by : Arunabh Kumar

Total Subscribers : 2,546,284

Category : Drama/Comedy

Number of Views :  348,436,740

Tentative income up to now: INR 1crore 5 lakhs

Oomph Factor :   Although, Arunabh Kumar recently resigned from his post of CEO in The Viral Fever.The channel earned popularity and success in 2014 ,with a team of 70  with 11 consultants based in Mumbai and Delhi.TVF has launched a number of Youtube series under it’s name such as ‘The Permanent Roommates’, ‘TVF Trippling’,  ‘TVF Pitchers’ etc. The idea behind this Youtube channel was a result of a concept built up by an alumnus  of Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur, basically aiming at the younger generation who seldom watch television.

6. All India Bakchod

Led by : Tanmay Bhatt

Total Subscribers : 2,244,791

Category :Comedy

Number of Views : 238,728,263

Tentative income up to now:  INR 91 to 92 lakhs

Oomph Factor :   Tanmay Bhat is a stand-up comedian and presents his videos on his Youtube channel ‘All India Bakchod’ ,broadcasting his farce talents in a raw form, presenting his videos on controversial issues that take place day by day irrespective of the arguable outcome it might bring.His channel ,AIB contains videos on diverse subjects with various actors, not all the videos on his channel contain him.Tanmay Bhat has turned out to be a sensation on social media, possessing a talent to present his work vehemently.

7. Being Indian

Led By :Sahil Khattar

Total Subscribers : 1,409,991

Category : Humour

Number of Views : 224,074,220

Tentative income up to now :  INR 68 lakhs

Oomph Factor :    Being Indian is a Youtube channel owned by the Culture Machine and has broadcasted a number of videos on their channel.Sahil Khattar has broadcasted a number of videos on their channel,interviewing people on various topics on the streets of Mumbai,  which might as well be considered scandalous. These videos attract an enormous number of views. Sahil Khattar has the ability to make the person comfortable while interviewing him/her on almost subject,turning it into an amusing situation irrespective of how heavy the talking point may be.

8. GeekyRanjit

Led By : Ranjit Kumar

Total Subscribers : 922,804

Category : Technology

Number of Views : 200,612,218

Tentative income up to now : INR 60 to 61 lakhs

Oomph Factor :    Ranjit Kumar established his name in the field of technology via his Youtube channel  Geekyranjit which he started in January,2011.Initially garnering just 1600 subscribers,has transpired to be the ‘technology guru’.In his videos he evaluates the features along with the pros and cons of the newly launched gadgets in the market, predominantly  smartphones.consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

9. Shruti Arjun Anand

Led By : Shruti Arjun Anand

Total Subscribers : 780,245

Category : Make-up

Number of Views : 144,096,047

Tentative income up to now :  INR 43 to 44 lakhs

Oomph Factor :  Shruti Anand Arjun is the mentor for you of all the “Make-up Do’s and Don’t’s”.She came up with the concept of starting her own Youtube channel in January,2010, when she was in the United Sates and her husband used to go for work,indolent at home,she started her own Youtube channel.”Make-up products were so easily available and cheap in the US that I decided to try different looks on myself and then make a video,” recalls Shruti.She specifies all the major make-up hacks in her videos, from hair to skin as well as clothes and footwear.

10. Kanan Gill

Led By : Kanan Gill

Total Subscribers : 482,602

Category : Stand-Up Comedy

Number of Views : 43,002,669

Tentative income up to now :  INR 14 to 15 lakhs

Oomph Factor :  Kanan Gill attained his status as a stand-up comedian through his self-titled Youtube channel which he started in January,2008.His Youtube series, ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ garnered fame, and since then he has launched a number of mini-series, and he has unfolded out to be one of the major celebrities.He also does his individual stand-up comedy shows and is going to make his debut on big screen with the movie ‘Noor’ along with Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha.Gill has released a number Youtube series ever since gaining popularity initially.

Above stated is the list of highest-earning YouTubers in India and how they achieve that level with their youtube channel.

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