Pre Wedding shoot in Venice

"Glide in a gondola through quiet canals while music echoes across the water. Pretend it’s Carnevale time, don a mask — or just a fresh shirt — and become someone else for a night." Venice- A Lagoon in the Adriatic sea Venice is, while not a doubt, one among the foremost fascinating and exquisite places on the earth. This town attracts tens of thousands of [...]

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Bali

BALI : THE FAMED ISLAND OF GODS Pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali is an admirable and excellent thing that a couple can do to make their moment memorable. It is one of the most amazing and famous islands in the world. It happens to be a gorgeous and romantic place for the photoshoot.   The environment and nature of this island is a perfect factor for the couples. This island is [...]

Kashmir: A Breathtaking Pre Wedding Shoot In Paradise

Best Pre Wedding Locations In Kashmir Heaven on earth? Where? “Kashmir”- exclaims god. Also known as the paradise, Kashmir is worth every penny for those who desire to embark a new journey. Kashmir serves as the best pre wedding location. Hence, one can plan a pre wedding shoot in Kashmir. Though attacked several times, Kashmir [...]

Beautiful Pre Wedding Shoots In Daman And Diu

Enthralling Pre wedding shoots In Daman And Diu It is a union territory in Western India. Daman is a smallest federal division of India. Daman and Diu has various monuments and buildings that are built in Portuguese Style Architecture. Daman is a small city on the mouth of river Ganga and Diu is a small [...]

10 Mistakes To Avoid On Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre-Wedding photoshoots are the trendiest thing now-a days and is followed by lots and lots of people and because of this, there are lots of Pre wedding shoot mistakes that people make. It is the perfect way to keep best memories before wedding in the form of pictures and videos. These Pre Wedding shoots are once [...]

Must Have Accessories and Props for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Must Have Props for your Pre wedding Photoshoot All though everyone knows about the basic tools and equipment’s required to click photos, If you want your pre wedding photo-shoot to stand out and give you excellent photos, you have to put in a little more effort. We mention a few accessories and props for pre wedding [...]

30 Romantic and Fun Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses

Romantic and Fun Pre Wedding Shoot Poses What should you know about pre-wedding photoshoot poses? Pre-Wedding shoots are trending nowadays. Every couple wants a perfect theme based photoshoot for their pre-wedding. When people go for pre-wedding, basically they follow the instructions given by their pre-wedding photographers and they tell them the general poses according to [...]

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas for Couples

Need Some Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas? A pre-wedding shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. Though pre-wedding shoots have become a necessity for most, a lot of couples have started debating on whether or not they should have one. Many creative couples and photographers [...]